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I was feeling frisky while writing this I guess, so it is a little strange, and the world count is low. But it was kinda fun to write, so I hope yo uenjoy.

“Uh… minion…. Shouldn’t we….”

“No, we continue.”

“Ah, but my Health is low, and my regeneration-”

“I told you to invest in vitality, did I not? When you level next, do so. You need the regeneration.”

“Well just for now- GACK. YOU KICKED ME.”

“You would not advance. Raise your shield, the imps are coming.”


“If nothing else, your class gives you resistance, which should weaken the effect of magic-”


“-enough for you to survive this. Don’t worry, 10 more seconds and I will intervene.”


“ else would you learn how to defend yourself? Careful, they are aiming for your legs.”


“Just barely passable. You survived for the 10 seconds, but you passed out immediately afterwards. Drink this, and then we continue.”

“Nooooo...oooo…..just let me die….”

“Did I hear you correctly? You want the difficulty to be raised? Although your performance is shit, your attitude can be considered barely deserving of a compliment. Let us go then.”

“Put…..! Me…..!!! Down…..!!!!”

“Ah, good, here is a large group. Careful of the lizard bites, their teeth are very sharp. Hum, perhaps we should gather some and take them back to Sam….”

“Do you really want to kill me?!?!”

“Obviously not. But let me ask you a question.”


“You want to be a knight, yes? The Dusk Knight? To have the strength to be the Village Chieftain and lead us?”


“With your level of strength, anything other than defense is inadvisable. You are like a turtle. Even now, you can only knock them backwards with your shield and wait for my help.”


“But can you deny that they are weak? They have no weapons, they have no skills, they are common fodder. Yet you struggle. Is this what you want? To struggle against these forever?”


“What I’m saying is this: we have a relationship. I have strength, but no ability or willingness to deal with people. You have little strength right now, but you can handle people. Well, handle might be a strong word, but...”

“Fuck….. It hurts so bad……”

“However, that was just in the old world. When that police officer came from town, he did not back down after you refused them. He postured with force. For sure, he will return, seeking what he wants. And what will you, as village chieftain, do?”


“What will you do?”


“What will you do, Donny?”

“ Damnit….”

“What will you DO?”

“I’ll fight if I have to! I’ll stare down a gun! I’ll throw him back until he agrees to call me boss!”

“Aside from the boss comment… Good. But you remain too weak for me to believe you. I’ll kill most, but these last 5 I shall leave for you. After you finish them, we shall immediately continue.”

“Haaaaah…. Is this…. Really necessary…?”

“Did you think it was easy? Finding strength, I mean. You must sweat for every ounce of it.”


“Don’t worry, that Decklan character seems promising. If you die, he will just be the figurehead of my new Newbie Village.”

“Ha… ha…. That prick…?”

“He seems charming enough. Did you know that Tera has taken to sleeping with him?”


“That’s what you get for letting your attention wander. Focus ahead, I’ve brought more monsters.”


Although Donny was sure he was going to die, he couldn’t deny that the training was effective.

Donny Parke

Class: Knight

Level: 9

Health(/R per hour): 100/217 (52.25)

Mana(/R per hour): 25/45 (3)

Stam(/R per min): 11/120 (19)

Vit: 16

End: 5

Str: 18

Agi: 8

Perception: 6

Reaction: 5

Resistance: 16

Willpower: 3

Inteligence: 2

Wisdom: 2

Control: 2

Focus: 2

Skills: Hiding Lvl 7, Running Lvl 5, Grappling Lvl 5, Club Wielding Lvl 2, WoodWorking Lvl 2, Construction Lvl 3, Labor Lvl 6, Heavy Blow Lvl 5, Mana Bolt Lvl 1, Ride Lvl 1, Honorable Charge Lvl 2, Stalwart Defense Lvl 9, (1) Sword Master Lvl 5, (2) Shield Mastery Lvl 11, (3) Shield Bash Lvl 3, (4) Aegis Lvl 1

After looking at his status screen for a long minute, Donny turned to Randidly. “What level are you?”

Randidly stopped moving through the spear forms and turned to him, shrugging. “I do not have a level.”

“Then…” Donny looked at him with wide eyes. “Your strength….?”

Randidly just smiled and said. “Skill. Now let’s head back. You need to rest before the people from town return.”


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