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I woke up facing an unfamiliar ceiling made up of wood. I, Jasper Perez, seem to pass out after the battle with the bandits. Seriously, I thought I’m gonna die there but thankfully someone saved me. I recall the last girl I saw before I passed out and she really looks like Kaezar. Maybe I just mistaken someone as Kaezar since I experienced a near death situation there or rather, I was sure I will be killed there, and my mind isn’t functioning that well. I shrugged my shoulder but I feel intense pain from my right shoulder. Looking at it, it has a bandage wrap around it and there’s a blood stain on it and it seems that my shirt and armor were taken off. Feeling pain once more, the fact that this isn’t a dream becomes more solid at my mind. If so, where am I? This isn’t Earth since there are these status windows which can only be found in games and there’s also that bipedal boxer rabbit I encounter. Also this world resembles a game too much which will make you doubt that this is reality. Have I transported to another world like the web novels I read? Well, there’s no denying it right now. I somehow ended up here while riding a jeepne—wait… before I came here, I saw something weird back at Earth. A man, or should I say a monster was following the jeepney I am riding then after that man vanished, a giant worm appeared and swallowed the jeepney whole… So does that mean that I and other people inside the jeepney, died at that time? Isn’t it a setting for this kind of occurrence that I will meet a god and will be given a cheat abilities then I’ll become OP? Why that didn’t happen to me? I want cheat ability too! And also, that god should explain the rules and—at that time, I remembered the tutorial pace I passed after the first time I opened my eyes here.


“Seriously, the god here likes to cut corners… Is it really that bothersome to meet us?”


I muttered jokingly as I scratch my head with my left hand, actually I tried to use my right hand due to my habits but when I tried to raise it, the pain on my shoulder returns.


“The problem now is how I will get back to Earth…”


I muttered again as I look around the room. The room and its furniture are all made up of wood. There’s a wooden cabinet on my left while the window and the desk are at my right. At the desk, my glasses are there so I take it and wore it. My eyesight isn’t that bad but it’s a little blurry so I wear glasses so that I can look at the scenery at high definition but that’s not the only reason I bought glasses, I can’t read the notes written by my professor at the board if I don’t have my glasses. The topic seems to go astray so I’ll continue to describe the room.


Besides where my glasses are, there’s my shirt properly folded. I grab it and wear it since I feel a little cold wearing nothing at my top. I look outside the window, since the room I currently staying didn’t have that much furniture, and see some people passing by. They all wear a villager’s clothes usually seen in games. Some of them are carrying a woven baskets, some of them contains different goods while the others are empty. I can also see some armed people that look like cosplayers maybe they’re adventurers or something similar since it is the standard for different world story, for now let’s call them adventurers(temp), and there’s also some people who seems to be guards wearing uniformed armor patrolling around the area. I can also see some peddlers from afar dealing with their own respective costumers.


The outside seems to be peaceful but at the same time scary. Scary since in this world where monsters exist, you wouldn’t know when will they raid this village. If I remember it right, this village is surrounded by a forest and there’s a mountain range nearby which can be a den of monsters waiting for a chance to attack this village. The time I acknowledge that this isn’t a dream, those thought came crashing at me. Even if there are people who armed themselves with weapons, even if there’s guard patrolling at the village, I can’t feel safe within this village especially since this village don’t have a wall that can intercept the monster if they invade. Of course there those guards and adventurers(temp) that can protect non-combatant people but who know what are they going to do in time of crisis. They might just save themselves and flee while the monsters attack other person. It’s not that I don’t trust others but it’s just that I am aware of the fact that there’s a possibility that they, combat capable people, can abandon us, non-combat capable people, in case of emergency. I don’t leave my back to someone whom I don’t trust. After all, who knows when they will stab or abandon you?


The door creaks open and I turn my attention to it. The one who entered is the Kaezar look alike. They exactly look each other alike that you will think that they are twins, except that the Kaezar I know is on the Earth and her hair isn’t that long. They both wear glasses and gives a strict person aura but this Kaezar here looks a little bit sickly than the Kaezar there.


She’s holding a tray with wooden cup and spoon. There’s a steam rising from the cup that indicates that it’s freshly cook.


“You’re already awake? I brought food, would like some?”


Even her voice is the same with her. If I still believe that this is a dream then I will surely embarrass myself. You know when you’re aware that you are dreaming and the girl you love suddenly appeared in front of you, you’d surely try saying some cheesy lines or two since you know that it will be over after you’ve wakes up. I’m really glad that I realized that this isn’t a dream earlier, if not… Jasper will embarrass himself!


“Ah yes. Thank you…”


Still, I don’t know her name. Should I ask? I guess I should ask but asking about her name suddenly might look like I’m picking her up so I should ask it naturally if the opportunity shows itself. For the time being, let’s call here Kaezar(temp).


Kaezar(temp) places the food at the desk and pulls a chair underneath it.


“Can you eat by yourself? Would you like me to help you?”


If it won’t bother you then yes… Is what I wanted to say but I hold back. Naturally, if a beautiful girl asks if she can feed you then you’ll say yes if you are a man. What? What about being wary to strangers that I talk about before? Let me say this clearly, every rule has an exemption and this one is counted as such but sadly I can’t say yes in this situation. I wanted to say yes, I really do but given that I need to learn things about this world, I can’t act selfishly. After all, what if I did something that contradicts they’re common sense then I would look strange to them and besides, it’s not my role to break common sense-chan of this world. Leave it to the reincarnated/transported person with cheat like abilities! I may count as a reincarnated/transported person but sadly, I don’t have a cheat like abilities. So common sense-chan! Do your best to avoid those kinds of persons! You’re relative in some novels are already broken, especially from a certain God of Loli who broke your relative for consecutive 15 volumes and still counting!


“No, I can eat by myself”


Regrettably, that is my answer to her wonderful proposal. If I only have cheat like abilities then I would not care about broking the common sense-chan of this world. Tsk.


“I see. Well then, I have a few questions for you so I hope you will answer me honestly.”


I nodded at her since this will be a chance to learn a little about common sense-chan of this world and also I can ask her some question while I give my reply to her.


“Then first, who are you?”


“I am Jasper Perez, a man with a [Villager] job.”


“A noble?”


“Ah no, I’m just a commoner.”


It seems that only nobles has last name in this world. Kaezar(temp) narrowed her eyes for a second but proceeded to question me.


I hope my answer isn’t that strange…. Wait… If you found someone with a [Villager] job wearing armor and at the same time wielding a sword fighting a bandit, it’s strange by itself already…


“Okay, then what are you doing in the forest?”


“That… I don’t know. After I wake up this morning? I found myself in the middle of it and walk randomly hoping to encounter human being.”

The reason why there’s a question mark above ‘waking up this morning’ is because I don’t know for how many hours I slept before waking up now.


“Don’t worry you’re just asleep for about an hour.”


Maybe I’m showing it at my face since she reassures me.


“Then how did you ended up meeting those bandits?”


She’s asking me those questions before with calm tone and clear eyes but when she asked this question the tone is the same but her eyes… It seems that she’s suspecting me. Maybe she thinks that I am one of those bandits and we somehow ended up fighting with each other. Well, it seems plausible so her worries are understandable.


“After walking for hours, I found the highway and walk forward following it. After walking for a while, I can already see this village from afar but sadly the bandit came out before I managed to enter this village and I fought with my all until you saved me. By the way thank you err—?”


“It’s Kaezar.”


Now I don’t know how I should react on this. Should I be glad since I guessed her name correctly? Or should I found it strange that she has the same name as someone I know. In fact, they have the same voice, the same face, the same height and body tone, and now they have the same name? The only difference between them is that this Kaezar here has a longer hair than the Kaezar there.


“Thank you Kaezar.”


“You’re welcome. But still, encountering a bandit after finally getting out of the forest, what a bad luck you have there. Anyways, where do you live?”


At her question, I found myself lost for words. Where do I live? I honestly don’t know about the geography of this world or the names of villages of this kingdom. Should I just say some random village names? Or should I say that I came from another world? Well, who will believe me when I said the latter.


“That… I don’t know….”


“I see…”


Kaezar said while her face looks worried. Maybe she thinks that I suffer from amnesia. That’s not a bad setting. If I suffer from amnesia then I’ll have a reason to ask her many strange questions but I already give her my name! I should have just said something like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t remember’!




For a while now, Kaezar opens her mouth and closes it again hesitating to ask something to me. I wonder what it is. I am quite curious about what she’s going to ask but seeing her being hesitant about it I don’t want to know what it is. It might be something serious or something that will clearly be hard to answer. Let’s just hope that she concluded that I am an amnesia patient.


Her hesitation lasted for about a minute (not sure about it, it might be quicker than a minute but that’s how I feel) when the door opens once again. The one who entered the room is a man wearing a brown shirt with a leather apron that has fresh stains of green colored liquid, carrying a test tube made of clay. His black hair is cut short making him look professional. He also has a well-kept beard compared to the other person outside.


“Oh you’re awake. Then drink this.”


He gives me the test tube telling me to drink it. I wonder what the content of this test tube is.


“Don’t worry it’s just a normal medicine. It will only help you recover faster so there’s no need to be on guard.”


Does it really show at my face? I’m pretty confident at faking my emotions on the surface and most of the people I know can’t really tell if I’m faking it or not, except to some people who are close to me they can easily figure out if I’m pretending or not.


“Thank you.”


I timidly reach out my hand to the medicine. I pull out its cork and sniff it. The strong smell of herbs invaded my nose and basing on the smell alone, I can tell that this medicine is bitter. I slowly lift it to my mouth but I hesitate before drinking it. I look at Kaezar and the man and they’re just looking at me as if they’re asking why do I hesitate to drink the medicine?


I slowly drink the content and the bitterness spreads on my mouth. I want to put it down already but they say that this is a medicine so I better drink it all. I just hope that it really is a medicine. I guess I can doubt if this medicine is legit right? I mean I grow up in a place where the medicines have labels with their generic name printed on it so this is the first time I am drinking an unknown medicine.


After drinking the medicine, my right shoulder feels hot and somehow it feels like something is gushing out from it. That something is somehow connected to me and I can clearly feel it moving closer to each other. After a while, that feeling is gone and somehow the hot feeling in my right shoulder faded away. I’m glad that’s it really is a medicin—Huh? Suddenly my head feels light and sight looks like its rotating. I tried to rub my eye but my hand refuses to move. I even tried to speak and shout but my mouth refuses to open and my voice refuses to come out. Cold sweat started to form at my forehead as I helplessly watch the whole world spin in front of me. I-is this a side effect of the medicine? If I only know that ‘that’ has this kind of side effect that I shouldn’t drunk it! Shit! It’s really correct to doubt every stranger I met!


“It seems that the medicine is taking effect.”


“Yes, it sure does.”


“Okay let’s try it. [Raise your right hand]”


My right hand slowly raised itself without my intervention. I want to put it down but my body refuses to follow my command. Congratulations Jasper! You just got drugged! Fuck me right?!


“[Answer me honestly], who are you?”


The man asks while creasing his beard. F*CK YOU!!! I know that finding someone fighting a bandit, moreover, alone and armed you’ll get suspicious but isn’t drugging the person just to get an answer is wrong in different ways!! I have my human rights so you can’t do this to me!


“Jasper Perez.”


Tsk... They have a complete control at me.


“Why have you fought those bandits?”


“They tried to rob me but I resisted leading to the battle before.”


“You’re not one of them?”


The man narrows his eyes while looking at me curiously. It feels like he’s not looking at a human but an animal. Yup, for him I look like an animal which mean that I don’t have human rights. Is this the reality of those fantasy novels? The one who was summoned/transported into another world was stripped off of their human rights? Hahahaha! Don’t joke with me! Please bring me back to my old world God!


“I’m not”


I think my voice become indifferent as time passed by. It’s still my voice but there’s no emotion on it.


“Where did you come from?”


“From the Republic of the Philippines”


I hate that drug. It let you speak something that you wanted to hide. I don’t want them to know about where I came from since it will surely be weird for them that I am not from the same world as them.


“Republic of the Philippines? Where is that?”


“It’s on the south east of the continent of Asia”


Kaezar asked but I think it’s not a question directed to me since she lowers her head pondering about it. Damn it! So you’re telling me that as long as I hear a question I’ll answer that honestly? F*ck!


Kaezar look at me with her eyes full of doubt. She might be thinking that I am lying but I’m not. It’s just that I am an other-worlder so you won’t know about it since that country is on another world.


“Philippines you say… Continent of Asia… Are you perchance, someone who came from another world?”


The man asks the question that I don’t want to hear. Ahhh.. It’s done..




You know f*ck you for using that kind of drug.


His eyes opened wide and stares at me curiously. It seems that he really is interested to other-worlders like me. Well, of course he will be interested at me after all, I have this kind of other-worldly knowledge about different stuffs. Even if I don’t know how to make something, just that knowledge alone can help you create something akin to those.


The man opens his mouth and I braced myself to be ask about some random things about my previous world. 


“Did you know who Percival… Uh.. what’s his last name again at that world….. Pendragon? No.. That’s his last name right now… It starts with Pe… Hmmmm… Peras?”


“It’s Perez, same as this one dad.”


Oh. The man who f*cking drugged me is the father of Kaezar. But Percival Perez? That name is something I’m familiar with. After all, it’s the name of my father who died when I was a kid.


“Yes right. Perez… Do you know who Percival Perez is?”




But then again, it might be someone I know I should have not said that. Instead I should have said that ‘I might know him’ but then again, I don’t have any control on my body and speech right now. Seriously, f*ck that drug! I hope that the one who invented it die in a miserable way.


“No… He said that he’s not the only one with that name… Okay next question, do you know Percival Perez of Libmanan, Camarines Sur?”


“Yes, he’s my father.”



“Father you say? So he’s telling the truth about being reincarnated… That battle junkie…”


Reincarnated? My father? Right now… I don’t know what the f*ck is happening. I am aware that this world is like a fantasy but having a transported people along with reincarnated one, how many settings did this world have? If this world also has a method to summon a [Hero] I won’t be surprised anymore.




Kaezar’s father cast something on my and I am covered with green light. As the green light dimly covered my whole body, my sight straightens and I can finally move.


I quickly put my hand in front of me like a boxer getting ready to fight. I really can’t let my guard down towards these people! Even though one of them looks the same, has the same voice, and has the same appearance of someone I trust, it ended up that I can’t trust her. Well, I should have done that in the beginning! Just because she looks the same as her it means that I can trust her! I’m such an idiot.


“Relax. We aren’t that bad.”


“Yeah sure! Someone who drugged someone isn’t bad!”


“In the first place, I only drugged you to get answers truthfully… Well, it can’t be help since he also said that drugging people isn’t a good thing. Honestly, you [Dayo] were concerned about weird things.”


[Dayo]? The hell is that? Maybe I am showing at my face that I don’t undersand what he’s saying, he explained to me what [Dayo] is.


[Dayo] are people who comes from different world. They look exactly as [Human Race] and also has the same strength as them but they posses other-worldly information. There are some items that were made by these [Dayo] like [Toilet], [Bath] and other items. Of course, that f*cking drug is something that was made by a [Dayo] whom he found lying down in the middle of the road.


[Dayo], in Filipino language in means someone who came from another place. What a fitting name for someone like us.


“Still that drug really is effective. The main purpose of that drug is to heal the user but it has a weird side effect… If it only doesn’t have that kind of side effect, I can gladly sell it to the market… Kaezar, I’ll be checking up on him so I’ll leave the rest to you.”


Kaezar’s father turns around and walk outside the room leaving us and Kaear alone. Upon closing the door, my body suddenly feels weak and my consciousness begins to blur out. I don’t know what is happening to me… Maybe this is just another side effect of that drug… Seriously…. I want to punch who ever made tha….


\ \ \


P.O.V Kaezar (Fantasy World)


I am Kaezar of Pinar Village, daughter of Fernando the alchemist. I am currently 20 years old but I still don’t have any experience about love. Normally, at the age of 15-19 are the ages where girls married here but I am not the same as the other girls. I have an incurable sickness. That reason is strong enough to keep me single all these years. I can’t handle heavy works and just carrying some heavy objects almost made me tired. With this kind of body I can’t afford to have a lover. What if I accept one then this body collapses isn’t it too pitiful to the guy who loves me if I die in an early age? Many tried to court me but I reject them all. After rejecting them, all of them gave up but there’s this one boy who keeps on courting me at least that’s how I feel since he doesn’t confess to me. As time goes by I feel that I slowly fall for him and there are many times that I want him to be my lover but in the end, I didn’t tell him. I’m afraid… Afraid that I’ll hurt him if I accept him as my lover then leaving him, if I only don’t have a sickness then maybe, just maybe, I live happily as his wife but what can I do if I have this kind of sickness?


The doctor from the capital said that my sickness came from my heart and even they aren’t really clear about the details of my sickness, they just know it by symptoms according to some [Dayo] who used to be a doctor back in his original world and sadly, that [Dayo] was already dead and only his books were left. It’s a book which contain different symptoms of different diseases and how to cure them but instead of cure, what’s written on my sickness is ‘No cure except Surgical Operation. Sadly this world medicine isn’t that advance and the patient may die if done wrongly’ making me and my father accept my fate. It’s also written that someone with these kind of sickness doesn’t live long if they don’t undertake an operation. That’s why I don’t want to be someone lover.


That person keeps on taking care of me which makes me wonder if one day I would reject him like others. That man is known as Jasper. Jasper grew up with me after he was found by our chief in the middle of the forest alone. Apparently, he doesn’t know his own origins and even his own name. The chief felt pity to him and adopt him giving him a name of Jasper. Back then, he keeps his distance on everybody but as time goes by he became close with everybody. He was known as the man who keeps on helping others and he became an [Adventurer] because of that.


In the evening, he told me that he’s going to hunt some [Feral Owl] since they started to attack the livestock of the villagers. Of course I stop him but he just smiled and brushes my head roughly saying ‘You’re worried about me? Instead of worrying about a healthy person take care of yourself’ then he left. I don’t know why but I feel something bad is going to happen. I want him just to stay here tonight and give up about hunting those [Feral Owl] other [Adventurer] can take the quest but in the end I didn’t stop him. I just prayed to the Goddess Mass to take care of him.


\ \ \


The next day I woke up feeling something important to me was gone. It feels like I forget something special and my heart hurt so much. Tears flow down from my eyes as I hold my hand across my breast. ‘If I stop him from going out that time, then I won’t be experiencing this kind of pain’ is the thought that’s running inside my mind. But who is ‘he’? I don’t know but I feel that it’s someone important to me. Important enough to make me cry like this. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t know who I should stop from going out last night. It’s just that, it hurts that I don’t remember who is ‘he’ and it hurts even more that I should stop ‘him’ last night by all means possible. But, it’s already too late… He’s already gone and I won’t see him again… Even though I don’t remember his name, his face or his voice but I know that I love him and I know that right now, he’s gone in this world forever.


*Knock Knock*


Someone knock from my door so I quickly wipe away my tears and opened the door. It’s my father Fernando saying that someone accepted my request from the [Adventurer’s Guild]. That request is about helping me gather herbs used at creating medicine.


\ \ \


After harvesting the required herbs, I let the swordsman of the team to carry my basket. Knowing my circumstances, the swordsman easily accepted it. He’s carrying three baskets, two at his hand and one was tied on his back. As we are walking towards the village, the archer suddenly signals us to stop. I asked him what is wrong but he just pointed some men fighting each other. There are five of them and only one of them looks clean. The clean one, slashes to hammer user’s throat and tried to retreat towards the forest but the other’s didn’t let him run away.


“What to do?”


The archer asked me but I don’t really know what to do right now. I don’t know who’s the good guy here but when I look at the clean one, my chest feels light and somehow my heart beats fast. Today, something weird is happening to me when I wake up this morning, I cried and now my hearts beats fast as if it’s rejoicing.


“For now, maybe protect him I guess?”


I don’t have any concrete reason on why should we protect him but my heart told me so, so I’ll just trust it. After the archer killed the other three guys, I walk towards the guy. He looks familiar but I don’t know where I met him. He slowly opens his eyes and slowly looks at me and muttered my name. Maybe I really know him?


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