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Yea, I know, but this was a much needed development chapter

( Also I immersed myself in the dao of writting :p )

Ok, first things first...

Let's try to write that incredibly complicated thing in some paper.

Seeing it written out should help me in comprehending it...

But it was 3D... oh well, let's see what I can do with my skills now, everything else comes later.


*Ahh* so hard...

5 hours I have been trying to make that piece of... ermm.. art, come into life.

And finally, IT'S ALIVE !!!

*Black smoke starting to rise*

Eh, don't tell me its-

SHIT !!!

It all burned away... 5 hours trying to recreate it on paper...

Well, I did comprehend it much more in the process, but still...

Ahh next time imma carve it on wood !

No, even better, in a rock plate.


Yea, let's just go with wood...

I imagine that there is something mysterious with that diagram. After I completed it it burned the paper.

Stronger materials should fix it !


*Argh* I fricking wasted 11 hours carving it on wood, added on with all my failures... and it even burned the wood...

Should have expected it since paper comes from wood.

Design it on the computer ?

Nope too hard, I'm not used to that kind of drawing, besides I don't want to lose my pc too...

Ok next up is rock...

Or not. How am I supposed to carve it on rock ?!?!

Besides I'm so hungry I would eat even the fridge itself, not just its food.

Imma take a small rest, eat and go back to work.

Next up is drawing it incompletely... Goodbye my rest...


*Ahhh* Finally... this time it took me 3 hours.

I'm only missing one part.

Screw that part, I don't want to waste my work.

Ohh it seems perfectly fine.

I'm so happy.

Now, let's see what is this thing's worth, and if it actually worths enough to be the reward for the 13 best players of World On.

Study begins from NOW !


He said that when we are able to perfectly follow the route of the diagram, it will count as if we have comprehended it...

But its too hard !

How is something containing thousands of patterns this complicated to form on your brain, keep its shape and "recite it letter by letter" ?

Yea, I don't even know why I thought it would be easier once I "jotted" it down... 

If its this hard, then I doubt others would be able to even remember it, much less form it.

And when they learn that you can't even draw it down, hoh oh are they gonna experience my misery.

Still, it's been 7 hours since I started, and this is incredibly taxing to my brain.

Ahh I'm dead tired... not even carving it on wood tired me this much.

And all I have been doing is sitting nicely and comfortably on my bed while comprehending it.

Though I can't see anything different even now...

He said it was the greatest reward that could ever exist...

Let's not lose our faith just because of a small setback.


Ahh I need some fresh air... I don't even know for how long I've been going at this.

"Opening the door I saw the sun hitting my face. I didn't have time to turn away, after all light travels at his speed. Our speeds are different..." ARGHH MY EYES !!!

After walking for a while, I found a nice cool shade in the park nearby my home.

Welp... let's stop here for a good half hour to let my eyes adapt and I continue... I guess this speaks on its own for how long I spent studying it... I was literally going to die.

I wonder if the sharp contrast between darkness for many hours, and sudden strong light would create me any eyesight problems...

Whose idea was it to go out when the sun was still burning hot ?

Oh yea, mines... Note to self : Don't be stupid !

"Holy !!! Isn't this one of the thirteen top players !?!? OMG, I need your autograph !" A random person in the street called me out.

I wonder if this is going to be a daily occurrence...

Most probably not... All the current celebrities won't accept me as of their kind, and besides there are twelve more of my kind.

I will probably be forgotten in a few months of time.

"Nope! I came here to rest. Not give my precious time away to such trivialities." I answered calmly.

"Oh such a bummer. Still I have a story to tell to my friends heh... Do you suppose you could give me your number ?" He then asked with extreme politeness and resolution, as if he would rather die than let me go.

Honestly, it was starting to piss me off.

Normally I wouldn't be angry at such things, or talk like that to other people...

What's wrong with me ?

"Know what ? Here's your autograph." I grabbed his arm forcefully and with a pen he hopped to give me to write him his autograph, I wrote up some hideously written words in his arm and called it.

What !?! Why am I so irritated ?

I can't even bother...

Oh well, let's forget him and take a small walk back to home.

Till then an hour should have passed.

I mustn't waste my time like that.


What in the name of... our beloved race, happened here... 

Walking up to a ruined room, my room, that looked as if a nuclear bomb dropped on top of it, I stood amazed.

Honestly, I was starting to worry if there was remaining radiation from the explosion, but that was just a small joke, that didn't seem to be one...

Wait ! The paper ?!?

Where is it ?

I spent tons of hours drawing that piece of a thing...

 Wait a second... Don't tell me it was the paper that exploded ?!?

Oh god, what am I even trying to create.

But this only makes it all the more exciting !

I will firstly train by drawing it out on paper, then wood, and when I can do these within an acceptable rate, I will try to seeing it on my mind.

Maybe even try it on a rock plate. I kind of want to see if it would melt.

Iron then ?

Ahh, I'm getting far too excited.


As I kept training hard I lost my sense of time.

Hours passed by the minutes.

Days by the seconds.

Weeks came as fast as they were going.

My daily routine was eat, sleep, study repeat.

3 hours consumed during eating and 8 more with sleeping.

Everything else was studying.


1 week passed rather slowly at the beginning,

But then the second week passed even faster

The third even more so, till I think passed a month.

During that time, I hadn't made any appearances in the public, and even made my friends worry a bit.

I thought I needed to start taking Vitamin D supplements, but my body doesn't seem to have any problems.

I think that even my physical situation has improved a bit.

It's wonderous !

Now I can draw it on paper in a bit less than an hour, and the only thing that seems to be limiting me is hand speed.

So I began carving it in wood, and the resistance of the surface made it incredibly hard to progress, combined with the  strange surface...

I then started going to even more uneven surfaces.

As of now, 4 months have passed.

I am pretty sure if I found a tree in the forest, I could carve it up on its surface in less than an hour.

Even my speed on paper improved, which I thought was incredible.

When I tried to draw it in my mind, and start following it, I found obvious improvements, though judging by my current rate, I think I will be able to do it in a few more months.

I once even tried carving it on a rock.

It took me about 6 hours, but the end result was something I didn't expect.

It actually melted.

Sure enough it lasted a minute or two, but it friking melted, and moments after the diagram was distorted, it stop melting, and quickly cooled down.

I also experimented with the explosion part.

Seems like the incomplete version in paper explodes in average of 14 hours, give or take a few.

In wood its about a week, and in rock it's a staggering one month.

The stronger the materials, the longer they can withstand, the stronger the explosion.

I was actually very afraid when I made the experiment with the rock, after seeing the wood having equal power to 10 Dynamites.

I went to the sea, and dropped the rock with the incomplete diagram there.

One moth later we had a tremendous amount of political disputes about other countries testing their explosives on our grounds, mines and so on... honestly I didn't watch the explosion, but it must have been terrifying to cause such an effect from 500 metres below sea level.

It could become an effective weapon, and I could become a terrorist, but I didn't fancy the idea.

A note from Inslayer

So, how is the foreshadowing ?

Excited ?

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