The day was dreary, the lectures had changed, and so had the lifestyle of every student in the country. Schools had to operate differently and education was degraded to being behind a screen. It was unusual and hard to get used to.

Of course, that wasn't the case for everyone, some took it better than others, and vice versa.

But the schooling system didn't change just for schools as Universities had to operate under the same guidelines. They couldn't just shut down for however long the pandemic was going to last, so they were going to have to adapt to survive.

Students were left alone for the most part and professors did their best to teach in this new environment.

Two friends had a different idea, however. To stand alone in a pandemic did not mean to be alone, and thus they conspired to create unity amongst the seperation.

Thus was created "ΣΑΧΜ ΚΑΦΕΝΕΙΟ", the largest Discord server for the Undergraduates of ΣΑΧΜ.

It started out small, as all great things do. While there weren't any roles and people populating the server, it had all the subjects of the semester, was cleanly organised and with pationate people working to improve it as best they could.

Gradually more people joined in as the server grew in popularity and infamy. The students joining gave the server meaning and function as a community grew from the ashes of isolation.

Notes from missed subjects and help for difficult questions, it was a friendly and helpful community.

And when the professors started handing out Exams like running water, the community was there to help the ones falling behind, struggling.

And for the two weeks the Exam War lasted, the Discord stood strong.

For every subject a channel was created and deleted.

And while some called it unnecessary, it helped keep the other channels clean and untouched of the rush of the Exams.

But helping others to that extend wasn't playing by the rules, and thus there was a growing need to hide their identities. The server had grown large enough that the Moderators could no longer keep up with who was joining in, and due to the pecularities of the situation it was hard to keep the safety of the Server outside the confines of their small haven.

And the unlikely situation was proven to be reality when a screenshot holding real names and incriminating details on it leaked to the outside through another platform.

After that incident everything continued as normal, with the only difference being the addition of a new rule regarding real names and nicknames. It was a quick patch-work that worked at the moment, but the incident served as a wake up call regarding the integrity of the server and it's future.

They had long since stopped playing by the rules and getting caught was a growing danger that had increasingly serious implications.

Thus far they had been lucky, but could they continue as it was while betting their luck would keep up?

That was the question that plagued Akuma, one of the two devils moderating the server.

Their answer was a solid no. The server would have to be remade, with a more solid structure to support a greater growth with less risk.

Thus, Akuma, the Devil with helping hands proposed an exhange. The student's identity for passage to the new building, their new home.

But could the students trust the Devils?

Would the Devils follow through with his promises?

What would become of the family of students in this crucial time?


To be continued

A note from Inslayer

Mods, if you didn't want to be made as Devils, you shouldn't have picked the name Akuma. And who knows if Bonaparte isn't a devious name either.


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