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Chapter 7:  <Title  is below chapter>

Jian’er was really confused. ‘How will Chen Zheng enter the school if he didn’t bring his parents? Maybe he is lying to me. His parents would have already come and already went over all the formalities.’

This little girl was a child after all. How would she know that the father of Chen Zheng was prince? Only a word of the Prince will be more than enough for Chen Zheng to be admitted in the academy.

Now it was almost the time for ceremony of new students.

There was a guard waiting on the gates and was checking for the identity proofs of these children who came to the academy.

Jian’er came forward and handed a letter to the guard, after seeing the latter the guard looked at Jian’er with a slight smile. “You can go.”


Now it was Chen Zheng’s turn. “Show your identity proof.”

Chen Zheng brought out a scroll from his leather bag a and gave it to the guard. The guard looked at the letter seriously and then after putting the scroll away. “Please wait a moment young master, this subject will return in a moment.”

“Okay” Chen Zheng replied.

The guard ran towards the principal office and gave a heavy knock on the door.

“Who is on the gate to give such loud knocking, are you sure you don’t want to break the door?”  An extremely gentle and sweet voice drifted from the inside of office.

“It’s me Principal madam. I’ve something very urgent to give you.” Replied the guard hastily.

“Oh! What could be so important?” she thought to himself.

“Come in.”

The door opened and the guard from before entered.

“Lady Principal, take this.” He reached out his hand trying to give the letter to the principal.

As the leady saw the material which the parchment was made of she was shocked. It was the scroll only a royal family member could have. If the others were to be seen imitating it , they would be hanged without questioning.

“Where did you get this scroll?” she asked, as she started opening the scroll.

“I got this scroll from a student.” the guard replied.

While she was listening to him, the scroll was already opened. There was only a single line written on it. “Chen Zheng, the future successor of Chen Kingdom.”

The Principal was shocked again. She first thought that someone from the royal academy recommended a student here but after reading it she suddenly realised that it was a mistake.

No one was recommended but his royal highness the future successor of the kingdom was here to attend the school.

It was said that Young Master Chen was a prodigy amongst prodigies. If he came to their school they would rarely have anything that would catch his attention.

“Keep it a secret that Young Master Chen is attending classes here. And for this letter return it to Chen Zheng with utmost secrecy.”

“Ok, Lady Principal.” The guard replied and left.

Meanwhile several students were standing before the door with Chen Zheng. One of them said “what took the guard so long to come here?”

Another one said while directing his gaze towards Chen Zheng ”He is really a trouble maker. Ever since he came we have to wait for so long.

“Don’t accuse him falsely.” An enchanting voice of a female echoed outside the room. These children turned their gaze and saw a girl and boy was heading toward their direction.”

The boy was about 12 years old and girl was 11.

After realizing that he was berated, that boy (2nd one speaking) started to whine,” It was all his false ever since he came guard didn’t return; he is reeks of bad luck. Sister, why are you defending him and bullying us?”

“The one bullying is not me, but you. You’re bullying that little guy. As for the guard maybe he has some urgent things to do so he left without finishing his job.” The girl replied.

Seeing that this girl was defending him Chen Zheng was really touched. “Thank you, senior sister. May I ask who are you?”

“I’m the student of Primary Division, Li Nian. If these guys bully you may come to me.” Because the current Chen Zhang was short Li Nian had to sit on her knees to make a face to face contact with him.

Seeing her so close to his face, Chen Zheng blushed.

“Ok, senior sister I will often come to meet you.”

“Okay then, take care.” She said as she left.

As the two were leaving the guard also came back.

When he saw these two students, the guard’s eyes were filled with reverence. He knew that these guys were from Primary Division and the only thing primary division teaches is about cultivation. All those who had the rights to enter primary division were the students, who had the talent to cultivate. The cultivators were very powerful they can easily kill any mortal with a flick of their hand. Only the powerful rules this world.

After coming back from his daze to reality, he gave Chen Zheng his golden scroll, and said,” Chen Zheng you are currently assigned to class 1 if you can have better results in this year’s final exam you will be promoted to a higher class. I hope you show a better example to everyone in the class.”

“I’ll try my best.” Chen Zheng replied.

“Okay, next.”


After passing the entrance to the junior school building, he soon found the class 1. After moving around a bit, he started strolling in the galleries.

“Chen Zheng. I’m glad we got the same class.” Jian’er shouted behind.

“I was also looking for you.” Chen Zheng said embarrassedly.

“We are so much similar. Chen Zheng, will you ever leave me alone?

“How can I leave my Jian’er Ever?”

”So it means you will marry me.”

”How can I say that, we are still children you know. Marriage is a thing we consider with our parents presence and after thinking about all things. “

“Wu…Wu… S…. Wu… It means…. Brother… will not…. Marry me ……wu….wu….wu…wu……” cried Jian’er, as she said this.

“Okay I’ll marry you when we grow up”


“Okay promise.”

”Okay Chen Zheng you are the best” as she was saying this she leapt into the arms of Chen Zheng. Chen Zheng didn’t reject and hugged her while one of his hands caressing her hair.”

“Chen Zheng, I don’t want to stay away from you.”

”Neither do I.”

Chapter 7: Admission & Marriage Oath



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