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When teacher Wu Xiang announced this, the atmosphere of class became peaceful. Most of the students were thinking ‘This meat ball is our teacher?’ Even though they can think this, but can’t say it loud. They knew it would be a crime to disrespect a teacher and they will be punished by school’s disciplinary committee.

“Teacher, what will be study today?” asked the student who was previously surrounded was many children.

“Today we will start with the basics of reading, some simple Chen language’s character. Now then, all students take your seat.” Teacher Wu replied.

All students arranged their positions to sit in the class. Because most of the students wanted to sit ahead and Chen Zheng wanted not to cause any disputes, he chose the seat in the last column. Naturally, wherever was Chen Zheng, he will be followed by his Jian’er.

“Brother Chen, why did you choose this seat, it’s too far from the front.” asked Jian’er.

“I chose to sit here because; I want to sit with you alone and without anyone bothering us.”

The class has around 30 students and 32 seats, while each column had 4 students they were the only students in the last column.

“Okay now starting with our lecture! The character here is read………….”


After the lecture finished, Teacher Wu said,” I will take your test on Sunday on some basic reading so prepare yourself for it.”

Hearing this all the students were surprised wasn’t this there first day at school and they were told that they have test coming this weekend. Was the teacher Insane? These were the only thought in most of the students mind.

A student with weak body while wearing glasses asked in a low voice “Teacher we just started reading how we can give our tests so early?”

“This is my way of teaching, if you have a problem enrol out of this class. Listen everyone if anyone is absent on Sunday, he can forget coming to school.” After saying this teacher Wu walked out of the class room.

‘This is my chance, I started reading and writing 1 year before. Now, I can shine in limelight. Teacher Wu is really good.’ thought the student who was brother of cultivator, from cultivation division.

Jian’er was really upset now. She didn’t know how to even read her name, how could she be not nervous. The test teacher Wu was about to give her was too sudden for her.

Seeing her upset like this Chen Zheng consoled her. “Don’t worry Jian’er, if you come to my place I can teach you how to read properly.”

“Really?” How can she believe it? Chen Zheng was even younger than her by two years.

“Yes, really.” answered Chen Zheng.

“Okay then I’ll come in evening.”


After school they both parted their ways.


In a dark room:

“Minister Murong, when I started to investigate close they guessed that something was wrong and increased their alertness.”

“So , how much time will you take to give me evidence?”

“Since my plan to enter royal place failed, I’ll have to resort to other methods.”

“What methods?”

“You just have to sit here and relax, not interfere with my methods and take care about your promise to me and worry nothing.”

Just as Minister Murong was about to say something, A sweat voice came to the room.

“We will chat later.” After saying this, black hooded figure faded.

After some seconds, Jian’er entered the room.

“Father, who were you talking to?” asked Jian’er.

“I was just talking to a court official.”

“Oh!” said Jian’er as she realised.

“Why did you find your daddy? My sweat little girl” Minister Murong said as he pinched one of the cheeks of her lovingly daughter.

Having her cheeks pinched it pained a little bit. And her eyes become teary.

Seeing this Minister Murong withdrew her hands from her daughter’s cheeks.

After Jian’er calmed down she said ,” I am going to Chen Zheng’s place to learn reading.”

“Ok, you may go.” Even though he didn’t want his daughter to go there he couldn’t deny after siing her daughter’s ultimate lovely face.

“Daddy is the best.” She hugged her dad as she said this.


Chen Zheng was extremely happy today.

He was so much happy he felt like flying in the sky. Soon, he felt that, if he cultivate now he would feel much better and the cultivation benefits would be immense. As he thought this he sat cross legged and started cultivating “Nine Rudra Tactics”.

The scene he last saw in his Blood red bead appeared once again. But this time it was much more immense. He could feel all the changes in heaven and earth. He could see the minute details of plants growing. Even the movements of even an ant would not escape his eyes here. All the thunderstorm, rain, earthquake felt like he could sense all the details of them, he even felt that he was the one who was causing this. He now had a feeling that he was connected with heavens and earth. Soon, this scene faded and he was not in real world. As he opened his eyes he could sense the minute changes in a range on 3 metres around him. Around his 3 metres he had the same feeling as he had a moment before in that ethereal realm but much weaker. He thought if he could raise his cultivation to a higher realm he could get this feeling stronger. In his three metres of range if he focused more, he was able to see some lights like firefly in his surroundings. Most of these were yellow coloured but occasionally a few blue and red coloured lights could be seen.

‘What are these lights?’ Even though he don’t know what it was but he can sense that if he were to try controlling these light he could do it.

As he willed, the lights around him started coming near him. These lights started entering his body through his nostrils.

After some time he frowned.


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