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Warning This fiction contains:
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If given the choice to be able to travel through time upon your death, many people would immediately jump at such an opportunity. However, there is one person, a hero, who detests this power. If only he could die, if only he could end the cycle, if only he could travel back to the time he got his power and never get it in the first place, if only he didn't have things that were worth enduring this torment for. 

If only I wasn't the one chosen to burden such an unfair destiny.

AN: So, this is gonna be my first try using a different writing style. I usually write in the third person (I think?) like with The Lone Wanderer, but I'm gonna try the first person with this one.

Also, this is a teaser chapter and a placeholder. Don't expect regular updates at all since I'm focusing on my current main novel, The Lone Wanderer.

(I do not own the picture in my cover, all credit goes to the original artist.)

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 Like so many stories with a great premise this one is also unfinished.