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Chen Zheng bowed to the new guest and took his seat.

“He’s a good child.” Said the old man with a slight smile.

“Haha... He’s a very talented son. I’ll send him to Clear Sky sect for his spiritual roots test when he’s 10. I believe he will become a dragon among humans in the sect.” said Chen Wang as he was in full spirits after his son got such an appraisal from Grand master Qin.

“This is a very good idea, but Clear Sky sect is too far from here. It’ll almost take a year even if you rode a grade 2 flying beast. And I believe you don’t have even access to the grade 1 either” Said Grandmaster Qin in a matter-of-fact manner.

“Therefore I need your assistance Grandmaster Qin.”

“How can I help you?’’ Asked Grandmaster Qin.

“I heard that you have some connection within the Capital of this continent. So if you can arrange for him to accompany them there and arrange a grade 3 beast to travel to Clear Sky sect..’’ he paused.

Seeing that he was trying to bribe him to complete his motives, Grandmaster Qin was now ready to help him.

“Clear Sky Sect is on another continent, so the expenses will not be light.” Said Grandmaster Qin indifferently.

“how much will it be?”

“100 year Blood Ginseng, 1,000 mid-grade spirit stones and 10 high grade spirit stones. If you want to send him to the Clear Sky sect.” said grandmaster Qin.

“This is too much, this lowly one doesn’t have that many spirit stones and a 100 year old medicine is too rare.”  Chen Wang was saying this as he was a great disadvantage.

It has to be known that a hundred year medicine appeared once in a 5 year tenure and one had to spend a hefty sum to buy it.

“I’m not asking too much, I’ll come here after 9 years with the grade 3 flying beast, so you don’t have to send him to capital of continent but you have to just prepare these things for me.”

“Grandmaster Qin I appreciate that your esteemed self will come here to pick my son but, we really can’t afford that much.’’ Said Chen Wang.

“Do you know how much it costs to travel to another continent even if you have your own flying beast but you don’t even have a single flying beast. It costs almost 900 pieces of high grade spirit stones. But I’m giving you a leeway but you still refuse. I’m leaving then.” After saying this Grandmaster Qin stood up.

It has to be known that 10 low garde spirit stones were equivalent to 1 mid grade spirit stone and a high grade stone was equivalent to 100 low grade stones!

Seeing this that grandmaster Qin was about to leave Chen Wang hastily said, ‘’Okay Grandmaster we will try our best to arrange it.”

“That’ll be good.’’ Saying that he sat again.

Listening to the talk of old man and his father, Chen Zheng understood that all these arrangements are being carried out for him. He became a bit emotional and thought about his journey from birth to his first birthday he had always been happy. Now today after he saw that parents had made such a great decision for himself he was very happy but also somewhat depressed.

He got very motivated and thought how much his parents have done for him; they have never let him feel that his life had something missing. They’re going to put themselves in so many hardships just for him.

Because he had no memory of his past life he was very emotionally attached to his current family.

Now he has to make his family proud and work very hard to cultivate to a very high realm.

Nothing to major happened in the celebration party except the old man.

After sending off all the guests, Chen Zheng slept in his room.

In his dream……


After an entire year the blood bead appeared, this time there was a few additional golden marks added to it. The book of ‘Nine Rudra Tactics’ was placed in a corner. He tried to call the book but the book didn’t come to him. He tried to feel the bead more clearly but he result were the same as last year he couldn’t do anything to the book either. He was very depressed. He couldn’t do anything to the book nor can he use the bead, when does he have the luxury to come to this place very often.

While these thoughts are in his mind, a blue fog emitted from the bead and went straight to the space between his eyebrows. It was painful, even more painful than the last time ,maybe because he has experienced the pain beforehand he wasn’t too afraid but that pain was extremely intense.

He found himself in a new world. That was neither the world of his real life nor the world of his consciousness. Here there were countless clouds flowing in every corner of the world. There was thunderstorm cloud, rain clouds, blue sky, thunderous sounds, explosive winds and other things. He came to grasp something but he didn’t totally understand. The next moment. He was on a large plains, the earth was quaking, cracking, the volcanoes were blasting, lava was flowing everywhere the word was in a complete mess. This scene faded and he was in the sky again this time there was not anything destructive. A warm breeze was flowing, sometimes a cool breeze also flashed by, the cloud were showering a little. Overall it was a wonder full feeling. The next moment he was again on the ground but this time the ground was not quacking and shaking but the land was a green patch now. Everywhere the leaves were shaking a bit because of the slow warm breeze the green leaves have a droplet of water on them..

Seeing this mesmerizing seen Chen Zheng slightly closed his eyes took a deep breath and his lips curved up wards.

“So that’s what it means.”


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