World of Tala



Chapter 7 – Provisional Test


It’s already lunch and apparently Fernando and Kaezar already ate. So as the late comers we silently eat lunch and washed the dishes. It’s kinda feel weird to see a dishwashing liquid in this world with sponge. Did they create these things with the aid of magic? Well, having them here makes it easier though. And also, the bottle used for the dishwashing liquid was made up of wood and you can’t see if how many of them are left.


After washing the dishes, Gino went to the shop while I maintain our weapons and the reason for that action is currently unknown, my body just move on its own but I guess it’s better than idling around here doing nothing. It’s kind of weird since I never maintain any weapon before but my body moves on its own helping me maintain our weapon.


I’ve been postponing it for a while now but having this weird feeling of familiarity to things I never done in my life gives me a reason to view this window now. Although at first, I assumed that I don’t have one but hearing Gino talks about skills my interest about my own skill piqued up.


“Skill window!”




[Slash] Level: 0 MP cost: 5

·         Unleashes a powerful slash towards the enemy

·         Damage: [Physical dmg] + 5

[Analyze] Level: N/A MP cost: 0

·         Give a detailed explanation of the target.


I’m an idiot. Why did I postpone on checking my skills? If only I know that I have this kind of skills then the battle against the bandits might be easier. Next time, I’ll properly check each and everything before assuming that I don’t have it. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Past is past. No matter how many times I regret it, time will not flow back.


This window is divided into to two parts, the active and passive. If it’s a game—Nah, this is a game world so their meaning should be the same. Active skills are skills that you needed to activate before you can use it and Passive skills are the one who’s always active and I have two active skills at the moment. The first one is [Slash] and even without looking at its description you can figure out what kind of skill this is. It’s a physical damaging skill which gives +5 damage to slash attacks. I personally think that this skill isn’t supposed to be an active skill. Shouldn’t it be better for it to become a passive skill if it only gives additional damage to your slash? The next one is [Analyze]. The description said that this skill will give me a detailed explanation of a target. Maybe this is the counter-part of [Appraisal] skill commonly seen on web-novels and the like. It’s good that it doesn’t consume MP when you’re using it. Well, let’s try it.


I look at my sword and said




A new window appeared.


Name: [Short Sword]

Item type: [Equipment]

Equipment type: [One-handed sword]

Gem Slots: N/A

Card Slots: N/A

Accessory Slots: []

Enchantment: []

Attribute: [Physical]

Rarity: [Common]

Physical Damage: 5

Magic Damage: 0

Physical Defense: 0

Magic Defense: 0

Additional Bonus: N/A

Durability: 94/100

Market Price: 50 copper coins

Created by: [Human] Aegor

Materials: Copper Ingot, Wood, Wolf’s leather


It’s really detailed. It even gives the market price and creator of this sword. There’s also this slots that really bothers me. In games you’ll encounter some slotted items which can be upgraded by filling up those slots but this world seems to be obsessed with slots. Normally, there’s only one type of slot per game right? Those who use [Card slots], which was dropped by a monster, or a [Gem slots], which was crafted by other players, but here not only it has both of them it also add another slot which is [Accessory Slots] and I’m not familiar with it. Is it different on the equipment’s window [Accessory]? I don’t know but sadly that’s the only slot available for this sword. Maybe I should ask Gino about this [Accessory Slots].


Enough with the actives skill and let’s go to the passive tab but how do I operate this window? Do I need to touch it like a tablet? Or do I need to voice out a command? Or should I just think about it? Well, let’s try them one by one. First let’s try touching it. I reached out my index finger towards the passive tab but my finger gone through it. So it’s not operated by touch huh. Then let’s try voicing out a command.



How should I do this? Hmmm…


“Skill window passive!”


Nothing happened.


“Active tab change to passive!”


Again nothing happened.




You know, I look like an idiot saying those kinds of command while the window doesn’t even respond to it. Thankfully I’m alone right now. It would be pretty embarrassing when someone is nearby and more than that, I’m thankful that Gino isn’t here or he’ll surely tease me.


There’s only one thing left and that is thinking about it. Well, even if this window doesn’t respond it’s not embarrassing since no one can read my mind. Here it goes!


‘Show me the passive skills’




[Sword Mastery] Level: 1

·         Increases the physical damage of the user while using sword.

·         Increasing the level unlocks active skills and increases the damage bonus.

·         Current bonus: +0 attack damage

·         Current skill unlocked: [Slash]

[Weapon Maintenance] Level: 1

·         Helps the user to maintain their weapon.

·         Having higher level means the faster the process can be done

·         Note: It’s different on [Sharpening] and [Repairing]

[Evasion] Level: 1 [New]

·         Increases the rate of successful evasion of the user.

·         Current bonus: +5

[???] Level: N/A

·         ???

[???] Level: N/A

·         ???

·         ???

·         ???


I, unknowingly, have these kinds of passive skills and most of it is battle oriented and there are also two skills with question mark as its name. I wonder what it is.


Honestly, I don’t know how did I get it but having this kind of passive skills, aren’t I suited for being a swordsman? Well, it’s not bad since swords are romance but I don’t like to see blood up-close. Maybe I should buy a range weapon but buying ammunition for it seems to be expensive and currently, our aim is to become an adventurer. Maybe I should ask Kaezar’s father if he know some work that can give us a decent pay but it will surely take time before we managed to save up 10 silvers and also I don’t know the normal wage here. What if I’ll only earn 1 silver coin a month? It might look too little but basing on the selling price of herbs, which is 2 pieces of herbs for 1 copper coin, I think it’s quite reasonable. 10 months of working will earn me 10 silver coins which will allow will be our fund on becoming an adventurer but 10 months is too long. I can’t waste my time at that.


If my aim is only to survive in this world then I think having a permanent job is safer than being an adventurer but the question is do I want to stay in this world? Certainly this kind of world is something every gamer would love but I have some things I need to do back in Earth so I need to go back. The thing I need to do is something important for me but I don’t know for others and that is to give my mother, who raised and supported me even though she’s a single parent, a comfortable life. I don’t want to leave Earth before I know that my mother can live comfortably without me by her side. Seeing her doing her best to support me while disregarding her own self breaks my heart, at least before I leave I want her to do something that she likes without worrying about me. I just want to repay all the kindness she did to me.


Hmm? Somehow another passive skill appeared.


[Calculation] Level: 1 [New]

·         Allows the user to calculate numbers faster.

·         Current Limit: 1 digit(s)


What’s this? Do I now have a built-in calculator inside my head? But the current limit is 1 digit, quite useless. Maybe if I raise this it will allow me calculate in more digits? Well, there’s no harm at trying but how do I increase its level? Do I need to perform mental calculation in one digit? For example 1+1 = 2, I look at the [Calculation Skill] but as expected its level did not rise. I repeated doing a one digit calculation on my mind for about 10 times but the skill level did not change at all. Maybe there’s something I need to do for it to goes up?




I put my left hand on my chin and think. I don’t really need to increase this skill right now so maybe I should just leave it for now. Upon deciding that, I resumed maintaining our gears.


\ \ \


After an hour or so, I finished maintaining our gears and their durability went up by one. Maybe if I want it to be 100% again I need to bring it to blacksmith. Now that I don’t have anything to do, let’s find Gino and ask about skills and the accessory slots.


Currently, I’m still at the dining room when Gino entered. He seems to be slightly exhausted and drink a glass of water.


“Hey Gino, can I ask you something?”


“Yeah, oh right. I finished making the accessory. Here.”


Gino handed me the rabbit’s foot but it’s clearly different from before. It has blood on it before but now there’s not a drop of blood could be seen. There’s also a string attached to it and a wooden hook at the end. It looks like a key chain for me. Well, let’s try using [Analyze] to it.


Name: [Rabbit’s Foot]

Item type: [Equipment]

Equipment type: [Accessory]

Gem Slots: N/A

Card Slots: N/A

Accessory Slots: N/A

Enchantment: N/A

Attribute: N/A

Rarity: [Uncommon]

Physical Damage: N/A

Magic Damage: N/A

Physical Defense: N/A

Magic Defense: N/A

Additional Bonus: +5 Luck

Durability: 100/100

Market Price: 1 silver coin

Created by: [Human] Gino Cruz

Materials: Rabbit’s foot, String, Wooden hook


It gives +5 luck huh. Not bad equipment for a low level like us and it can be sold for 1 silver coin which is somewhat expensive and it’s also [Uncommon] type of equipment. I wonder how this rarity is judged.


“It’s not bad huh… It raises 5 points of luck and can be sold for 1 silver coin if we decided to change it. It’s just a shame that we can’t enchant it and it doesn’t have any slots even though there are three types of them.”


I remember the rabbits I killed before. If I cut its foot and bring it back here then we can easily have 10 silver coins. But there’s nothing I can do about it since I don’t know that it’s a raw material for creating this kind of equipment.


“How did you know about it with just a glance?”


“Hmmm? I used my skill [Analyze] to see it’s window”


“[Analyze]? Is it different from [Appraisal]?”


Oh there’s the [Appraisal] which is most common to web-novels and apparently, it’s a different skill than my [Analyze]. I wonder what’s the difference between the two.


“I don’t know this [Appraisal] since I don’t have it but [Analyze] skill gives a detailed explanation about its target.”


“What do you mean “detailed explanation”?”


“It gives the detailed explanation of the target from name, slots, enchantment, creator, and such.”


“Heee… It’s like that huh… How did you get it? I only have [Appraisal] and it’s still low level so I can only see its name and its MP consumption is the worst, casting it to know the name of an item for 10 MP. I want something like that too, giving a detailed explanation even though its low level.”


So that’s the effect of [Appraisal]. It consumes MP and gives only the name of the item if it’s still low level. Kind of inefficient but maybe raising it reduces the MP and gives more information about the item.


“[Analyze] doesn’t consume MP and doesn’t have a level though”


I’m quite lucky to have this skill but I don’t know the acquisition requirement for it nor when did I acquire it.


“Doesn’t have MP cost and level? Isn’t that a bit of cheat?”


“Now that you mention it, it does feel like a cheat skill.”


Maybe it was given by God, a unique skill of some sort? I wonder if I abuse it I’ll turn into a demon lord?


“So how did you get it?”


“I don’t know, it’s just that when I check for my skill it’s there.”


I would love to say that it was a gift of God to me but he might really believe it. He’s that type of guy after all. He easily believes the things said by his friends so it’s easy to fool him.


“You really are lucky huh…”


Gino look at my enviously.


Well, I understand him though. I’ll likely to be envious of him if he has this skill than me I mean, having information about your target will surely be beneficial. It also doesn’t have a level so you don’t need to grind it and it also doesn’t cost MP when you use it so you can just spam it.


“Oh right right. I want to ask you about [Accessory Slot].”


“[Accessory slot]? First time I heard it and you also said about three types of slots? What are they?”


It seems that Gino has no idea about it too. I wonder what this is, maybe something like a phone strap or the likes but if that’s the case, where should I attach it? At the hilt guard maybe? And I wonder what kind of item it is. Well, maybe I’ll encounter one of these later so let’s leave it be.


Upon deciding on leaving the accessory matter for later we decided to venture at the forest again. At the forest we gathered herbs at the same point again and it makes me wonder why it feels like the herbs in that spot don’t decrease. If this were a game then the system will replenish it at fix interval but even though this world resembles games too much it won’t have the same system as the games in Earth.


Recently, I always wonder how this world works and the questions are piling up without decreasing at all. I hope that sooner or later those questions will be answered though. It’s hard to move in a place where you don’t know the rules after all.


\ \ \


We came back after harvesting another 100 herbs and take note, it’s on the same spot. I asked Gino about the abnormal growth rate of the herbs at that spot and apparently the [Dragon’s Vein], a flow of mana underground, is thick at that part making the plants there to have an abnormal growth rate. In web-novels a [Dragon’s Vein] can be the cause of spawning high level monsters, abnormal growth rate of plants, and rare ores can be found here and there and apparently it’s the same in this world it’s just that the [Dragon’s Vein] at that spot just help the growth rate of plants only which is quite rare since most of the time all the three effect will be present. It’s quite fortunate since if the [Dragon’s Vein] here has the same effect as others then this village will surely cease to exist since the spot isn’t that far from the village. Imagine a village being attacked by high level mobs at fix interval isn’t funny and whoever live in that kind of environment can be called a monster.


Thanks to it we have an infinite supply of herbs to harvest. I wonder if other adventurers know this spot. I asked Gino and he said that they didn’t, if they knew about this spot then they will surely exploit, the same as we are doing right now, this place since it would mean that this will be a place where they can have a stable job, though it’s just herb gathering.


\ \ \


After a week of gathering herbs and Gino sacrificing learning his crafting skills, we managed to gather 15 silver coins. The registration fee would be 5 silver coins each and the 5 silver coins surplus would be used to gear up ourselves. Currently, we are inside the adventurer’s guild. There are too many people inside but it doesn’t feel cramped just like before, this building is really big.


“So, where should we go?”


I asked Gino since I don’t know where we should go or what are we supposed to do. At first, I thought that we should go to the receptionist but seeing the long line in each and every one of them. I don’t know if we should line up with those adventurers or not.


“Hmmm…. Jeziel told me that there should be a receptionist who accepts request or registration for new adventurer but I don’t know where to find it.”


This is quite troubling. I didn’t expect that we will encounter a problem here since I thought that the only problem we have is about money but it seems that I was wrong. We need to find this receptionist who processes the registration without knowing his/her appearance or his/her desk.


“Wait here.”


Gino said and he walks away from me.  He walks near the wall while looking around looking for the desk. After a while, he comes back and said:


“I found it. Follow me”


Without waiting for a reply, he started to go to the receptionist he found.


As we are approaching the receptionist who looks like she’s bored to the bones, I noticed that there are some adventurers looking at us. They are some who placing bet on what we are going to do here, some betted that we are going to register ourselves but most of them betted that we are going to post a request. Honestly, if they have time to mind our business then they should pick some job at the board and complete it. That way they won’t lose any money.


“Welcome~ How may I help you?”


The cheerful voice coming in front cut my monologue. There’s a woman standing at the other side of the desk smiling towards us. Her height seems to 5 feet, her blond hair tied in a bun, combined with her blue eyes which look at us with gentle feeling she emits an atmosphere similar to a friendly older sister at the neighborhood. There are no visible pores in her face and with her fair skin that looks like it is not accustomed to the sun, her big breast which I can only see at animes or mangas, most of the men would surely fall for her charm. Actually, I got charmed a little bit but having a special someone, though I think it is one sided, help me come back to myself. I peek at Gino and he look at her normally like he didn’t got charmed by her face or boobs. Right now, I don’t know if he’s really a man or just someone pretending to be a man. I mean, most of the guys who would see her would react in some sort of way, it may be checking her big boobs, or revealing a small smile on his face but my friend just look straight to her eyes without even checking her breast or smiling a little.


“We are here to register ourselves as adventurers.”


His voice is also normal. Did I just discover the secret gender of my friend? Is he really a she? Well, no matter what I’ll accept him as a person since he’s my friend but please don’t add me to your target.


“That would cost 5 silver coins each for processing the guild card.”




I put the pouch that contains 10 silver coins at the desk and she proceeded to check if it has the correct amount. Ahh… Her hand looks so soft.


“I confirmed the payment. Would you like me to explain the guild?”


At her question, both of us nodded.


\ \ \


Jeziel explanation almost the same as her explanation it’s just that, there are things that Jeziel forgot to mention and that is, the guild isn’t an independent organization. It is a part of this kingdom government and this is the only kingdom that has it. The guild was formed due to the threat of monsters against the civilian and also to give some civilians work. Back then, the monsters were regularly hunted by the knights, and same with dungeons, the knights dived and clear them but as they conduct this activity, the knights suffered losses which lead to the weakening of the kingdom’s strength and the appearance of bandits. As the current king sat on the throne, he created the guild. This guild will solve the problem of monsters and lessen the chance of civilian turning into a bandit due to poverty. The guild is running for 10 years now and it shows it’s effect. The knights didn’t move out to hunt monster which means that the kingdom’s strength will go up while civilian turning into a bandit decreases. So if that is the case, then why did they have a ranking system? It is to cope up for the monsters strength. There are strong monsters out there and they divide it by rank similar to the rank of the members. Because of that, the members of the guild, or so called adventurers, aren’t obligated to participate on wars, instead they should ensure that they will hunt down the monsters to prevent them attack the towns and villages.


Well, that’s it. After explaining for a while, she escorted us to the second floor, by the way her ass is great too. She said that we need to take the “Provisional test” also known as “Placement test” where we would get rated on what rank we should start. It is a test where you’ll need to fight one of the employees of the guild. They are former adventurers who choose to work inside the guild instead of the field. We don’t have our weapons right now but even if we have it the guild will provide training gears. We went upstairs and entered a certain room there. Apparently, the second floor was the administration floor. In this floor, you will find the administrator’s office, the budget office, test room and conference rooms. As we are entering the room, the receptionist whispered to me, “Please don’t be too obvious at checking my body. Copy what your did, I can feel his gaze on my breast even though he’s looking straight to my eyes” and smiled. Apparently, I got caught but knowing that Gino was also checking her back then made me feel relieved. At least I know that he’s straight.


When we entered the room, what we saw a ring in the middle of it, it looks like the octagon without its fences. At its side, there are wooden swords, wooden shield, wooden spears, bows and arrows with blunt head. There are also some scarecrow being hit by some people which appeared to be a trainee and being observe by their instructors, sometimes I’ll hear shouts like “It’s not like that! Like this!”, “Aren’t you doing it for a month now?! Why can’t I see an improvement in your moves!” and the likes.


The receptionist girl introduced us to a muscled man covered in scars. He looks intimidating and with his coarse voice, he’s became more intimidating. His name is Clark, a former A-ranked adventurer and he will be the one who will conduct our test.


“Pick your weapon and get on the stage. I’ll test you one by one, the first one to step will be going first.”


Upon his command, we pick our weapon. Gino picked a sword, shield, and spear while I pick the bow and quiver and a short sword. The reason why I pick the bow is that I can hit this intimidating guy from afar. I don’t want to go near him since I think I won’t be able to withstand his strength.


The first one to enter the stage is Gino. With his left hand holding the shield while his other hand holds the spear, the sword was strapped on his waist and he lowers his waist preparing to receive an attack from Clark. Upon seeing his stance, Clark smiled and rushed forward. His speed surprises me since his speed isn’t something that you’ll expect to someone who has a big body. Gino also got surprised but he didn’t let it hinder him. When Clark entered the range of his spear, Gino thrust it aiming at the chest of Clark but he just smiled as if he’s expecting it and side stepped dodging Gino’s spear but apparently, it’s a feint. Gino sweep his spear to the direction of Clark but it seems that Clark also knows it, he parried Gino’s spear using his wooden sword and flick it above. Gino let go of the spear and rushed towards Clark with his shield in front, intending to bash it to Clark. Clark didn’t care about what Gino did and continued to charge at Gino, he put his sword to his side intending to slash Gino vertically. Gino draws his sword while Clark executed his attack, Gino pushed his shield towards Clark’s sword but the trajectory of the sword suddenly shifted, it went over the shield and slashes at the opposite side! Upon seeing it, Gino suddenly raised his sword intending to block the attack but Clark draws back his sword and now he’s going to stab it at Gino’s chest. Gino stepped back and slash down his raised sword successfully parrying Clark’s sword.


“Hooh? You move well despite being fat”


“Of course I can move well, if I can’t I won’t be here taking this test”


Clark seems to be impressed by Gino. Gino’s movement isn’t something that he can do back on Earth. Maybe thanks to the body strengthening we received upon arriving at this world, he can now move more freely.


Gino created a distance again moving towards his spear. I thought that the spear got blown away the stage but it’s still there. Upon reaching where the spear is, Gino fixes his stance again. It’s the same stance he did at the beginning. Clark once more charged towards Gino. Gino patiently waited and when Clark almost got his on his range, Gino stepped at the blunt end of the spear causing it the stand up, above it is Clark’s groin but Clark managed to stop it before it even stand higher by stepping on it. This time they are within each other’s range and just like before Clark is first one to attack. Gino did the same action as he did before but instead of going past over the shield, the sword went under aiming at Gino’s legs. Gino didn’t manage to dodge it and got hit. Gino tried to counter attack using his sword but Clark grasped Gino’s wrist and brings the edge of his wooden sword near to the throat of Gino. Gino closes his eyes as he accepts his defeat.


“I lost”


“That’s given.”


Clark withdraws his sword and let go of Gino’s wrist.


“Congratulations, you are now a D-rank adventurer.”


Gino went down the ring. He appears to be alright despite receiving an attack on his legs but I’m not sure about it since he might be just putting up with the pain.


“It’s your turn now. Avenge me Jasper-senpai!”


Yup he’s alright. He has the energy to joke around.


“Watch me kouhai”


I step inside the ring. As always Clark is smiling confident on his skills. Yes he’s strong and I’ll admit it. Right now I won’t be able to win against him but I am not planning to lose without landing a hit at his intimidating body.




I relaxed myself by breathing out and focus myself on him. This is something I do before I fight, both in game and real life, back on Earth. This way it will let me concentrate on a fight.


“You ready?”


Clark asked while he prepares his stance. Truth be told, I don’t know how to use a bow and even though there’s an archery team at our university, I never have the experience on handling a bow nor watching their practice but looking at the movements of Gino from before, he didn’t know how to use a weapon but still managed to put up a fight against Clark, maybe I’ll manage somehow.


I pull out an arrow from the quiver, load it to the bow and pull it back. Strangely, it feels that I’m doing this kind of thing for a long time and it feels too natural. A crosshair appeared on my vision the same with the crosshair of the archer of Rakion. The distance between us is just 8~10 meters and basing on Clark’s speed he can quickly close this gap in a second or two.


Upon seeing me drawing my bow, Clark smirked overconfident as fuck that’s pissing me off! I let go of the string and the arrow flew straight to Clark, as if the arrow is the signal, Clark charges at me while deflecting the arrow. Well, I expected that so I quickly run side-wards intending to create distance between us, I shot another arrow and he still deflects it.


Tsk. He’s really skilled. I intended to nock another arrow but the Clark already closed the distance so I hurriedly pulled out my wooden sword while letting go of my bow. I see Clark’s sword aiming to my flank but instead of blocking it I duck intending to dodge it, I am expecting him to change the trajectory of his sword again but that didn’t happened. It seems that he’s surprised by my action and he forgot to change its direction.


‘That’s why you have that too many scars on your body! You’re easy to get distracted!’


I thrust my sword towards his unguarded stomach but as expected of a former adventurer, he quickly move to dodge my thrust and at the same time let out a counter attack this time I’ll block it while watching if his sword will change its aim and just like what I expected, he really changes its direction. The sword which is aiming for my head suddenly changes its target to my side but I quickly pulled back my sword to guard my sides. Actually, it’s pretty hard to do this and my stance almost got broken but I still managed to block it.


He pulled back his sword and started to shower me with flurry of slashes forcing me to defend against it. I block his attacks and sometimes dodge it without taking a step backward. Sometimes his sword would graze me but it’s not a significant damage so the fight continued.


As time pass, I got used to his speed and now it’s time to counter attack.

\ \ \


What’s this! What’s this! This is crazy! This guy is keeping up with me, a former rank-A adventurer! I fought though monsters and bandits before but he’s keeping up with me! This isn’t the first time I experienced testing someone who can keep up with me but that boy is an exception, he’s the son of the dragon slayer so it’s expected for him to be that good but this guy, he keeps on improving while we’re exchanging blows! This is fucking crazy! It’s such a shame that the guild only allowed up to D-rank in this provisional test but personally, I wanted to give him B-rank since he can keep up with me, Clark the Flowing sword!


\ \ \


As Clark continued to attack, I keep on blocking and dodging his attacks waiting for the right moment to perform a counter attack. Honestly, I am quite surprised by myself since I can move like this and I’m thankful for it. Also the feeling of familiarity between bow and sword is different, at bow it feels like I know how to use it and been using it for a month or so but in terms for sword, it feels like I am using it again after not using it for years. It feels like my body slowly remembers how to properly use a sword. Kind of weird but I’m thankful for it. Maybe this is something to do with body strengthening we experienced when we got here but whatever the reason is, I’m thankful for it.


‘Now it’s time to erase that smirk on your face!’


I tried counter attacking after blocking a blow aiming at my head and Clark successfully blocks it. As time goes by, I can feel that I can win this as long as I pressure him so I continued to counter attack when suddenly I feel the weight on my hand changes. The blade fucking snap from the handle! There’s a sword coming towards my flank and even if I try to dodge it, I won’t make it in time! If I step back, my stomach will got hit and if I tried to duck then it will hit my head! I’ll lose huh…


I closed my eyes and braced myself to pain that’s going to come.


“Congratulations! You’re now a D-rank adventurer”


I hear Clark’s voice so I slowly opened my eyes. Clark still has smirk in his face while he look at me. His eyes have a strange light as if he found a new prey I hope that he’s not like a certain anime character where he’ll let his prey become stronger before killing them…


I walk down the ring and put back the weapons I borrowed thankfully they will not charge the broken sword to me.


*clap clap*


Gino claps as I go near him.


“As expected of Senpai!”


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