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Concept : A teenager, know to have some... 'problems', let's say, for the luck of a better word,

finds an something, which in the wrong hands could mean terror.

His hands ?

Just keep on reading...

In this world, magic isn't anything unusual, and every child from the age of 5  can wield it.

Of course, talent plays a big role in what little you can manage.

Most humans can only slightly use their powers.

A person's powers can be so utterly powerful, to the point where world domination is only a matter of a few seconds and a wave of a hand.

What they can actually use of that power though, is a different story.

A time stopper, can stop time in a specific area of his choice, and rob it clean,

Only a few minutes needed...

The truth ? A few seconds is a world record, with the time-stopped area being measured in centimeters

Instantaneous regeneration ?

One of the better of the abilities actually. You can live for 10-20 years more on average, and a few bruises and cuts are minor things.

Anything else ? Nope... It is at the point where you can't even call it regeneration... Truthfully no one knows why Global Government decided to stick with that name.

And me ? Well, supposedly the greater the power, the harder it is to activate.

We don't even know what kind of energy is required to activate our powers, and so I don't even know what my power is, or how to activate it.

My friends say it's based on a sort of feeling, like waking up something sleeping in your body, and kind of controlling it.

Other than that, the social structure and generally everything has remained almost the same as before we discovered these powers.

Nowadays kids like me spend their time in more productive things, like games.

More specifically a game that has taken the world by storm, a game that no one even knows who developed, or how...

The game is so advanced that it was named by fans as 'World On' with the on standing for online.

The prospects of such a game are incredible.

Top gamers get payed millions every year to commercialise a product, and others exchange game currency for real life money, which is the main thing that led into the name World On... speaks volumes about human greediness.

The greediness that killed my world...

The greediness I so loath...


My world is dead... so I simply went in another one.


*Inside a luxurious mansion*

"Hey guys, are you sure about this supposed event ?" I asked my guild, hoping for credible answers from my untrustworthy friends.

"Of course and yes. It's been mentioned all over the forums... An event made from the mysterious developer, the reward is bound to be amazing." Was the best reply I heard from my pal Nick.

Ahh I have a feeling that this ain't going to be easy... Not that I am expecting anything from a crazy person that is able to create such a game...

Yea, I'm expecting a lot... This game is my life after all.

Server announcement

The long awaited event is starting in half an hour. The goal is to find the best in the entirety of the game, so none of the players should expect anything easy.

I can only wish you luck for this journey that will take your lives into a whole new dimension.


And like that tension filled the air.

None of us knew what the event was about, or the rewards, however an event made by this legend of a developer is bound to be 'interesting'.


-Final countdown begins :








System Announcement
Event requirements 
Each participant has to kill 200 players within 2000 minutes to advance to the next level of the event and is given a total of 3 hours rest where you are safe from challengers, with the time spent resting, not being calculated in the 2000 minutes.
Support classes can team up with a player, getting points based on their activity on the field. Points needed is 1000, with the max value one can get from support from one fight being 100, and the lowest -100.

Please note that you can't go into rest mode while in fighting mode.

Also, note that duels will be disabled, and all will be able to fight all freely.

Lastly, should a participant avoid fights for more than 20 minutes, he will be disqualified.

Attacking players not participating in the event, will also result in disqualification.

Good luck to all !

Participate : YES / NO 



Not more than a few seconds had passed since the announcement, when my dearest friend attacked me...

That fool, couldn't he have teamed up with me, and hunt the noobs ?

Also it isn't mentioned what happens if a participant having the requirements to advance completed, dies, or what we should do after that... but I guess, what 'He' wants isn't... 'simple'.

However, to start of, I should probably kill this idiot of a friend that thought he could kill me.


He is a battle mage, and while he is a tad bit hot-headed, and normally not suited to it, the way he plays with this class could be rated among the top 10 in the servers, not that I could care less.

He fires 10 fireballs at me from all sides simultaneously, while he himself gets a bit of distance from me, as he knows my powers and weaknesses. Maybe that's what tempted him to fight me...

But that isn't nowhere near enough.

*suicidal teleport* I cast, speaking the words in my mind out of habit.

My figure instantly vanishes from his field of vision, and as he saw that, he tried to get away, but it was still a tad bit too late.

As my figure reappeared besides him, losing 30% of its HP because of the skill. I draw my sword and slash.

As battle mages normally have low defense, this one blow of mines took about 65% of his HP.

He recovered almost instantaneously, chanting a terrifying binding spell on me, hopefully restricting my movements, and quickly finishing me off with his tramp card.

But who was I to be caught like that ?

They weren't calling me 'A bastard' for no reason... or on second thought they did...

I side step from my previous place, as thousands of roots burst through the ground where I was standing before, quickly moving forward, hoping to end this fast as even I didn't know what else he could have in his sleeves.

The roots were chasing me with an alarming speed, but I was already close to my target.


And a head falls down.

That bastard he survived...

Didn't think he could switch places with other players.

Still, the radius shouldn't be too big for such an overpowered spell, as well as the  repercussions afterwards.

All I needed was a few seconds to track him down.

As they say, you may have your skills and tricks, but in front of absolute power, everything is meaningless.

As my blade cuts down on his head, his eyes don't show any surprise at all, and instead smiled.

I knew that bastard would take everything too far for his own amusement...

Still, that's 2 kills in 7 minutes.

198 more to go...


*Huu* *huu* breathing with difficulty I stand up.

200 kills without dying not even once in 200 minutes, and that's with counting the rest...

Still I don't think anyone else could have beaten me to the punch.

Though that bastard at the end, almost killed me by teaming up with 10 others, it was just what I needed to complete the round number of 200.


System Announcement

 As a player has finished the requirements in less than a tenth of the allocated time, the progress will be sped up, by enabling stealing of points.

Normally when one died the points were lost, and he was disqualified.

Now half of your opponent's points go to you when you kill them, with the excess points, if you get any, lost or go to your support.

Additionally, the remaining time has been reduced to 3 hours.

As always I wish you the best of luck.


Well, this saved me a bit of waiting time, but I better rest as much as I can. Who knows what else will that madman think of...


Teleportation Initiated 

"Ehh" "Ah" surprised voices were heard all over the place, as the contestants that had completed the first phase of the event were teleported.

'Ahh, I don't feel well... what happened?' I wanted to ask, but I knew nobody would answer, so I didn't.

At last, I couldn't resist. " Where am I ?" I made the biggest question burning my head, aloud.

*Welcome, constant for the Legacy.* A robotic voice sounded in my head.

*This is the second, and last trial to decide the final person out of the hundreds of thousands in this server.* The same robotic voice spoke.

Oh, very informative... It's not like I had any other questions... like, what do you mean by legacy, or what to do to obtain it... but patience is a virtue they say, and so I sat for a few minutes in silence.

And as if the system was watching my every so often failing efforts.

 Trial by fire is starting. The one to last for the longest amount of time among these enemies, or respectively for healers to save the most, and for engineers to restore-build the most devices of perfect quality... and for the secret classes to not die... Will obtain the Legacy. The better your results are, the more points you get. The points are calculated with absolute fairness, and will be ranked in the same category regardless of profession. Become the one ranked first in amount of points !

Hmm, so it's 1 person from each server, for a total of 13 from all of them.


What in the name of... These bastards make Nick feel like some kind of toddler.

Is this what happens when you survive for more than 20 minutes ?

How are the others ? No more importantly, what is my ranking...

Player : Asura Rank : 56 Points : Hidden

A screen appeared in front of me.

Get a secret class they said... It will be fun they said...

But if the rankings are calculated with absolute fairness, and so on and on, it means that there exist 55 monsters that can push ME aside...

 After another 40 minutes, it was at the point where I couldn't check the ranks, since a single tenth of a second would be enough to end me...

It's Torture...

Although I doubted anyone else could survive for as long as I have and get my amount of points, being arrogant and letting go, was just plain stupidity.

Imma just survive for as long as I can.

Though, with the enemy levels  and techniques being on par with my own, numbering 10 times more, WHILE being immortal, makes it hard to imagine keeping this up for much longer...



Oh the pain...

I don't even know how much time has passed.

I am so mentally and physically tired, that if you told me a week was already gone, I would believe you, even though it should be impossible for more than 2 hours to have passed...

At this rate I don't think I will ever wake up if I all asleep right now.

Darn this game for being so realistic, yet utterly amazing at the same time.

All enemies but one disappeared somewhere along the line, and I was able to catch my breath for a few seconds... till I found out that that last guy was at least 3 times stronger than me in every aspect.

Evading him for a few minutes became a chore, and crossing blades with him was just a dream if I wanted to continue surviving.

But still, everything was all well and good...

Till another one appeared, and after a few seconds another one...

I guessed that this was the beginning of a new phase.

Ahh... I was able to last this long. I doubt anyone else in the WORLD could beat this...

I can finally rest, knowing I've done my best.



Player : Asura Rank : 1 Points : 189.087.099
Player : Kosu Rank : 2 Points : 189.087.098
Player : Insani Rank : 3 Points : 188.999.001
............ ........... ................
Player : weaklingn1 Rank : 12.087 Points : 103

Hah ! I knew that at least a part of what I said was true.

First rank for...

Well, points don't matter, the end result does.

I've  never felt happier in my whole life.


I really was a frog in a well... only able to see a part of the sky...

In the part I could see, I was the king. One point of difference... If he had survived or done a few things more, or if I hadn't had resisted death like a maniac this 'end result' would be vastly different.

I truly hope he hasn't lost everything in the event just because a single point...

A note from Inslayer

Im quite satisfied with the end result 😃

Comment your thoughts and any mistakes I might have made in the comments below.

See you again next week, and this time I want more than 1 votes...

Also I think it would be better if in some parts I used blue screens better, but that's an unexplored territory for me :p

Also, as the story ended up being much, much larger than I intended ( got carried away ) there will be a second part, which hopefully I can update within a few days, or if a miracle happens, tomorrow.

And as a final side note, the day marking the new week hasn't passed yet ( where I live ) it still needs 9 more minutes ( time here is 11:51 pm ) so I'm still in the weekly part :p

Polls will be posted along with next part of the story.

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