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Woo what a day. So I'll release 3 chapters pretty shortly, Missed yesterday and the weekend double. So in the After chapter note will be my 9 finalists. The next chapter will have a poll to determine the favorites, which will be put into the story. There are 9 finalists.

There was 68 entries that I "counted". I ended up with like 20 that I thought had a lot of potential. Most of those I didn't choose either: I already had a character like that in mind, I thought the character would take too long to develop, or the character was barred by plot stuff that hasn't become clear in the story.

That was the real change, Randidly slowly realized, as their fight continued. The Yeti’s strength had increased by a factor of 5, but that could be explained by having access to a greater portion of his actual stats and skill levels. After all, the attacks were faster, but its speed hadn’t increased as much as Randidly’s had, Randidly was able to maintain his defensive posture to his training, but it was slowly being chipped away, even as the Aether pulsed in his chest.

Because, Randidly realized, the Yeti was like him; or perhaps not like him, but an individual who practiced both physical and mana based skills. And mana based skills were its forte.

He hadn’t realized it until it was too late, but whenever the Yeti swung its hammer, a wave of cold was rushed forward. And sure, getting hit with it once or twice didn’t mean much. But by the 20th time…

They clashed again, the Yeti smashing sideways with his hammer. Randidly leaned back, grimacing and the edge of the hammer knocked against his chest with its passage, doing minimal physical damage, but greatly strengthening the thin layer of frost across his body.

Randidly growled, and felt the Aether heat up within him. He narrowed his eyes and pounded on his chest, shattering the small bits of frost and getting some blood pumping through his body. Shifting his stance, Randidly wondered how his feet managed to survive this, being bare. He supposed it had to do with his high vitality, but he definitely had no feeling in them right now. But still, the executed the Spear Phantom’s Footwork perfectly, somehow pushing through.

Then it struck him that it was perhaps those warm, life giving tendrils of energy that wound up through the ground and into his feet, spreading the energy he had drawn from the Earth beneath him into his limbs.

But the Yeti interrupted his train of thought again as it pointed with its hammer of ice, and a beautiful crystal clear flower bulb formed, both to his left and right. Grimacing, Randidly leapt forward, right into the Yeti’s arms as those bulbs bloomed, and a deadly wave of cold blasted outwards from them, freezing the ground solid for several meters.

It really did seem like the Yeti was toying with him, because it didn’t rely on those tricks too often, only now and again, to drive Randidly closer to it for a close quarters fight, where it could use those weapons, and its hands, covered in a golden Engraving. The surety and focus it had on those methods of attack was unnerving.

Randidly still hadn’t figured out the effect, but the Yeti kept emphasizing it, so he remained wary. When Randidly was forced to leap towards him, the Yeti thrust his attack forward, simply smashing the head of the hammer towards Randidly’s shoulder.

Gritting his teeth, Randidly galvanized the Aether in his body as best he could to resist the creeping cold that surrounded him. Randidly hopped to the right. He dodged the first attack, but then the Yeti ripped horizontally with the hammer, looking to knock Randidly’s head right off his body. This was also dodged, relatively simply, but then the Yeti once more dropped his hammers and rushed forward, arms raised in something like a boxing stance.

Just as he was about to back up, he noticed that more ice bulbs formed behind him, slowly spreading their frozen petals and blooming, creating an instantaneous cold snap that Randidly had no interest in being a part of. So instead, Randidly rushed forward, lashing out with a Roundhouse Kick.

The Yeti took it to the chest and was hardly phased. Instead, it just stepped up and started to throw hooks and straights, smashing blows against his shoulders and stomach. Randidly used the spear as best he could to block the attacks, but the Yeti was so large, and the spear was so unwieldy up close, that he realized it was useless; instead, Randidly put the spear away and began to dodge and weave through the blows.

With its hands continuing to glow with that strange golden Engraving, the Yeti struck, again and again, earning himself many glancing blows, and an increasing number of serious ones that sent Randidly staggering, seeing stars. But as they continued to fight, as the cold began to wear on him, and Randidly was growing increasingly worried about his ability to hold on, the Yeti began to frown.

“You… how many lives have you taken in order to walk this far down this path…?”

What was more surprising than the statement, was the fact that Randidly’s own heart dropped, and he smiled bitterly as he heard those words. He had not forgotten the innocent lives he had taken. He had not turned a blind eye to the fact he chose a path that made him willing to kill for strength. Even in the Badlands, he had broken and shattered the lives of other Spear Users in order to discover his own strength.

In a way, Randidly was able to justify it in the moment, because he knew they would do the same to him to grow stronger, and they bore him no ill will for being stronger than them. But when the facts of what he had done were presented to him…

Some of his sensitivities from pre-system Earth had grown numb in this place, but not all of them.

But then the Yeti continued to speak, and Randidly realized that there was some misunderstanding going on here.

“-these strikes should seal the Aether devoured from others…. Why is it you haven’t gone through withdrawal?”

Both of the fighters paused, looking deeply into each other’s eyes for an answer. Randidly’s mind raced. Aether devoured from others…? Was that… possible…?

Well, from the way the Yeti was talking, and its confusion now, it definitely was. Which would explain more broadly why the Heretic Path existed. Randidly was not the typical recipient of it, he just found himself here because…

Because he had his own Aether spring that wasn’t the system approved source of Aether? But why-

It seemed however, that the Yeti was tired of Randidly’s lack of answer, and was determined to beat the answer out of him, if he had to. Which was becoming increasingly likely, as the chill worked its way deeper into Randidly’s body, even as his mana was directed… elsewhere.  As the Yeti began to stalk forward, and bulbs of ice formed behind Randidly, so close that at least one of them would blast him with its cold snap, slowing his movements even further, Randidly considered throwing away his Plan A.

But then a voice alleviated his worries.

“Yet again, foolish disciple, I find you without a spear.”

Randidly suppressed his grin, and said seriously. “I was just biding my time. Waiting for you to finish.”

Shal snorted, Randidly glanced at him. Although Shal appeared to be covered in blood, none of it seemed to be his; there were no wounds on his body. Behind him, the woman, Marco, and Teliph stood. Randidly didn’t need to ask what happened to the other man.

From the look in Shal’s eyes, Randidly also didn’t need to explain the mustached man’s absence; this level of casualties was expected. “Hmph, you have become dull from overtraining against weaklings. Since you were simply biding your time, you likely need no assistance to-”

“Obviously,” Randidly said with relish, finally activating the roots he had been so carefully controlling. The whole tower shook, and then chunks of it fell away as the roots Randidly had been working within the stone work wiggled back and forth, destroying the material that held the impenetrable material together.

The Yeti yelped as it fell down, the ground beneath it collapsing. Then it began to howl and roar. Not all of the tower collapsed, just large chunks of it, but the overall structure and shape stayed the same. After all, Randidly was worried about whether the portal would be maintained if he destroyed the tower. Plus, the core of the tower was made entirely of that material, and Randidly didn’t even know if he could destroy it. But he had certainly brainstormed this method to rid the upper floor of any obstacles.

Some parts of the floor seemed to be like a half built tower, where chunks of the material fell away after Randidly used his roots to destroy the mortar that held it together. The rest was relatively untouched, although Randidly destroyed most of the lower floors, causing the confused guards who were still on them, fighting against the mini-yetis, to crash into a heap at the bottom.

Randidly did his best not to think about how many of those men and women died during the fall, although it was becoming increasingly difficult to avoid feeling weighed down by their lives.

Unwilling to respond to Randidly’s small bragging as the Judgement was sent falling to the bottom of the tower, Shal simply walked forward with a snort. The others followed, although Teliph gave Randidly a strange glance. Sighing, Randidly followed. He felt suddenly very tired, and it wasn’t just the cold, although that still persisted, annoyingly.

They walked towards the center of the tower and swiftly found a few mini yetis, and the portal. But as they were approaching the flickering thing, the roaring from below grew louder. Shal gave Randidly a withering glance.

“Buy us some more time. If it follows us directly out, it might… complicate things.” Shal whispered shortly, as he led the rest of the group towards the portal. Almost unwilling, Randidly went back to the edge of an area where some of the masonry had fallen away to get a better view of the carnage below. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe getting rid of the Judgement was a good idea, but…

But when looked down through the hole in the upper layer, seeing how he had basically destroyed most of the floors, he could only think of the guards that he had killed. Randidly’s face tightened. Fucking, he knew… He knew this was necessary… He wanted the power that he could only get by walking this path…. So why was it so difficult to accept?!?!

The Yeti howled upward, finally done playing, finally displaying the full majesty of a Judgement. Bulbs of ice formed and bloomed all around it. Huge, draconic wings of ice stretched from its back. It bared its teeth at him as it raced upwards.

Fury filled Randidly’s chest, an urge to kill, but there was another part of himself, a part that had been asleep quite a bit for the past two years, but it was beginning to grow increasingly active, that just sighed; he was only angry because he was upset.

“Shut the fuck up.” Randidly whispered, his eyes narrowed. He raised his hand and shot several Incinerating Bolts downward. His training in that regard had paid dividends, because they managed to make it through the wave of cold surrounding the Yeti and punch holes in its dragon wings. Its flight path faltered, but then the creature bellowed, and the temperature seemed to immediately drop, as if in response to its call.

Randidly threw down 7 more incinerating bolts, ripping hole after hole through its wings, but with the boost of the cold, the ice reformed, and although Randidly’s attack had stopped it briefly, it now began to beat its wings and ascend upwards. It was only 2 floors away, and it reached out its hand, 5 ice bulbs shooting upwards.

“I said… Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Randidly’s voice was cold, and his eyes burned emerald. He felt the power of Inspire fill him, and he used it to unleash a huge Incinerating Bolt that ripped downwards towards the Yeti.

A note from puddles4263
Spoiler :

1 Water Breather


Name: Simon Blosse.

Class: Resonant.

Skill Focus: Vibration control, Emotional Manipulation.

Personality: Cheerful, Careful, Easy to talk to, similar to a barber.

Backstory: Before the system; Simon was a therapist who enjoyed collecting tuning forks. When the system arrived; Simon hid, shaking with his tuning forks, where he gained his ability to vibrate.

Connection to the Plot: Runs a massage parlor business in Donnyton using his vibration based abilities. Kills the people of Donnyton with his vibration based abilities, incognito of course. He uses the killing to keep himself under control, like dexter morgan from the tv show.

Interesting Paths: Shifting path, Charismatic path, Pointless path.

2 Jarthon

Name: Rose Callaway

Class: Bookkeeper

Skill Focus: Logistics, Record keeping, Penmanship

Personality: Quiet, Assertive(when nessisary), Smart

Backstory: With college no longer in the cards and the power of Donnytown allowing for non combat roles, Rose decided to do what she had always wanted to do and open a bookstore. She never imagined that it would become anything more than that, but when she asked around for classers to build her a building the interest it sparked was stagering. Rose now runs the Library of Donnytown, a growing building where all path, class, skill and general knowlege is written down for safekeeping and distribution. This allows people to better plan out what they want to learn and be to improve themsslves and Donnytown. It is a central part of the growing haven.

Connection to the Plot: Allows the Ghosthound to help Donnytown with his knowledge and find interesting paths, skills, etc... to persue in the future.

Interesting Paths: Recal, Copy, Mentalist

3 Sgt-Twitchy

Name: Jasper Greene

Class: Shapeshifter

Skill Focus: Stealth, Polymorph, Sleight of Hand

polymorph- The ability to take the shape of any object, non-living, the user can imagine. Maximum mass and size is .25x the mass and .45x the size of the user. While polymorphed the user cannot move. Any weapon forms obtained through this skill get a portion of users strength to damage. All sensory input is togglable while polymorphed. Damage and maximum size/mass can increase with skill proficiency

Personality: Skiddish, Reclusive, Determined

Backstory: As one of the younger survivors of the system, and having no adults to rely on, Jasper has roamed the streets of Franksburg hiding and taking what he needed to survive. When the party from Donnyton started their return journey with their new citizens, he secretly followed them, occasionally sneaking through the crowd to get food. Upon arrival to Donnyton, Jasper made himself scarse and found his way around the village pilfering supplies and creating a small den for himself in an obscure section of the NCC village. After the system officially announced Lyra free and clear, she noticed him one day sneaking behind Sam's shop. She called out to the boy and he darted away, weaving around buildings and dashing across streets, but it was useless, Lyra simply appeared before him at every turn. Lyra, amused by his determination and noticing his obvious lack of grooming decided to offer him a chance at a class.

Connection to Plot: While RG is away, Jasper mistakenly thinks his house is unoccupied. Utilizing the solidarity of his new found lodging, he throws himself into learning  his new class, taking the shape of random objects within the cabin. Before RG returns, Sam brings by a new spear for him and places it inside the house. With a new object to copy, Jasper starts taking the form of the spear and begins experimenting with extravigent and outlandish shapes. That is until RG returns home. Jasper panics and turns into the spear and is picked up for Randidly's training excercises.

Paths: Mimicry I 5/5, Mimicry II 15/15, Deadly Form I 20/25

4 10000souls Name : Johan Walton

Class : Cult Master

Skill Focus : Charm, Illusion

Personality : Charismatic, Persuasive, Selfish, Sociopathic

Backstory : Born to a celebrity couple, Johan was born to the show biz. He learned from a young age how to charm people as well as manipulating public opinion. When the system arrived, he took the opportunity to build a utopia in his image. No mather the cost to other people.

Connection to the plot : Leader of the new Village near Donnytown. Ex boyfriend of Lyra

Interesting paths : Orator, Path of an Idol, Path of Compulsion


5 Poofo

Name: Drake Woodhick

Class: Juggernaut

Skill focus: Pain resistance, Regeneration, Steel skin, Steady gait, Tinkerer, Troll's blood. His steel skin and steady gait (walking slowly = more damage resistance) combined with regeneration and troll's blood make him an excellent beefy tank.

Pesronality: Thick headed, Strong willed, Calm.

Backstory: Drake had been a logger all his life until one day the system arrived. He quickly lost all his family members in the struggles and even lost his lower right arm. Furious for vengeance he quickly grabbed one of the chainsaws and had the crazy idea to stick it to his right arm, the system quickly applied and melded the device with his arm. Finally having gained something to fight back he fought any monsters that dared approach his family's abode. The chainsaw quickly broke down though from trying to cut the monsters. Too tired to do anything but walk and take the hits and do nothing but walk steadily forward towards his enemies and smash them into a pulp with his broken down chainsaw and his remaining arm. The only thing keeping him alive is his pure will and repairing flesh. Shortly after he left his home after which he found Donnytown where he strives to improve his chainsaw and helps out via use of his woodworking knowledge.

Connection to the plot: Lost his family when the system came and fought days on end to protect his house via use of a chainsaw he melded with his arm. left home whereafter he found Donnytown.

Paths: Slow Walking Terror (Slow walk in fights for over 8 hours, gain steady gait), Woodworker, Tinkerer, Steel wall


6 Nizen

Name: Vandal Leviathan

Class: Monstrous Chef

Skill Focus: Cooking, Alchemy, Monster Biology

Personality: Survivalist, Open with Emotions, Obsessed with cooking

Backstory: Runaway Orphan (from the Leviathan Orphanage), learned to be able to cook and eat anything to survive,

Connection to the Plot: A wandering NC who came to Donnytown due to Aether Deprivation,

Interesting Paths: Monster Cooking (By combining the 3 skill focus together)

                                   Rewards Monstrous Cooking (When cooking is ingested temporally grants a monster only skill.

                            Form of the Monster (living on a diet of only monster for extended period)

                                   Rewards Monstrous Form (When eating Monstrous Cooking shape shifts into the type of monster cooked.




7 TheyCallmeSibs

Name Mia?


Antipaladin (glitched name?)

Skill focus

Corruption-spreading skills - can corrupt other beings to mindlessly follow orders / vague concepts

Heavy armour, Two-handed sword


Before corruption - quick temper and rash decisions, violent tendencies

After - Insanity, mental struggles with corruption, violent blackouts, strong savage, animalistic compulsions (gore and blood?)


Had tried to join village in the beginning and has been rejected by Donny. Got her class from turtletown and left after to be a loner. The death of turtletown corrupted her and her class, feeding off of her hatred for Donny.

A random, irrational personality prone to snapping and violent blackouts. Many corrupted skills and paths which the system doesn't filter out because she is supposed to be a monster.

Plot connection

A former turtletown member who cut ties with it and has been partially corrupted. Wishes to bring harm to Donny and possibly other Tanks. System may try to hunt her down due to detected corruption?


Spread of corruption

Corrupted paths


8 Thriceborn

Name: Copernicus Dasten aka, Copper

Class: Skeleton Mage, previously Scribe

Skill Focus: Memorization, Processing Ability, Psychometry, Ice Magic, Lightning Magic, Entropy Magic, Undying Will, Osteomancy, Healer

Personality: Skittish, cautious, and a bit of a know-it-all. No sense of direction. Lost some social skills since the System arrived and tends to over share because of his isolation. Has died once and has no wish to repeat the experience.

Backstory: Copper was a regular college student, majoring in English and minoring in History when the System hit Earth. He eventually found a village and gained the Scribe class fairly early on. Disappointed and wanting to prove his strength, Copper recklessly enters a dungeon with a small party and is killed five steps away from a safe spot. His body is dragged in by a member of the party who lucked into Necromancer as a base class, and he is "revived" as a Skeleton Mage due to high Int and Will. Eventually the surviving Necromancer almost manages to escape the dungeon with Copper as his remaining minion/companion, but also dies a horrible death. Left standing motionless just steps away from the exit, it is several months before Copper reawakens in the remains of his own body as a fairly high leveled Skeleton Mage. After the initial freakout over his mostly decomposed body and discovering what it can do, Copper escapes the dungeon and begins to wander, eschewing most human contact, especially as his connection to his original village has been lost and he...has no idea where he is. Eventually he hears of Donnyton and the infamous Ghosthound....

Interesting Paths: Historian, Lesser Skeleton Mage, Greater Skeleton Mage, Lich ????, Storm Mage, Wither and Rot, Lesser Necromancy, Defier of Death, Master of Bones, Initiate of Life (somehow)



9 IDFree

Name: Thomas Mayer

Class: Apprentice / (?)

Skill Focus: Rejection, Empathy, Meditation, Presence concealment, General combat skills

Personality: Politeness, Faked friendliness, Secretiveness

Backstory: A dropout from the Rawlands' university due to his initial apathy and lack of motivation, he worked odd jobs in and around Franksburg until the system came, the last one being an assistant in a self-help course. He worked hard at completing his paths and later jumped at the chance to get a class, his mysticism skill giving him valuable insights into the system to choose a good one. His growth rate in a class and class skills depending on the people he trained under, he cultivated good relations with important people of Franksburg as a perfect underling, appearing friendly and hard-working, despite not actually caring about any of the people in Franksburg at all and plotting against his direct superiors to receive promotion and privileges. What he actually cares about is not a position of importance in Franksburg, but growing strong enough for personal independence and a chance at exploring new worlds away from the stifling social hierarchy he doesn't really fit in.

Connection to the Plot: During the fight against the Franksburg's tribulation he managed to break away from the village's class system through rejection skill, planning to fake his own death in the aftermath of the (almost lost) fight as a desperate last resort plan he concocted after receiving the news of Donnytown's neighbours' grim fate and fearing the loss off his sanity and becoming a monster above all else. He planned to later seek refuge in other villages but the fight was eventually won and he received an unexpected benefit from participating in slaying the tribulation without a village class - a tiny personal spring of Aether capable of supporting a class independently of the village. He volunteered to become an envoy to Donnyton to hide the newest development from the village spirit and became interested in the Ghosthound's growing legend.

Interesting Paths: Oathbreaker, Mysticism, Path of Perception,




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