Clark and company charges towards the pigmen horde. Even if their enemies are mere pigmen, they didn't dare to let their guard down. Unlike normal pigmenthey were clearly stronger with their black armor and weapons. A normal pigmen used pelts and furs as armor with their weapon being a stone tied into a wooden stick but these pigmen clearly used a forged armor and weapons.

The old woman cast a fire spell. The spell was a big ball of fire which fly through the skies like it was launched by a catapult. The pigmen didn't notice the attack on their back and continued to march forward. As the big ball of fire approaches, the pigmen notices it but it's already too late.

As the pigmen tried to dodge, the big ball of fire hits one of them turning him into to ashes in a matter of seconds. The pigmen thought that the attack was already done and they are now safe so they turn their attention to it's caster. Little did they know that the ball of fire continued to turn the hit pigman to ashes as it slowly advances towards the ground. As soon as the ball touches the ground, fire crawls along the ground burning the pigmen nearby while forming a circular shape. It has a diameter of 10 meters and everything inside it turns into ashes.

As the fire burns up, the pigmen who turns around were shocked for a moment but as if they don't fear death, they charges towards the old woman disregarding the fact that every time a pigmen touches the fire, the said pigman would turn into ashes.

"Theybecame the literal meaning of monsters huh.."

Muttered by the old woman who casted the spell. Normally, monster felt fear towards an attack that instantly kills them and tries to flee in different direction yet this horde disregarded it.

"Well there's nothing we can do about it!"

Peet said while shooting his arrows. Living up with his former rank, his arrows hitthe head of the pigmen accurately. Normally, this would claim their lives but the pigmen, even hit arrows burried in their head, continued to march. At closer lookin their wound, a black fire leaks out burning their wound and the arrow at the same time.

Clark and the dwarf brandished their sword and hammer sweeping the incoming wave of pigmen. Dissecting and crushing the said pigmen yet they don't die. The dissected pigman crawls on the ground dragging it's exposed organs with it while the ones hit by the hammer staggeringly stands up and walks forwards struggling.

"There will be no end to this!"

The dwarf shouted as he keeps on swinginghis hammer. Clark agreed but what else can they do? The moment they stop swinging their weapon spell their deaths.

\ \ \

The guild master commanded the nearby magicians and archers to use their arrows and magic against their former comrades. At first they are relucant to do so but the guild master persuaded them that if they didn't attack, they'll die. Driven by that, they unleashes their arrows and magic even while repeatedly asking for forgiveness.

'That accursed monster!!'

The guild master cursed within his mind while casting spell as long as his recently regenerated Mana allows.

Rain of arrows and spell hits the former adventurer yet they continued to march with the pigmen at their back without caring about their footings. Sometimes one of the former adventurer fell down and triesto stand up but it was crushed beneath the foot of the others killing it.

With that, the guild master commanded the archers and magician to aim at the enemies feet trying to trip them. The archer and magician followed him and successfully trips their target.The sound of meat being crushed echoed and the faces of the magicians and archers became pale.

After a little while, some pigmen at the back turns around from the attacks coming at their backs. At that sight, the guild master feels relieved that the ones he sent to deal with the unknown monster came back alive.

Some freshly healed adventurers returned and he commanded them to hastily digholes and trenches. The adventurers without raising a fuss followed him. They are wondering why they are attacking the other adventurers but with one glance towards the attacker's face they understood that those in the frontline aren't humans anymore. As they turned around to get shovels, the guild master stopped them and told them to stand by.

'At this rate, they won't make it in time. Those monsters are already near us. If it's a normal horde then we will surely be able to withstand them but right now, I am not sure if we can. At best, we can stand our ground for about 5 hours which is too short for the reinforcement to come.'

The guild masterpondered while observing the battle in front. They successfully managed to bring their enemies numbers down anddivide them into two yet the ray of surviving seems bleak. At this rate they will be forced to bring the battle inside the village. The thought of the village buildings being engulfed with battle hurts the guild master's heart. It will definitely damage the buildings and houses of the villagers who flee and he wondered how would he took responsibility with it. But he didn't know that the refugees were attacked by bandits and there's no way that they'll be coming back. With that the Pinar Village was already doomed to it's destruction.

\ \ \

"Kaezar, administer this medicine to that guy! Make sure to clean his wounds!"

As the battle for Pinar took place, Fernando and Kaezar with the help of other guild staff and craftsmen are busy healing the injured. After the first clash, many wounded adventurer were delivered to them. Some lost their arms or legs, some have a deep wound on their body which makes you wonder how did they manage to stay alive and lastly some people who's joints bend at impossible angles.

Being picked up from their store to act as medical team, Fernando and Kaezar was so busy. They heal and nursed the wounded while compounding medicine and potions. The ingredients stocked at the guild quickly diminished as Fernando compounded countless medicine as he applied it on the spot.

Then the healthy adventurers went to the front lines once more. Some will come back after a while with wounds and injuries, while some doesn't come back anymore. Kaezar wondered if they are still fighting at the front lines or if they are now dead but she doesn't stopped treating the wounded and injured.

With sweat covering her forehead, she felt a sharp pain to her chest. The pain she was accustomed to and also the reason why she can't work too hard, it was the pain from her sickness.Her mind was telling her to rest but when she looks around, she saw adventurers with their injuries stillunattended, trying to pick up their weapons and drag their body towards the battle. The guild staff thankfully managed to stop them but you can clearly see on their eyes that the front lines are barely hanging on.

There are also some groaning to pain as they wait for someone to heal them while some others who smeared herbs on their wounds and wrapped it with bandages.

With those people around her, how can she afford to rest?

Pushing herself, she ignored the pain and continued to attend the injured.The pain goes stronger and stronger yet she didn't pay attention to it. She knows that she might just fell and die if she continues but she doesn't care. For her, protecting the village where she grew up was much more important than her life.

Her hands continued to work while the pain becomes stronger. Thenumber of peopleentering the guild seeking for treatment reduces as time goes by and after a few hours of treating the injured, no one entered the guild anymore.

Ay first, she thought that the fight was over and they won but due to lack of cheersshe realized she's wrong.

'Could they be defeated by the horde?'

That thought crosses her mind so she shook her head erasing that thought in her head.

'No matter what, I should focus on what I can do.'

She focuses on treating the injured rather than to think what happened. As she's treating a patient, she heard a loud sound of explosion accompanied by shouts and numerous footsteps running around.

The adventurers were forced to use the village as a cover since they were gradually being pushed back by the horde. The former adventurers are already dealt with but the half of the surviving pigmen, the other half went to Clark's group, continued to march forward. With magicians MP and archers arrows nearly gone, they are forced to use the village. The first to retreat were the magicians, they were commanded to rest while waiting for the pigmen to come. They were followed by the archers who were instructed to fetch arrows at the guild while the close combat forces kites the enemies towards the village.

The close combat forces was astonished by the vitality of the pigmen. No matter how much they hit their vitals, they continued to march until draw their last breath.

"This is useless! We can't kill them like this!"

Said by one of the swordsmen. He hits the vitals of his enemies by 10 times yet it's still lively. It makes him want to give up and run away but there are still civilians at his back making it I possible for him to run. Normally, adventurers prioritized their own life before the others but in this village almost all of the adventurers were locals so they know each and everyone here. Just thinking of abandoning them didn't crossed their minds.

"Aim for their legs! Cut their tendons! They won't be able to walk if those were cut!"

Shouted by a thief. He's actually the driver of the jeepney who got caught on the space rift. He arrived 6 years ago and until today, he's trying to find a way back to his home. He actually considered asking help from the royalties and the heroes but he decided against it. He thought that itwould be rude to ask them for help, that's the reason he gave to himself but the reality was he made connections to this world and lately he found out that his interest on going back becomes smaller.

Following his advice, the close combat forces aimed at the pigmen tendons and they successfully neutralized their targets but the pigmen at the back continued to move forward trampling their neutralized kin to their death. This happened for a while until they managed to lure them inside the village where the magicians are waiting. Upon arrival, the close combat forces quickly runs away and the bombardment of magic started.

*Boom!! Bo-Boooom!!!*

Explosion sound envelops the area while some of the building caught on fire.Pigemn fell down one by one but there's 17 of them survived. Those surviving pigmen's body was full of burn marks and at their opened mouth, smoke came out.


The pigmen released a warcry followed by their rampage! They started to swing their weapon indiscriminately disregarding if they are hitting theirfoe or comrade.Loud sound of meat gettingbeaten and slashed echoed accompanied by the roaring sound of fire. At that time, the archer came back and started to shoot their arrows at the pigmen.

Countless arrows rained down on the pigmen and most of them hits, plunging deep on their bodies. For a while, while looking like a porcupine, the pigmen swings wildly until they fell down like a marionette with their threads cut.

"We won!!!"

Said by the theif while raising his daggers to the skies. The guild master wanted to rebuked him and told him to prepare to help Clark's team but he noticed Clark and others, with some injuries here and there, running towards him.

At that time, he felt relieved and somehow feels bad towards the reinforcement coming towards them. If he knew that the unknown monster could be killed with their current power then he shouldn't asked for the reinforcement but what's done is done.

"With this, the defensive war against the monster horde ends with our victory! "

The guild master shouted but when the adventurers were going to shout for joy, they heard a horn getting blown from the forest at the southeast. They run towards it and saw a hundred bandits with some riding horses as if theywere a cavalry.

"You must be kidding right?..."

The guild master mutters as he watched the approaching bandit towards them dyed red with the setting sun.

\ \ \

~Let's turn back the time a little bit.~

\ \ \

I woke up in the middle of the forest. I honestly thought that I once again died but remembering that I, Jasper Perez, fought against the bear and faint afterwards feels relieved that I'm still alive. The sun was still up in the sky and basing on it, I can say thatit's around noon to 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

Looking around, the bone of the bear was stacked with each other and besides them are the pelt and someleaves wrapping something. It maybe the bear's meat.

At my right, maybe 10 meters away, lies Gino on the lap of Jeziel. His shield was broken and he's clearly awake pretending to be asleep. I think he can't get up from Jeziel's lap since Jeziel was also sleeping.

'I don't want to disturb their quality time but we need to go back now or we'll need to walk at the forest at night.'

With that thought, I let out a fake cough but Jeziel seems to be sleeping deeply so I decided to walk near them and shake her. After a few shake, Jeziel's eyes open and like a crab being cooked, her face slowly turns red.

"Uhmm... This isn't what you think! I-it's just that... Uhmmm... Right! It's just that Gino saved my life before so I am just repaying my debt!"

With her hands flaying intensely, she explained to me what she's doing. I honestly don't care about it and I don't feel envious towards Gino but I kick him hard on his side to wake him up.

With an "Ouch!"escaping from his mouth, he sprung up. Jeziel seems to be worried to the place that I kicked and carefully massaging it. There's an urge rising in me wanting to kick Gino again but I lost my timing since he stands up with a red face.

"Is it really necessary for you to kick me?"

Gino said while creasing his side while Jeziel looks at him worriedly.

"Not really. There's just a voice telling me to kick you so I just followed it."

After saying that, I look at my sword. It's almost broken, no it's already broken and I can't use itsince it looks like it will snap if I swing it one more time also my quiver was empty and Ican't see any useable arrow within our surroundings. I guess all of them broke when Jeziel dragged the bear. Looking at her build, it would be physically impossible for her to drag that big bear but I guess since there's the status points in this world, it is possible for her. After all, shehas a warrior job.

"Dang it! My shield was broken! Haa... I guess I'll need to buy a new one at the village... Oh right, Jasper take this."

Gino checked his equipment and throws a sheathed dagger to me. I catched it with my left hand and draws it out.It's blade looks good and the grip was comfortable for me. Checking it with my [Analyze], I got surprised by it's attack power. It's much more stronger than my short sword and bow combined and there's also one gem and card slot to it! And what's more, it was made by this fat guy in front of me!

"Hey Gino! What's with this dagger!?"

I shouted a him while carefully sheathing the dagger. I am afraid to use it since it seems to be so overpowered but I currently don't have a choice right now. Gino just scratched his cheeks and looks to his left while saying " I don't know".

"Hmm? Whatdo you mean? It's just a normal dagger right?"

Jeziel asked while tilting her head. She looks cute and all but that isn't important right now. It's this cheat dagger! It said that it was made from Iron but it's on par with the Fell Iron! I don't know what kind of metal it is but I guess it's much more stronger than normal Iron!

"Well, did I tell you about an unknown skill of mine? It seems to be something related to blacksmithing, or more likely it's blacksmithing skill but with a '+' sign like something you'll see when you play new game plus... And that dagger was made with that skill..."

I don't understand it but I somehow understand it at the same time. His explanation was quite lacking but with him comparing his newly acquired skill to a new game plus character was quite understandable. In short, his blacksmithing reverts to level 1 but it retains it's previous bonuses. But what bugs me now is how the hell did he managed to get that skill. Normally, in new game plus yourskills and levels would reset and also, you'll need to reach the highest level first (or finish the game) beforeyou'll become eligible to access new game plus and it's impossible for him to raise his blacksmithing for a short period of time. Which means, it was a blessing from the so called "God"? I mean in most other world web novels the otherworlders, Dayo, was given at least one OP skill so it might came from that... So does this mean that my two [???] Skills are both OP skills too? Well I think it is and also maybe the thing that happened before, the time when my perspective turns from first person view to third person view, was related to it.

With a little hope and excitementI peeked at my skill list but sadly it's still the same... No wait, my Archery and Sword Mastery levels up and there's also a new skill here called [Dash]. Based on it's description, it allows me to move faster in a single direction. Quite simple skill but it's good when used at combat. The maximum distance I can do is 2 meters and it took 0 MP per use. It might look OP at glance but it consumes my stamina so it's just so so. And also, I forgot about my active skills... Up to this point I haven't used any active skills during combat and I think that using it will only be a burden to my movement. Not that I tried it before but you know, in games and other novels using skills will create an opening and you won't be able to cancel the skill to dodge or party the attack.

Well, I'll just say something a gamer always say, "I'll save it for emergency".

"Uhmm.. guys can youtalk in a way that I can understand?"

I think I heard a feeble voice saying that line but I ignored it and suggested that we should go back. Following my suggestion, Gino picked up the three Batag trunk while Jeziel dragged the meat and I carried the bones. At first, I wanted to burry it but Gino stopped me saying that it can be used as a materials. I don't know if what he is planning to do with the bones but if he's going to create an equipment from it, I'll refuse to use it. If it's the fur then I'll use it but if it's made of bones, who would dare use it? Ah. The adventurers at the village might use it... After all, I saw one wearing a bone armor with the monster or animal skill as his helmet and honestly he looks absolutely barbaric.

As we walk inside the forest, we didn't encounter any monster just like before. Maybe those monsters still thought that the flame bear was still lurking at their territory so they are hiding from it but I think after a few days the monster will come back... Wait... Where the hell would they hide in the first place? We are at the west of the village so to our east is the village. They can't go to the north since it will lead them to the foot of the mountain range, south it would be the highway since they'll be blocked by the river and without any choice, they'll head southeast towards the highway. And being there, they will surely attract the attention of the merchants and their escort which will report it to the guild but we didn't hear anything about it. If they'll head to Northeast then they'll meet some adventurers there. Also, the impression given by the goblins were they are absolutely idiotic so it's doubtful if the thought of crossing the river would enter their minds.

I somehow feels uncomfortable with it but I guess they are just right here and there scattered throughout the forest hiding from that flame bear.

After a few hours of walking, we reached the village but it appears to be abandoned. Not a single person could be seen with signs of the residents trying to leave the village as soon as they can since some doors are left opened without locks and there are also items scattered around. There's also a thick black smoke coming from the east of the village and you can hear the clashing soundof weapons.

"What happened here..?"

I muttered to myself as I stare dumbfounded at the village. The hustle and bustle of the market could not be heard nor the rhythmic sound of the hammer pounding an iron was absent. Jeziel burst into sprint towards her home and Gino followed her after telling me to check on Kaezar and his father. I walk alone at the abandoned villagewhile looking around. There are some cooking equipments, toys, books and other item scattered around as I walk towards Kaezar's house. I would like to check what is happening at the east side but checking Kaezar's welfare takes priority.

Upon arriving, I look around while calling out to Kaezar and Fernando but no one called back to me. I hope that they are safe.

Feeling impatient, I took another quiver at my room. It was made by Gino, the same with the arrows, but they are mostly created from wood..

The bad feeling in my chest grew as I walk towards the source of the sound. After a while, I can finally see the guildand there were wounded people entering to it. Cries of agony could be heard coming inside the guild while the sound of clashing weapons echoed throughout the road. With hurried steps, I went inside the guild. At the first floor, there are adventurers lying down on a blanket covered with bandages. Some of them lost a part of their body while the others aren't moving anymore as if they are dead. Blood soak weapons are layed down near them while they let out a painful groan from their troath.

The urge to puke rises from my stomach but I held it in. Idon't know what is happening butI am sure that it an emergency.

Guild staff comes up and down from the second floor carrying crates and baskets filled with medicines, potions, and bandages. Their faces look haggard and you can clearly see that they haven't able to relax for a long time.

"You there! Don't block the way!"

A voice coming from my back told me. I quickly move aside and let him pass. It's a man supporting someone hit by an arrow on his back. Blood flows down to the ground making a trail to where they come from.

"Jasper! Jasper!"

A female voice calls me from the second floor. Looking towards the source, I saw Kaezar carrying baskets. She looks tired and her breathing was ragged but her eyes shows a strong will to help the others. Knowing her body constitution, I hurriedly run towards her.

'why are you pushing yourself!?'

With that thought in my mind, I run forward. I sometime steps at someone's hand or feet which almost made me fall but I continued to run. Upon reaching Kaezar, I take the basket away from her and assisted her to climb down the stairs.

"What are you doing!? Think about yourself a little!"

Upon hearing what I said, she just smiled wryly and said

"I can't rest while the others fight. I'm still okay so it's fine."

"Fight?... Sure you're okay for now but when you rest later, the fatigue you accumulated will take their toll. Please rest already, I'll help out here. I don't know what would I do if something happened to you."

Kaezar just smiled to what I had said and somehow, her cheeks are tinged with red.

Hmm? Why are you blushing Kaezar?

As that thought cross my mind, I realize I said something outrageous. Then, my two inner self talk to each other.


Me2: well, she's pretty and caring so I guess any man will fall for her but.


Me2: she look like her so who cares? Besides, we aren't even sure if we can go back to our former world.


While my inner-selves are arguing, my face feels hot and I am pretty sure that I am blushing right now. Seriously, why the hell did I say that? Something like 'i don't know what would I do if something happened to you..'it's fucking gay man! I'm sure if Gino was here, he'll copy a meme saying "Ha! Gaaay!"

"Thank you for worrying about me."

Kaezar said while letting out a fullbloom smile. Somehow, I can see flowers blooming around her and a ray of light showering her. I quickly averted my gaze as I know how dangerous it is for me to continue looking at her.

I love Kaezar Padilla!




I chanted my feeling towards Kaezar Padilla as I assist Kaezar. When we reached the first floor, Kaezar walk towards to some of the guild staff busily attending some patients.

"Hi! Here's the replacement of bandages."

As she said that, I put the basket near the guild staff and take the empty basket away from the guild staff's side. After the guild staff said thank you, we went to the second floor again while I assist her.


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