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A note from Inslayer

What happens when you are too busy going outside with your friends?

sorry... for the luck of updates... it happens, and oh well, it happens... 

Btw, +1 to whoever understands whom this story is talking about...

A small person in an even smaller world 

'Polls this polls that, who even bothers to vote...

No one, that's who!

Sigh, I guess another day passes without doing anything productive.'

He yelled at himself. 

He knew it was originally his fault for not working hard enough, and lazing around.

Studying for school was hard, easy, boring and exciting at the same time...

School just didn't have what he wanted to learn, and when it did it was only briefly mentioned.

He had learned what he was interested in from the internet, but even that had its limits.

He lacked the foundations to understand more, and patience to do the research.

So as time moved on, He next turned to what he loved the most... Novels.

He had read dozens of novels trying to pass his spare time... eventually he grew not only engrossed in them, but sort of addicted. The cliffhangers did a lot to control him, otherwise he would have tore apart his favorite books, reading them in one go.

A lot of times he read novels though, he thought to himself 'that's just cringe, plothole, impossible to happen in reality... It could have been done differently, to avoid kicking the readers in the head.'

But at other times, he thought... 'Heck, why not add a bit more interesting scene here? Spice things up? Hahaha, imagine what would happen if he....'

And so, he tried to write his own novel. 

Something easy as a starter... He needed to learn after all.

A story meant to only give experience. Small, easy to write and having a definite end...

Then some more development, details that make the world complete, create affection that you can build upon or destroy.

Then? 'Sigh, I want a grand future for this story... I don't want to continue half-heartedly... I want to rewrite some stuff, develop it more, write ahead, build a proper release schedule, rise up the rankings... maybe even make a living from it...' It became a goal... He wanted to write for as far as his abilities could take him and even more...

But excitement was waning... He wasn't a strong willed person after all. However, however weak willed he was, he didn't like to give up.

Maybe this time truly make short stories... easy to write... a lot of them, dozens, hundreds... 'I will learn how to write at some point' He said to himself.

'No idea where to start? Easy, ask the readers... maybe I could even make that a feature of my stories...' He thought to himself.

Sigh... However man proposes God disposes... Or in this case Distractions.

Novels, games, going out with friends... games...

Sigh. And at the end he sits down and writes... Writing about his life, his weak will, and beginning, Thinking it should be a nice topic, thinking it should earn him a bit of time.

A note from Inslayer

And for the last time, sorry for luck of updates...

I have literally no excuse.

Btw, any ideas for a story? I have a few in mind but they need quite a bit of time... Besides I haven't had a poll for ages.

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