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Jay Wright was and Astronaut that is until he was captured by aliens on a routine mission. The alien that captured him were the Dragoons from the planet Drogonov. The Dragoon have a low birthrate for females in their race. Fearing extinction, they go around the universe kidnapping other species turning them into female dragoon hybrids. None of their test subject have survived. That is until they met Jay. Now that they found a patient zero. They want to find Earth and use it as a breeding farm. Jay mange‚Äôs to escape because a pirate ship happens to pass buy. The Pirate board the ship and capture everyone including Jay. The captain want to speak to her and It turns out The Captain is also a mysterious Dragoon named Drayden Leviathan. Captain of the Ship the Salamander one of the most natorious of pirates in the universe. With very few options left Jay Joins theses pirates and travels the universe. With the entire Dragoon army on their tails. She meets friends and enemies. Join Jay on her Adventure through the Universe


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Jay Wright ago
Chapter 2 The Prince and The Pirate ago
Chapter 3 The Salamander Crew ago
Chapter 4 Shopping in Galia ago
Chapter 5 Bounty Hunters ago
Chapter 6 Negotiations ago
Chapter 7 Jase Nirvana ago
Chapter 8 Pyra vs Jay ago
Chapter 9 Leaving Gastark ago
Chapter 10 First Encounter with Space Commandos ago
Chapter 11 What Happen To Crunch ago
Chapter 12 Your Not Strong Enough to Follow Him ago
Chapter 13 Hell on Bestalia ago
Chapter 14 Aki Ryuga ago
Chapter 15 DANM YOU FLASH STEP! ago
Chapter 16 My Dia is Here ago
Chapter Free for All ago
Chapter 18 Wolf Arm Mark 8 ago
Chapter 19 Jay Vs Spada ago
Chapter 20 Don't Talk Bad About My Women ago
Chapter 21 First Night and Nortorious Through Out the Galaxy ago
Chapter 22 Reuniting After 6 Years ago
Chapter 23 Zaza's Memories Part 1 Changing Fate ago
Chapter 24 Zaza's Memories Part 2 Taking Back What is Mine in Five Years ago
Chapter 25 Zaza's Mermories Final Part ago
Chapter 26 The Other Brother ago
Chapter 27 One Surprise After Another ago
Chapter 28 Night of Drinking and Start of The Tounament ago
Chapter 29 Meeting My Sister Boyfriend ago
Chapter 30 Team Pyro Storm vs Team Victoy ago
Chapter 31 Final Four Has been decided ago
Chapter 32 Date ago
Chapter 33 D Serum ago
Chapter 34 Masochist vs Masochist ago
Chapter 35 Kidnapped ago
Chapter 36 Chaos in the City ago
Chapter 37 Houmra Vs Luxus ago
Chapter 38 Space Jujitsu ago
Chapter 39 Call of the Dragon ago
Chapter 40 Rampage and Back to Space ago
Chapter 41 Next Stop Fantasia ago
Chapter 42 Fantasia ago
Chapter 43 Kikio Town and Ties to The Fangolia Family ago
Chapter 44 We Don't Use Magic ago
Chapter 45 Fangolia Family and What the Fuck Did You Do Houmra? ago
Chapter 46 All This over a Drink ago
Chapter 47 Teasing Roka is Fun ago
Chapter 48 Leaving For The Mountains ago
Chapter 49 I am Sorry Roka ago
Chapter 50 No Reason ago
Chapter 51 Salamanders Strike Back ago
Chapter 52 Pay With Your Lives ago
Chapter 53 I Hate Bugs ago
Chapter 54 Roka Fancy Footwork ago
Chapter 55 Pet Get ago
Chapter 56 Mr. and Mrs. Aramatsu ago
Chapter 57 Forgeting Something Important ago
Chapter 58 Following the Clues ago
Chapter 59 What I Miss ago
Chapter 60 Back on Earth ago
Chapter 61 Supernatrual vs Syfy ago
Chapter 62 My Ex ago
Chapter 63 They Blew It Up ago
Chapter 64 Punishment for Cheating ago
Chapter 65 Jay's Eyes ago
Chapter 66 Sisters ago
Chapter 67 Going Back To Eden Orphanage ago
Chapter 68 Eden's Children ago
Chapter 69 Jin and Frankie ago
Chapter 70 How About Them Glasses ago
Chapter 71 Girls Night Out + Houmra ago
Chapter 72 Son of the Mob ago
Chapter 73 Where are the Bodies ago
Chapter 74 Teressa vs Frankie, Jay and Houmra ago
Chapter 75 Kasara Bloodheaven and Jason Moon ago
Chapter 76 Aki's Secret ago
Chapter 77 Dracophoenix, It 's Just Training, and Shiva ago
Chapter 78 Jarrin Meets Jay ago
Chapter 79 Talking about Marrage, and Taken ago
Chapter 80 Lulu and Welcome to Gladtoria ago
Chapter 81 Prison Break ago
Chapter 82 Off to Fenix We Go ago

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Enjoyable but sluggish

I find the story enjoyable. Although it has many, many flaws.

Starting with the story itself. The writher takes a lot of inspiration of One Piece, still waiting for the captain to yell he wants to become the pirate king. Some aspects of the story are what shallow, but I believe this story could be very entertaining if the some other problems are solved.

As for the style it is simplistic nothing wrong with that, keep it that way as another style could easily worsen the story. Yet I do have some complains, the fight scenes for example sometimes look like a tea party where people tell each other their life story. It is a comedy so some elements I get, but come on, nine sentences of speech in a battle. it is overkill (given this was the worst case I could remember). A way to improve this is to make it flashbacks, this way the reader can still learn about their past, but the battles do not feel like some tea party.

Grammar, I honestly do not know where to start. Perhaps by the most common and in my eyes the most stupid mistake grammar mistake:  your instead of you  are or you’re. There are also some conjugation mistakes it is kind off irritating. In some sentences whole words miss. Spelling mistakes are bountiful for example: piolot instead of pilot. Please do your readers a favour and write your story in Word or something with spelling control. Afterwards read your own story before you post it. or get a proof-reader/editor. What the heck I enjoy the story enough, I volunteer.

As for the characters they are fun, the right amount of foolish, except the girls they are all crazy spot on. For a comedy perspective you could really use a strait-man (with a strait-man I mean someone who puts the jokes into perspective. You already started to somewhat do this in your later chapters so keep it up). With this strait man the craziness becomes more fun. (I really hope this made some sense).

Like I said the story is enjoyable but not great. I really hope you can do something with my critic and that the story may only become better and do not dare to stop. Also if you want to take me up on the offer of proof reader sent me a PM.


Fast food novel, more like fanfiction

A sorta enjoyable read, there are just MANY flaws that really drag down the story.

Grammar and writing style are the main problems here, with  the chapters showing that the author has no intent to improve or proofread his writing at all, so basically it is hopeless.

A quick read will show that this novels is like a typical Shonen fanfiction with  space setting and sex added on. Also has a LOT of story elements from popular manga's.


So if you are looking to read for something and do not care about quality at all, this could be a potentional read.


Enjoyable despite its drawbacks

I enjoyed it. There are a few things that are irritating, like how the author chooses to write like it's the script of a play by having the character's name written in front of their dialogue. I have always preferred a more descriptive method to identify character speech.

their are occasionally typos or spelling errors as well, in some cases a word may be consistently misspelled as if the author thinks that is how the word is spelt. On top of that, there can be confusing sentence structure and repeat phrases. Things aren't tragically horrible like some 5th grader with a seizure, but it isn't great either. All around proof reading for the entire story would do wonders on improving this problem.

some other problems is that a few occasions have shown that the author's writing can be a bit clumsy or forced in ways that seem to say that the author is uncomfortable with writing a particular scene. This is most noticible when you get to the first sex scene. Honestly that was the only time I felt it wasn't worth reading. Everything happened so quickly and what should have been a moment of passion and first time experiences instead feels robotic and unrealistic. I think even the author realized how bad the scene was as afterwords, he tends to breeze over the sex scenes from then on, merely saying that things are happening and jumping past the moment.

despite all these problems in the story, it still manages to push all the right buttons for me. I find myself laughing at the rediculous moments and cheering when something epic happens. Even when said epic scene is cheesy as fuck. Joining a pirate crew and having fun throughout the galaxy is a nice change of pace from the usual magical universes I find myself reading through.

If you are looking for a story specifically to experience light hearted story telling then this might catch your interest as well. The bad guys are obviously bad and get what's coming to them, the good guys get into plenty of trouble and come out okay at the end. I don't have to stress out about if my favorite character is gonna die or not, instead I am more worried on whether or not that perverted scumbag is gonna get kicked in the balls or kicked through a wall.


Badly written gender swap

This is a genderswap story, another one that completely ignores the emotional side of things.  It also is a fantasy scifi.  The writing and characters are both fairly shallow.  The sentances and grammar structure are very simplistic.  I would recommend rewriting a lot of the first chapter, and rewriting the rest of the chapters to include both your gender swap confusion and race swap confusion.  A story of this nature deals with some very involved emotional turbulence, and there is none.  Hence the dissapointment.


Why do i enjoy this story?! (srry for bad grammar)

this story when i first saw it's name and discription i thought it wasn't gonna like it. but when i started reading it i found out that this story was actually really fun and binged the story (up until chapter 60 that's the latest at the time i'm writing this). i don't really know what it is about this story that i like so much, but once i started i just couldn't stop reading and now that i'm done i can't help but want more. 

P.S if you were expecting a good or serieus review than i'm sorry to dissapoint you.

P.P.S sorry for the bad grammar and spelling i'm dead tired and bad in english.



review of the preview not the story.

You need to revise the preview. It's kind of hard to tell if Jay is male or female. When you refer to Jay as, "he" "her" "she"