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So Randidly expanded his training routine once more, upping the intensity. Once more, he was back to using root forms created through Spearing Roots to practice spear usage. But now that Randidly’s Control was much higher, he could do multiple, while even practicing other things. He also experienced a brief breakthrough when he realized that instead of just forming them from the ground, he could make an umbilical cord, almost, that would go up from the ground and into the back of his root people.

Then, they could spread from the back, and they could be mobile fighters. Which was how Randidly found himself watching with amusement as he controlled both of them, causing them to fight awkwardly. Although it wasn’t so helpful in refining Randidly’s spear attacks, it definitely gave him more information about how the body reacted when his defensive stances were struck.

It was mostly small things, but the more Randidly used the spear, the more he realized that it was 1000 small things done right that would win out over the opponent. So he focused on this.

Training took on a very immersive quality to it, and Randidly was peaceful. It was only after 5 days of this that Randidly started abruptly, realizing how long he had been training alone for. Truly, it was hard to think about time without sleeping, even with day and night…

Randidly looked at his Path screen. His gains the past several days amounted to 78 in total; this was a large amount, sure, but most of it came from less used skills like Refine, Extract, Examine, Chef’s Palette, Hammer of the Dawn, etc., that were relatively low leveled and could be improved very quickly. Although the difference in battle was practically nonexistent, it was a general raising of the level of activities he could perform.

And it paid dividends for his PP.

With some of the PP, Randidly finished off his Steps of the Godling Path.

Congratulations! You have completed the Steps of the Godling I Path! This is a path that not many tread. Special circumstances have opened this opportunity for you, and it is one that comes with great rewards. Still, it is treacherous, for the edges of the path fall off into an abyss from which none have returned… For now, keep your eyes straight, traveler, for the path leads ever onwards. You have gained access to the Attribute Progenitor’s Influence! Progenitor’s Influence +10. +2 to all stats. +20 Progenitor’s Influence per level.

Progenitor’s Influence: An attribute that calculates how effectively you can influence the world over which you rule. As Progenitor’s Influence increases, you will gain access to new abilities relating to your world. As Progenitor’s Influence increases, the effectiveness of your abilities increases. You may gain Progenitor’s Influence due to belief from your world.

Randidly was cautiously optimistic about this Progenitor’s Influence, and that it would give him the ability to intervene as he had wanted. The real worry then was getting more influence. As of yet, Randidly still hadn’t found a way to get a Class without tying himself to the System, although now he wondered if he could avoid that with his new skills.

Testing it with his own body was probably not for the best, however. Better to wait and see.

Randidly reached into his inner world, sliding his perception into his Soul Skill. Immediately, he felt it. It was extremely small, in the span of the entire world of the Soul Skill, but he could feel his minor influence. There was, however, a large drawback that Randidly also noticed, his mood worsening.

Although it was slow, time was definitely moving in the world, even though he wasn’t giving it PP. Randidly supposed that made sense. His influence would only be worth it if he could choose when to use it. And for that, time had to move. But that did mean that Randidly could sense forces moving in his Soul Skill.

Once more, he could not find the thief. Who even now, might be on her way to steal the spear that held Lucretia captured. Randidly groaned inwardly. Another enemy to worry about, but this one would be in his chest…?

The other thing Randidly really wanted to investigate, but he had no idea how, was that Lucretia had combined with him to bring that powerful warrior out of his chest. In Randidly’s mind it had just been a way to lock her into a lose, lose situation. Based on her actions, and that strange hunch that Randidly had, she cared deeply for Shal. That was how he could bind her, by putting Shal’s safety and her own as the two weights.

Now, Randidly shook his head, wordless. Why the fuck had he decided to take such a desperate gamble…? His instincts told him it would work, but…

Sighing, Randidly accepted the fact that sometimes, he did dumb things. There was just so much going on with the tournament that it slipped through the cracks. Randidly winced. Yes, Shal’s life just “slipped through the cracks.”

Anyways, the process that had enabled the transfer used his inner world as a template, but it came from Lucretia’s strange fate and karma powers. There was something about those three freely given gifts that would destroy people, and even Randidly worried about it. With her inside of his soul…. Could they come to an agreement…? Or…

What was Lucretia’s goal, anyway? She had acted on this occasion for Shal, but she had been giving out these gifts and destroying lives for hundreds of years before, based on the memories Randidly inherited from Aemont…

Then Randidly froze. Because in an effort to distract himself, he had reached for his influence, to sense what his current abilities were. Two things became clear. Progenitor’s Influence was generated by wishes and prayers of believers, and Randidly could reach out and grab them in a pretty large area, floating over his world. They didn’t last long, however, and Randidly watched one dissipate in front of him.

Still, Randidly had managed to gather 4 Progenitor’s Influence in this short time. Which would be good, if not for the truth of the cheapest method of exerting influence.

Send Cryptic Dream: Unavailable! Requires 75 Progenitor’s Influence.

Minor Prestidigitation: Unavailable! Requires 125 Progenitor’s Influence.

Whisper in Follower’s Ear: Unavailable! Requires 200 Progenitor’s Influence.

Randidly groaned. With this much, he couldn’t do ANYTHING!?! And even if he flew around this world for about a half hour, a few more influence, the most he could do was send a Cryptic Dream….?

Absolutely worthless. Randidly cursed this dumb Path, and everything it stood for. He left his Soul Skill, and when he went to his Path screen to see what he wanted to do now, he deliberately ignored the Steps of the Godling II Path, 0/200.

Instead, he focused on his other options. Specifically, those relating to his current activities. So he was drawn to Path of Control, Basic Mana Engraving, and Mentalist I. Ultimately, cheap won out; Randidly would be able to finish Mentalist I immediately, and the fact that time was moving out of his control would seem to mean his clash with Lucretia would come sooner, rather than later. So more mental strength was necessary.

So, all at once, Randidly dumped 50 points into the Mentalist I Path.

Congratulations! You have completed the Mentalist I Path! Another unusual path, traveler! You walk along, not with your body, but with your psyche, constantly refining your spirit and soul. As you do so, that sharpness you possess naturally spreads. Your Willpower +10. Resistance +5. Your mind is refined, and the detail of your memories increases! +1 Mental Stat per lvl. Efficacy of Battle Intent increases.

Again, Randidly was slightly disappointed, although the Path also netted him 5 free stats, one every 10 PP. It did also grant bonuses for Battle Intent, but Randidly hadn’t worked out so well how to use that with spells, although it was definitely possible, and he had some small success so far.

Every stat helps though, and it was another bonus he could use if he ever got around to getting a Class…

After that, Randidly put his PP into Basic Mana Engraving, deciding that would be the support skill he wanted most desperately in the immediate future. This Path was much more lucrative, generating 1 Intelligence every 5 PP, which was a pleasant surprise. But still, these things weren’t really addressing the problems in the world around him.

It was a balancing act right now, Randidly intuitively felt that soon, something would give. The brief peace… would not last. But he did not rush towards it.

Instead, Randidly stood and went outside, seeing if Neveah would be willing to practice riding more.


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