In very general terms, Randidly explained his situation, spawning directly in the dungeon by the safe room, and doing his best to hole up here these past few days. Then 3 eyed man, whose name was Shal, seemed rather shocked.

“Extraordinary…” He muttered, looking Randidly up and down. “So you do not have a class? Or a level? That would make things difficult. Normally I would not mind helping you some secure some kills in the area, so you can find your feet, but…”

Then the man paused. “However, I could do you the favor of escorting you to the entrance if you would bring me food while I recover here. It will take several days, and to rid myself of this curse, I cannot leave the pool.”

“That would… be appreciated “ Randidly said slowly. Satisfied with the exchange, Shal turned back away, sitting calmly in the pool.


After meditating for about an hour, Randidly took stock of himself. Dodge had become Lvl 3, while Iron Skin and Mana Shield also increased by 1. Equip too, went up. The biggest gain was Mana Bolt, once more gaining two levels. With these 7 PPs, Randidly could finish off Wandering Survivor.

Congratulations! You have earned +1 to Stat(s).

Congratulations! You have earned +1 to Perception and Reaction.

Congratulations! You have earned +2 to Health.

Congratulations! You have earned +2 to Mana.

Congratulations! You have earned +2 to Stamina.

Congratulations! You have earned +2 to Stat(s).

Congratulations! You have earned +1 to all Stats.

Congratulations! You have completed the Wandering Survivor Path! +2 to all Regeneration.

Randidly barely stifled a gasp. While it wasn’t a per level up gain, the increase in regeneration across the board was incredibly powerful. Especially as he strengthened his Iron Skin further. If his stamina regeneration was so high that he could maintain the skill almost constantly…

Of the 3 Stats he got, all of them went into Intelligence, boosting that Mana pool just a little bit more. Then he admired his new stats.

Randidly Ghosthound

Class: ---

Level: N/A

Health(/R per hour): 138/153 (58.5)

Mana(/R per hour): 50/84 (23.5)

Stam(/R per min): 66/78 (23)

Vit: 16

End: 18

Str: 7

Agi: 15

Perception: 14

Reaction: 12

Resistance: 9

Willpower: 9

Inteligence: 15

Wisdom: 12

Control: 14

Focus: 9

Paths: Newbie 7/7, P.Def 10/10, M.Supp 10/10, Risk Taker 15/15, Basic Physical Fitness 20/20, Trainee 15/15, Wandering Survivor 20/20,

Skills: Running: Lvl 7, Physical Fitness Lvl 10, Sneak Lvl 4, Farming Lvl 13, Mana Bolt Lvl 12, Heavy Blow Lvl 9, Acid Resistance Lvl 4, Poison Resistance Lvl 4, Sprinting Lvl 7, Iron Skin Lvl 9, Equip Lvl 8, Plant Breeding Lvl 5, Meditation Lvl 5, Dagger Mastery Lvl 5, Entangling Roots Lvl 1, Mana Shield Lvl 4, Dodge Lvl 3


When he returned to the path screen, he received another notification.

Continue using paths to explore this world! Remember, there will always be a path open to you. Please select one of the paths below for your continued journey!

???: 0/5

???: 0/5

Rolling his eyes, Randidly selected the second option.

You have selected the Pathless I Path.

...well, at least it will be short.

Feeling slightly awkward about the stranger sitting there, in what Randidly had grown to consider his pond, he went around behind the now medium sized tree and practiced Heavy Blow, Dagger Mastery, and Entangling Roots.

Although he hadn’t put any points directly into Str, the +1 all stats had started adding up, and Randidly was beginning to cut chunks out of the tree with his blows. When he was out of stamina and mana, he would meditate, then go check on his plants, trying to investigate the differences between the different breeds.

The berry bush was now heavy with fruit, so Randidly ate several, and took others to plant by the far wall. By now, he was sure this place was getting bigger, he just wasn’t sure how.

In this way, most of the evening passed, Randidly’s Entangling Roots finally making it to Lvl 2. Heavy Blow went up 1, and Dagger Mastery rose two. Randidly was finally starting to feel comfortable swinging the weapon. Randidly even got a level for farming out of the blue, likely due to his ministrations on them.

With that, he had enough PP to finish off the path.

Strangely, he didn’t receive anything for any of the points, even the 5th. He only got a bonus with the completion notification.

Congratulations! You have completed the Pathless I Path! +1 stat(s). You have received 1 Random Chest.

Congratulations! You have received a Medium Chest ©.

A white box the size of a microwave appeared in front of Randidly. When he opened it, he found a leather tunic. And when Randidly inspected it, it actually worked.

Average Leather Tunic Lvl 5: Basic article of clothing. +5% resistance to Physical Damage. +2 Vit while Equipped.

Putting it on, Randidly didn’t feel that different, but checking his stats, sure enough, the extra stat from the equipment was there. Pleased, he stopped training and went outside the safe room to fetch some more food; just his planted fruit wouldn’t be enough to support them both.

As he crept outward, Randidly sighed resigned himself to another few days of fruits and nuts. He really missed meat and cheese.


Sneaking gained two levels, as a strange, monstrous spider scuttled past while Randidly was prying the crystals from the tree. It was heading directly towards him, but he quickly cast his first live Entangling Roots.

It was only distracted for a split second before it ripped right through the bindings, but that was enough for Randidly to stop what he was doing and throw himself off the tree, sprinting away.  He heard a wet hiss and sensed more than saw something heading his way, and leapt to the side. A large wad of what could only be spider web smashing into the tree above him, strands falling towards him.

Scrambling forward, he got out of the area of it and sprinted all the way back to the safe room.

In that final scrum, it seemed Entangling Roots, Sprinting, Running, and Dodging had all leveled up. Real experience really did do more than repetitive grinding.

Feeling slightly giddy, Randidly sat down and meditated, deciding not to enter the room. He very quickly entered into an introspective state, and stayed there until he had regained all of his mana. When he awoke, to his surprise, Meditation had gained two levels, and was now Lvl 7. With this 7 PP, Randidly turned to his path screen.

There was once again, two question mark options, both costing only 5. Feeling lucky, Randidly once more picked the second option.

You have selected the Pathless II Path.

Randidly speechlessly put 5 PP into it. Once more, the only reward was the final completion notification.

Congratulations! You have completed the Pathless II Path! +2 stat(s). You have received 1 Random Chest.

Congratulations! You have received a Tiny Chest ®.

Oh? Was this a rare tiny chest?

Because Randidly hadn’t gotten any size duplicates, he couldn’t tell if the chest sizes themselves had relative rarity, or the items inside had that rarity. Either way, it was at least nice that this was a rare chest, and the amount of stats he got had increased. He put the two stats into Int and then opened the tiny chest.

It wasn’t a piece of equipment, which was a disappointment. It was just a basic mortar and pestle. Although when he inspected it, he wasn’t able to see what it was, so at least it was a decent level.

Feeling as if he had tested his luck enough for one day, Randidly returned to the Safe Room before he assigned his other two PP. But Shal gestured to him before he had the chance.

“Come, bring me some of your food. Recovering has taken more strength than anticipated.”

Rather dutifully, Randidly handed over bananas and nuts. He had briefly considered demanding higher payment for his delivery, but Randidly was growing increasingly desperate to know what was going on with his friends. Especially Ace and Sydney.

Randidly wasn’t very close to his family. But he had found a new one here at college. And if something happened to them while he was gone…

Shaking his head, Randidly turned to Shal. “Excuse me, do you know what these are?”

Randidly put out a hand, holding one of the red and blue glowing crystals.

Shal spared the crystals a glance before returning to his regular sitting position. “Yes, they are basic vigor crystals. They can be refined into Health and Mana potions. But although they are in a Lvl 35 dungeon, they are just the basic kind- put next to a safe room to help truly desperate individuals. I would say even a master Alchemist could only create potions that restore 100 Health or Mana from them.”

Randidly just stared. Mana potions….?

“Ho-how do you refine them…?”

Shrugging, Shal gestured dismissively. “Unrelated to my class, I cannot learn this skill. Give me some time, I must heal.”

But even as Randidly walked slowly away, his eyes were bright. If he had mana and health potions, even if they weren’t as efficient as Shal stated… they would still be invaluable to training up his skills!

And surviving, he added to himself, a bit belatedly.


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