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After finishing off all of the nearby monsters and gathering the almost five hundred bodies of the golems, Randidly had gained two more Levels and reached Level 47. Truly, spending a small amount of time grinding experience was an extremely relaxing and rewarding experience.

But that was ultimately just a distraction. Scratching his head, Randidly ultimately decided to gamble on the Experimenter Path. The further he pushed his ability to create and Engrave now, the more it would benefit him in the future.

Yet it feels sorta dangerous to invest so completely in one area of myself with all this PP… Randidly thought idly. But still, he trusted his instincts. He could always earn more PP in the future. But it would be difficult to find an opportunity to boost a passive Skill like this again without the assistant of a Path or a powerful image.

When he poured PP into the Experimenter IV Path, he obtained 2 Perception, 2 Control, and 2 Focus for every 50 PP spent. With the additional boosts from the Levels he had gained recently, these bonuses pushed Randidly’s Control beyond 1000.

At first, Randidly thought nothing of it. But almost immediately, he felt a very distinct sensation of empowerment. Before he actually finished the Path, Randidly paused and lifted up his hand to look at it.

Information flowed into him about every small muscle group in his hands. As he traced the sensation, Randidly realized that he could distinctly feel each tendon and nerve ending in his entire body. As his focus shifted up into his brain, Randidly felt the flow of blood and the slow secretion of neurotransmitters. If he desired, he could spike the amount of adrenaline within his body in a heartbeat.

It’s not so much anything really changed… Randidly thought slowly. The value of each point in Control didn’t grow. In fact, the diminishing returns are still there. But it feels like… reaching 1000 Control opened a door of knowledge within myself. It isn’t just that I can exercise Control, but that I was given the knowledge of how to do so…

Randidly rubbed his front teeth against his lip. It was a valuable bonus. Already, this strange implicit knowledge made itself extremely valuable by providing several key insights on how Randidly could improve his root avatar training methods for the spear. Likely, Randidly would focus his efforts toward getting another Stat to 1000 in the near future, to see if it happened again. But it still disturbed him quite a bit that it had happened.

...the more I learn, the more I realize why the Creature so desperately feared the System, Randidly thought with a grimace. But I still don’t believe running away is the correct answer. This Path… my Path… is the right one for me.

After experimenting with his new awareness, Randidly finished off the Experimenter IV Path.

Congratulations! You have completed the Experimenter IV Path! What waits in the summit? That question drives you forward like a taskmaster. Many things are sacrificed in the ascent, but the certainty that this will be worth it never weakens. Nay, perhaps because of the lack of assurance, your Faith grows stronger. Willpower +100. The Skill Creator’s Aptitude (A) has evolved into Experienced Creator’s Ingenuity (A). The chance of all prior positive outcomes occurring has increased.

Randidly was not amused by the text of the Path reward, even if the 100 Willpower boost was nice. It pushed his Willpower to 920, which meant that would likely be the Stat he attempted to get to 1000 next.

Randidly was also not amused that the bonus to the Skill was slight, and it hadn’t even been enough to lift the Rarity of the Skill to Legendary. Instead, it continued to sit at ancient. And now, waiting in his Path Menu, was the Experimenter V Path, requiring 3000 PP.

Sighing, Randidly began distributing some of the free Stats he had earned in the past couple days. When he pushed his Willpower to 1000, he did once again feel the immediate shift in perspective. Rather than having increased understanding of how Willpower worked, what Randidly received was a sense of familiarity over the varieties of Willpower.

A firm Willpower that endured over a long period of time. That was a portion of Randidly’s Willpower, but he often switched it out for other varieties during tough moments...

A sharp, knife edge Willpower that cut through even the worst mental agony and spat in the face of its opponents. This was generally what Randidly relied upon. Ever since he had acquired Cruel Indignation of Yggdrasil, it was this will that carried him forward. Yet Randidly let his consciousness wander, finding other methods of using his will..

A vast, almost liquid Willpower that accepted all comers, becoming increasingly influential as it grew.

A fiery Willpower that devoured those weaker than it and grew even brighter and more scalding.

This strange knowledge was much less straightforward. But Randidly immediately saw the different varieties of Willpower could be used in conjunction with different images. Although he had always prided himself on his own determination, Randidly couldn’t deny that his own standoffish personality had pushed his World Tree image toward his Crown and Cruel Indignation. His own pride was a part of his typical Willpower.

Randidly remained thoughtful as he continued to distribute his Stats, next intending to raise Agility to 1000 to see those results. After he finished, Randidly considered his Status screen.

Randidly Ghosthound

Class: Lord of the Baleful Wood (+x5)

Level: 47 (21%)

Health(/R per hour): 5046/5954 (3529)

Mana(/R per hour): 3986/7344 (2174)

Stam(/R per min): 4713/5369 (1183)

Vit: 672

End: 348

Str: 592

Agi: 982

Perception: 780

Reaction: 652

Resistance: 618

Willpower: 1070

Intelligence: 688

Wisdom: 530

Control: 1107

Focus: 615

Equipment: White-Steel Greaves Lvl 65 (Ru): Agility +100, Strength + Reaction +20, Iradak’s Tinglesilk Gloves ® Lvl 70: Str +30, Focus +20, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower, Wisdom, Control +15, Sun’s Teardrop Belt (L) Lvl 68: Stamina +300, Stamina/R +50, Willpower +40, +1 Willpower per Level, Ancestral Circlet of the Broken Ridge (A) Lvl 69: Health +300, Vit and End +20, Resistance +40, Perception +20, Str, Agi, Reaction, Willpower +25

Total Equipment Bonuses: Health +300, Stamina +300, Stamina/R +50, Vit +20, End +20, Agi +140, Str +75, Perception +20, React +45, Resistance +40, Focus +20, Int +15, Willpower +80, Wisdom +15, Control +15

PP: 123

Paths Taken: Newbie 7/7, P.Def 10/10, M.Supp 10/10, Risk Taker 15/15, Basic Physical Fitness 20/20, Trainee 15/15, Wandering Survivor 20/20, Pathless I 5/5, Pathless II 5/5, Pathless III 10/10, Pathfinder 15/15, Disciple of Shal 37/37, Pathless IV 10/10, Pathless V 15/15, Pathless VI 15/15, Pathless VII 20/20, Pathless VIII 20/20, Pathless IX 25/25, Pathless X 50/50, Pathless 100/100, Mana Bolt Path 25/25, Phys Fitness 25/25, Evasion 35/35, Phantom Thrust Path 40/40, Spear Mastery I 50/50, Monster Slayer I 1/1, Monster Slayer II 3/3, Heavy Blow Path 20/20, Monster Slayer III 6/6, Monster Slayer IV 12/12, Monster Slayer V 25/25, Potion Making I 25/25, The Monster Slayer 100/100, Entangling Roots 40/40, Meditation 35/35, Frontrunner 100/100, Apprentice Path 50/50, Fireball I Path 50/50, Potion Making II 35/35, Spear Mastery II 75/75, Phantom Thrust II 75/75, Empower I 60/60, Root Manipulation I 75/75, Advanced Phys Fitness 100/100, Fighting Proficiency I 80/80, The Lonesome Spear 100/100, Path of Carnage V 1000/1000, Oathbreaker 25/25, Grace I 75/75, Fighting Proficiency II 100/100, Weeping that Falls like Rain 200/200, Aether Philanthropist 1/1, Tireless 50/50, Initiate of Ash I 75/75, Bacterial Mutation I 125/125, Initiate of Ash II 150/150, Anguish I 125/125, Intermediate Battle Intent 200/200, The Ash of Aemont, the Spear Phantom 500/500, Steps of the Godling I 50/50, Mentalist I 50/50, Basic Mana Engraving 100/100, Adept(+1) 250/250, Basic Soul Bond 75/75, Path of Control 200/200, the First Legend 300/300, the Seed of Yggdrasil 150/150, Growth of Yggdrasil I 250/250, Lavamancer 300/300, the Phantom’s Embrace 150/150, Intermediate Soul Bond 125/125, Crown of Yggdrasil 500/500, Growth of Yggdrasil II 500/500, Chosen of Ash 200/200, Fighting Proficiency III 175/175, Mana Ghoul 200/200, Steps of the Godling II Path 200/200, Evolution of Self I 50/50, Intrepid Will of a Godling 175/1750, War Leader 200/200, Alpha Cosmos I: The Intermingling 200/200, Ashen Aura I 600/600, Advanced Mana Engraving 400/400, Raiment of the World Tree 3000/3000, Nexus Traveler Cohort 5 50/50, Experimenter I 50/50, Metallurgist 300/300, Fiery Sharpshooter 350/350, Mana Lich 500/500, Experimenter II 250/250, Experimenter III 500/500, Perfect Soul Bond 1000/1000, Experimenter IV 1250/1250

Skills (Soul Skill): Figure of the Alpha Cosmos Lvl 8650

Combat: Spear Mastery Lvl 205, Heavy Blow Lvl 118, Iron Skin Lvl 47, Dodge Lvl 119, Fighting Experience (Un) Lvl 163, Block Lvl 77, Calculated Blow Lvl 110, Roundhouse Kick Lvl 80, Idiosyncratic Cut (Un) Lvl 124, Stalemate Breaker Lvl 76, Talon Strike Lvl 90, Counter Lvl 94, Flowing Momentum Lvl 12

LoBW Class Skills: Grasp of the World Seed (L) Lvl 235, Spray Holy Sap (Un) Lvl 27, Sharpness Lvl 127, Earthquake (Un) Lvl 48, Invigorating Call (Humanity)(Un) Lvl 14, Reach of the Jade Slag (Ru) Lvl 110, Erode Image (L) Lvl 30, Spriggit’s Tinkering ® Lvl 99, Aether Understanding (A) Lvl 74, Aether Infusion Lvl 47, Volatile Ash (A) Lvl 44, Visualization ® Lvl 204, Fruit of the Planting of Enmity (L) Lvl 40, Absolute Timing (Ru) Lvl 70, Cycle of the Gloomy Wood ® Lvl 39, Riders of the Baleful Court (A) Lvl 75, Lantern of Harsh Truths ® Lvl 27, Sigil of an Approaching Fate (A) Lvl 7

Descent of the Grim Chimera (M): Chimeric Avoidance (L) Lvl 181, Cursed Appetite of a Wraith (L) Lvl 246, Monstrosity’s Appalling Physicality (A) Lvl 205, Reaper’s Mantle of Catastrophe (L) Lvl 85, Molten Fang of the Pariah (L) Lvl 177, Man is Proud, but the Chimera Takes (L) Lvl 160, The Chimera Weeps as Man Mourns (L) Lvl 146, All Else Succombs, Yet Time Whirls the Earth (M) Lvl 119

Aether Skills: Aether Detection Lvl 136, Aether Manipulation Lvl 130, Living Aether ® Lvl 120, System Interference Lvl 40

Spells: Yggdrasil Soul Seed ®, Inspiration ®, Ignition Bolt ® Lvl 118, Verdant Nova (Un) Lvl 83, Burning Footsteps Lvl 23, Touch from Beyond ® Lvl 37, Influence of the Molten Core ® Lvl 90, Eruption of the Blazing Leyline (Ru) Lvl 100, Ignition of the Emerald Essence (L) Lvl 115, Mana Physique (Un) Lvl 1

Crafting: Potion Making Lvl 73, Farming Lvl 34, Analyze Lvl 29, Refine Lvl 74, Extract Lvl 59, Mana Engraving Lvl 198, Experienced Creator’s Ingenuity (A) Lvl 5, Touch of the Ghosthound (U)

Yggdrasil, the Tree of Upheaval: Glittering Leaves of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 141, The Golden Roots of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 174, the Emerald Sap of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 157, the Yyrwood Flesh of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 200, the Deific Mien of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 170, the Cruel Indignation of Yggdrasil (L) Lvl 178, Crown of Yggdrasil: Cataclysm and Gloom (L) Lvl 120

Auxiliary: Sneak Lvl 56, Acid Resistance Lvl 22, Poison Resistance Lvl 21, Pain Resistance Lvl 100, Fire Resistance Lvl 111, Sewing Lvl 11, Digging Lvl 5, Cooking Lvl 77, Clockwork Mastery Lvl 26, Aether Connection (A) Lvl 21, Soul Bond Lvl 118, Chef’s Palette Lvl 33, Nether Resistance Lvl 20, Child of the Rain (Un) Lvl 59, Chosen of Ash (A) Lvl 139, Engineering Savvy ® Lvl 114, From Darkness, Genesis ® Lvl 16, (Domain) Crossroads of the Alpha Cosmos Lvl 70, Connection to the Alpha Cosmos (U)

Randidly was actually relatively close to reaching 1000 in Agility. A few more Levels and he would manage it. But of course, the high bar of Level 50 was in Randidly’s future. Although he knew that the sharp rise in experience required above Level 49 wouldn’t be a problem for him, Randidly was more concerned about the looming task of condensing a Fate.

I should Level up to 49… but there is no real point in going beyond that until I can talk to Nathan about Fates… Randidly reflected. From what Naffur had said, Nathan would be coming down to Erickson Steel with him after stopping in the Orchard to recruit some talented individuals to the Order Ducis.

Besides, Randidly wasn’t in any rush to condense a Fate. But he hoped that he would be able to do it without a problem, based on his very unique existence within the System.

Humming to himself, Randidly considered his options as he slaughtered his way South. Whenever he sensed other humans, he carefully avoided them and avoided making too much of impact on the monster ecosystem that it would be obvious that someone powerful passed through here.

At this point, Randidly was withdrawing into himself, rather than seeking to expand his influence. Erickson Steel and the Order Ducis would be his connections to this world. He didn’t need to be making relationships with a new Zone at this point in the game.

But he did notice that a group of people right under Level 50 was struggling to head North, likely to connect with the nearby Zone.

Sighing at his own foolishness, Randidly used Infinite Fingers of Yggdrasil to eliminate some of the more densely packed group of monsters in this group’s path. Although he didn’t want to connect with these people, he also didn’t want them to die. They seemed to work well together, but they were out of their depth Level wise.

To avoid running into the nearby Zone, Randidly veered West, beginning his search for a high-Level Dungeon in earnest.


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