Try Reincarnation, They Said. It Would Be Fun, They Said.

by Lonely Writer

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A young man dies saving his friend from a truck. His soul floats away, where he is then left to drift in endless darkness. He wishes for strength and power, the rights held by the strong. Unexpectedly, he finds his wish granted, and he reincarnates as the force of the universe known as qi. However, God realizes that he screwed the hell up and tries to fix his mistake, only to realize it too late. Out of options, he imprisons the MC on the lowest-ranking planet in the entire multiverse. What happens now?

“Don’t I just get super OP?”

That comes later MC.



This is my first fiction and I'd greatly appreciate criticism. Feel free to let me know any problems you have with my story and any suggestions you may have. Updates are once a week, but will vary in dates. However, you can (most likely) expect a chapter once every week. I may miss a week, but I will make sure to make it up to you by giving you another chapter in a different week. This is also hosted on my website: Lonely Writing.



Currently on Hiatus due to personal reasons.

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Lonely Writer

Lonely Writer

Lacking in Endurance

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Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- “Try Reincarnation, It’ll Be Fun.” ago
Chapter 2- Hey System, He Has a Point You Know... ago
Chapter 3- Bored as Hell, Even Though Real Hell is Actually Rather Fun. ago
Chapter 4- Whenever I Hear ‘New Body’, I Always Think of Captain Ginyu. ago
Chapter 5-You Know How Main Characters Always Are Helped By The First People They Meet? ago
POV Chapter 1- New Happenings on Nephila, Rudren Steinverg. ago
Chapter 6- A Nameless Dream and A Nameless Man. ago
Chapter 7- Cultivation, What Else? ago
Announcment! ago
Chapter 8- The Girl of The Forest, AKA First Love Interest (Maybe). ago
Chapter 9- Because We Don’t Meet the Required Quota of Muscle-heads. ago
Chapter 10- Oh Hey, None of Us Directly Screwed Up! ago
Chapter 11- Worlds of Difference in Skill Level. ago
Chapter 12- Civilization, Here We Come! We’ll Reach You In A Few Months. ago
Chapter 13- Traveling (With a Bad Sense of Direction) and Cultivating (With a Bad Sense of Danger). ago
Chapter 14- Mysterious Soul Tempering Grove. Or Something Like That. ago
Chapter 15- The MC Halo Makes No Sense. ago
Chapter 16- The MC Halo Makes Its Move. ago
Chapter 17- The MC Treasure Makes an Entrance. ago
Chapter 18- Treasure Too OP, Please Nerf. ago
Chapter 19- Because It's OP! ago
Chapter 20- Dao of OP. ago
Announcement to all readers ago
POV Chapter 2- Nicten Terminus ago
Chapter 21- Retainer’s Oath Upon The Heavenly Dao. ago
Chapter 22- Like-Minded People Hit it Off Quite Well, Don't They?
Chapter 23- Adventuring Through… Nope, We’re Here. ago
Chapter 24- Joining The Sect. ago
Celebration Chapter – Character Sheet. ago
Chapter 25- A Message To All! ago
Chapter 26- Vanquish Tribulations Realm. ago
Chapter 27 – An Inevitable Event. ago
Chapter 28- Ardven’s Influence. ago
Chapter 29 – Core Disciple. ago
Chapter 30 – Drop of Blood. ago
Delay Announcement ago
Chapter 31: The Secret of The Blood. ago
Chapter 32 – Transmission. ago
Official Apology Letter + A Surprise. ago
It's over... ago

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Starts out fine but the constant internal monologue gets old fast. Has potential for a good story though.