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Chapter 4: Connecting to Heaven and Earth

The heaven and earth are supreme. They have the authority to give us life and they have the authority to take our lives. They cause creation and are the reason of its destruction. They’re a fortune and disaster in themselves. If you want to take anything from Heaven and Earth, then you have to gain its approval. And if you want to go against the heaven itself, then you will have to withstand its wrath.

To reach the introductory level of the ‘Nine Rudra Tactics’, you have to gain a brief understanding of Heaven and Earth. Chen Zheng after the worth of a year’s time has successful managed to reach this level.

“Foo” a foul air emitted from his mouth. His skin was far fairer than before. It was glowing with faint radiances. There was now a slight golden light twinkling in his eyes which soon vanished and his eyes returned to its previous faint blue colour.

“Finally, I have reached the elementary level, now I can truly be considered as an immortal path cultivator.’’ After saying this his gaze moved toward the book of ‘Nine Rudra Tactics’. He knew he still can’t open the second volume because  he was nowhere near the end of first volume.

He then looked toward the Red Blood Bead it looked more refined than last year. He tried to perceive the bead with his core sense but still couldn’t sense it’ It looked like he really have to raise his cultivation to a good level so that his core sense could gain some understanding of this bead.

After some hours of trying out changes in his body, he finally exited the realm of bead and and came back to his real world.

Now his daily routine was to read in library, eat, sleep and rest time in cultivation in his room.

After several days he was very upset. After cultivating for few hours in bead that night and cultivating in real world, he understood that training in the world of bead was nearly four times faster than training in the real world. He knew it but couldn’t do anything about it. Even after one month of exiting the World of bead he couldn’t figure out the method of entering the bead again.

Well these matters cannot be solved quickly. He had made a theory that the world of bead opens on the day of his birthday. If it was really true then he will have to wait for that day and check if his theory was really on the mark.

“Zheng’er.” Someone called him.

“Who is it?” he asked in his childish voice.

“It’s me, Murong Jian, May I come inside?” asked the girl from outside.

“Yes, come in.” said Chen Zheng.

A girl entered. She was about three years old but her height was falling short of Chen Zheng’s height. She was dressed in a beautiful red frock, She had beautiful and large brown eyes; her hair covered her back till her waist.

“Chen Zheng, let’s go play outside, Xiao li and Xiao Chen also came.” She said with an extremely happy smile on her face. Her smile was really very beautiful. Even though she was a little girl, her smile was enough to melt the coldness of any human being in the entire earth.

Even though Chen Zheng was very mature he couldn’t possibly overcome this smile of hers. “Okay.” He replied. There was a slight blush on his face so he turned around to avoid embarrassing himself further.

“Okay little Zheng, we will meet by the lake side, I will go call Jiang Ru we will play together, I’m so happy”, said Murong Jian as she exited his room.

Murong Jiang was now a beautiful memory in his life since the day of his birthday she comes here daily to play with him. His plan of cultivating whole time was spoiled by this Beautiful little Girl. But every time he sees the beautiful smile of hers he couldn’t make himself reject her.

After sometime by the side of lake, a few figures could be seen playing.

Chen Zheng was walking with his eyes bound by a black cloth. He was trying to touch the other kids, while these kids were avoiding him and saying words like, “here”, “I’m here”, “catch me”.

It was really a wonderful scene. A perfect picture of a perfect childhood.


In a dark room.

“Minister Murong, I’ve searched through many things and there are clues regarding that Chen Royal family is collecting money, They have raised some taxes and are doing something in the dark.”

“Do you have any clues?.”

“Not yet, but they will be soon here as soon as I got the chance to enter the Chen Royal Place.”

”Okay, you’ll be rewarded highly if you can prove this and bring me some evidence.”

“Okay! I hope you will keep your promises.” Said the black clothed person as he left the room.

Now the only person left in the room was minister Murong.

He has long brown hair and brown eyes. His skin had a fair color. On a careful look, one could many similarities on the faces of this minister Murong and Murong Jian.


At the lakeside.

It was evening now. All the children were leaving the lake side and going to their home but Murong Jian was still pestering Chen Zheng to stay and play some more.

What Chen Zeng didn’t understand was why this girl was so interested to play with him. “Jian’er, it’s time to go home. Your father will be worrying for you, if we return late.”, someone said. After looking at the person who said this, Murong Jian said ‘’uncle please, wait a while longer, I didn’t play for long.”

“Silly girl, it’s already evening you have been playing for 6 hours already.’’ ‘’But Uncle Lian…”,”No buts, Chen Zheng is still here he’s not going anywhere, so you can call him whenever you wants to play with him.”

“Okay” she said “Bye Chen Zheng, we’ll meet tomorrow.”

“Bye Jian’er.” Although Jian’er was older than Chen Zheng by two years he still called her as she was his younger sister, and the fun thing was that Jian’er didn’t slightly rebuke him over this.

After saying bye to her, Chen Zheng went to his home and started cultivating. As if nothing was more important than this.


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