Origin A.R.S.

by Scottf14

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Scott Jacobs, a man whose hope for the future has dwindled after being forsaken by the one he loved, turns to online gaming and a lifestyle that can only be called unfulfilling. Given a chance to play a new and interesting game, or so he thinks, he agrees to enter into a whole new world of possibilities.

Origin A.R.S. Come, witness the spectacle.

Warning: Tagged as [18+] for violence, adult situations, strong language, and mild sexual situations.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
I Am Sorry ago
Chapter 2: Mid the Guardian ago
Chapter 3: Grass Rat Hustle ago
Chapter 4: Farmer John ago
Chapter 5: Indebted Happiness ago
Chapter 6: Am I Trolling you, Rat Bro? ago
Chapter 7: The Waterfall Maiden ago
Chapter 8: Arrow Protection is Required ago
Chapter 9: Elf Stuff ago
Chapter 10: Become My Warmth ago
Volume 1: Epilogue ago
Volume 1 Final Edition Update ago
Volume II - Start - Chapter 12: Please Lie Next to Me ago
Chapter 13: Camping ago
Chapter 14: Just a Little More Time ago
Chapter 15: The Legendary Blue Haired Boyfriend ago
Chapter 16: Secrets and Strategies ago
Chapter 17: Sweet Deal! ago
Chapter 18: Karsh and the Tears of a Fairy ago
Chapter 19: Just Tell Him ago
Chapter 20: Seriously, What the Hell ago
Chapter 21: Fairy Business ago
Chapter 22: F-Fairygasm?! ago
Chapter 23: Nerf! Nerf! ago
Chapter 24: Epilogue ago
Special Bonus Preview: Remastered Volume 2 Chapter 1 ago
The Volume II Update - and Smashwords Coupon ago
Chapter 25: Volume III Start - ago
Chapter 26: Super Horny Fish Jerky! ago
Chapter 27: Love is for Girls ago
Chapter 28: Fi'Shoo Pantsu ago
Chapter 29: I Don't Want to Be Here Without You. ago
Chapter 30: Mine ago
Chapter 31: Burning Terror ago
Chapter 32: Accept Your Fate ago
Chapter 33: Blue Water Fang ago
Chapter 34: Everything to Me ago
Chapter 35: Can You Forgive Me? ago
Chapter 36: Elf-Blocked ago
Chapter 37: My Heart's Not Ready ago
Chapter 38: Liberate Me ago
Chapter 39: Uncommon Movement ago
Chapter 40: Step Away From the Eye Candy ago
Chapter 41: Armor of the Dark Mariner ago
Chapter 42.1: Upgrades and Understandings ago
Chapter 42.2: Upgrades and Understandings ago
Chapter 42.3: Upgrades and Understandings ago
Chapter 43: Those Peaceful Days... ago
Chapter 44: His Heart Wasn't Ready ago
Chapter 45: Is It Really That Bad? ago
Chapter 46: Hey Sharde ago
Chapter 47: Hardcore Mode ago
Chapter 48: OEC Public License ago
Chapter 49: Volume 3 Epilogue ago
So, Origin ARS 3 is now officially a thing... Coupon incoming! ago
Volume IV Start: Chapter 50: Learning the Rules ago
Chapter 51: Pregnant Faux-Pause ago
Chapter 52: The Virtuous Slave Master ago
Chapter 53: Community Service ago
Chapter 54: True Human Potential ago
Chapter 55: Fairy Friend With Benefits ago
Chapter 56.1: Family Meeting ago
Chapter 56.2: Family Meeting ago
chapter 57.1: Blood Tracker ago
Chapter 57.2: Blood Tracker ago
Chapter 57.3: Blood Tracker ago
Chapter 58.1: Bandit's Cove ago
Chapter 58.2: Bandit's Cove ago
Chapter 58. 3: Bandit's Cove ago
Chapter 58.4: Bandit's Cove ago
Chapter 59.1: Fly, My Fairy BFF! Fly! ago
Chapter 59.2: Fly, My Fairy BFF! Fly! ago
Chapter 60: Home Sweet Ho-ly Crap My Hair is Still Blue ago
Chapter 61: Mortals. Am I Right? ago
Chapter 62: I Believe! I Believe! ago
Chapter 63: Twin Trouble ago
Chapter 64: Is it Better than Free Cake? ago
Chapter 65: A Day too Late ago
Chapter 66: An Uncomplicated Relationship ago
Chapter 67: Dude. I Know. ago
Chapter 68: Revelations ago
Chapter 69: Balance - End Volume IV ago
Volume V Start - Chapter 70: Bless Your Little Heart ago
Chapter 71: Pay the Ferryman ago
Chapter 72: New Tactics ago
Chapter 73: Welcome to the Fantasy Life ago
Chapter 74: Well Met, Brother ago
Chapter 75: Damned Fanboys ago
Volume 6 - Start. Chapter 76 ago
Chapter 77: I Made it for You ago
Chapter 78.1: Revisiting the Past ago
Chapter 78.2: Revisiting the Past ago
Chapter 78.3 Revisiting the Past ago
Chapter 79.1: Earth Daze ago
Chapter 79.2: Earth Daze ago
Chapter 79.3: Earth Daze ago
Chapter 80.1: Divinely Human Nature ago
Chapter 80.2: Divinely Human Nature ago
Chapter 80.3: Divinely Human Nature ago
Chapter 81.1: Dating Dangerous ago
Chapter 81.2: Dating Dangerous ago
Chapter 81.3: Dating Dangerous ago
Chapter 82.1: Operation: Fiance Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 82.2: Fiance Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 82.3: Operation: Fiance Shock and Awe ago
Chapter 83.1: Two for the Price of Fun ago
Chapter 83.2: Two for the Price of Fun ago
Chapter 83.3: Two for the Price of Fun ago
Chapter 84.1: Furious Road ago
Chapter 84.2: Furious Road ago
Chapter 84.3: Furious Road ago
Chapter 85: - Volume 6 Epilogue ago
Volume 6 release confirmed. Here's the Coupon! ago
Chapter 86: Volume VII Start ago
Chapter 87: Apocalypse Sometime ago
Chapter 88: Noteworthy Goals ago
Chapter 89: Trinity Station: Phase One ago
Chapter 90: Whichever Way the Wind Blows ago
Chapter 91: I am the Stupid Wind ago
Chapter 92: You Idiot! ago
Chapter 93: Broken Dreams ago
Chapter 94: Memories That Reach Across ago
Chapter 95: Letting Go, Moving Forward ago
Chapter 96: Family Discussion ago
Chapter 97: Fairy Special Training ago
Chapter 98: Road Rage ago
Chapter 99: Growth Spurt ago
Chapter 100: Cinnamon Girl ago
Chapter 101: Agent of the Realm ago
Chapter 102: The Rewards of Contribution ago
Chapter 103: The Boot of Love ago
Chapter 104: Extra Pregnant ago
Chapter 105.1: Volume VIII Start ago
Chapter 105.2: Volume VIII Start ago
Chapter 105.3: Volume VIII Start ago
Chapter 106.1: Silence ago

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Please notice the following: I will in my review possibly spoil the first 45 chapters. I will treat the author male, since he calls himself Scotty (Scottf14) which is a male name. Furthermore, I might accidentally claim that there a fewer mistakes in the story than there really are, since I don’t have notes considering this story.

Reading this fictional work, I feel like crying. The grammar is acceptable for RRL. Sure, I lowered my expectations a great deal in the last months, but there are at least no sentences where I sit and just think: “Hm. Is this maybe a highly intellectual Latin saying? Or is this maybe another dead language?”

The style is actually good. There are occasional mistakes, but those I can ignore.

With the story, I had a slight problem to criticize. Why? Because the story itself is fine, but a story is presented and driven by its characters. And that really sucks when the fiction does have a major problem with its main character. But before I fall into a rant, I might tell you the only reason why I still allowed myself to rate the story this high. The setting. RRL doesn’t give reviews the option to rate the setting, which is why I put the points for the setting in the story.

The setting is highly imagine and very interesting. We have a race of gods, which had a very boring life since they are eternal, almost almighty gods which might have jumped right out of the bible. So, what do you do when you are a bored god? Imitate mortal cultures and/or visit worlds while highly limiting your own power. The setting of this story is such a world which gods have changed to a RPG world so that it’s more interesting for the visiting gods, where gods pretty much take the roles of players.

And now, after this much praise for one minor part, let me tell you why the most important part of almost every story – the characters – is so bad. Our main character is a male Mary Sue – well kind of. These who know the typical Mary Sue might have lost any interest in this story. For these who don’t know a Mary Sue; A Mary Sue is a character which is perfect by itself. And now don’t say that OP characters are pretty normal – often even popular – since a perfect character is more the personality and not the power of the character.

Sure, the main characters does have troubles, but all those troubles originate in other persons or his perfect personality. He himself is always nice, looks perfectly, does have the discipline to change himself for his environment, always courteous, and oh so forgiving.

How nice is he? He shows great pity for the dangerous mobs he kills in a RPG world, where they would respawn any way.

How sexy is he? He can match the avatar of the she-is-literally-so beautiful-your-head-explodes goddess of love. Funny actually, I would presume that something different would explode with such beauty, but more of this later.

How much discipline he does have to change himself? Well, first he was in the army, a very cautious man. Now he jumps in a group of monster of his own level or higher while screaming “LEROY JENKINS”. Really happened.

How courteous he is? The breath taking goddess of love can’t get in his pants, because of his moral qualms, even after months. And she is pretty direct in wanting to fuck him. And to make this a little bit more clear: he’s single, she would like to marry him, she does have a great personality, they love each other, and she is even ready to share him with a perverted fairy.

How forgiving he is? The goddess of love lied to him repeatedly and her lies weren’t sweet little white lies. She lied about her race, her name, her strength in the game, his role in the game, and what choices he does have. These who read the story as far as I did may ask themselves now what I mean with choices he does have. Easy, he had from the very beginning no choice, since he is a nice guy. He literally is forced to marry and sleep with her, if he wants to stop the destruction of an entire world where he and also many real humans live their real mortal life. But what was his reaction to all this after she told him after two months of knowing each other? The equivalent of “Alright, I forgive you for all your lies and secrets. Actually, I’m also sorry for some reason”.

But thinking about it, I might have been wrong to calling him a Mary Sue, or even a main character. After all, he is more like a puppet for his environment to manipulate. Let me make this a little more clear for you: He is suddenly transported to a game world. He doesn’t panic but decides to fight cute little beings in order to become stronger. Afterwards he feels sorry, but still continues his massacres. He goes to a town and is shown several jobs he could do. He works hard and does them. He is told about a statue which could help him to become stronger. He goes there. He finds a girl there, which tells him that praying to the statue for power is bad.  So he doesn’t pray, but decided to clean the cave in which the statue is. The girl wants him to travel with her. He decides it’s alright to join the stranger. Girl shows directions, they go there. Girl vanishes, but he still waits 5 days before he goes to place she indicated.

When did the main ever decide something for himself, except that he might want (he isn’t all so sure when they decided to go to an island) to be stronger. Well, maybe that he bounded with a fairy, but he didn’t know what that meant.

This fiction shows us a character who dances in the hands of the goddess which travel with him. A perfect puppet for them to control, a puppet version of a Mary Sue if you want to call him that.

Additional, I believe that the author doesn’t really know what love is. In the story are two goddesses who have fallen for the main after a random encounter decades (for them, for him still years) ago, and after watching him with their godly power. Well, one of them only watched and never even met him before. But here is exactly what I mean. You don’t fall in love in a person by watching from a distance. It would be exactly like saying: “I absolutely love Dexter from the series ‘Dexter’. Hm? No, I don’t mean it in a ‘I like how he appears’, but in a ‘I want to marry him and have his children’.

  • Overall Score

Promising start, but just another wash of sappy erotica


The first book is great, and he does an excellent job of world building and it is initially very engaging but t's all downhill from there. Very soon more than half of each chapter is dedicated to nauseating amounts of sappy smutty bullshit. The female characters are all one dimensional obsessive nymphos and the author doesn't even bother with any male characters aside from the MC and those met in passing. So it quickly degrades into a degenerate teenagers wet dream.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Inconsistent, renders 70% of its previous story inconsequential.

To start with, the grammar in this story is generally pretty good. The main issues are awkward phrases and typos that crop up in pretty much every chapter, though usually only once or twice per.


Style wise I think the story is lacking in certain areas. There really isn't a good use of imagery in scenes that desperately need them, like the fight scenes for instance. Later on in the story, as the chapters got longer, we get these long winded and over-descriptive passages that really contribute nothing overall and in some cases needlessly echo previously mentioned information. It was a real slog to get through and at times I felt forced to continue reading to get to something more entertaining. 


Story is where this piece loses out the most. The plot is slow. This wouldn't be a bad thing if we had proper development but we don't. The only thing that has advanced is the MC's relationships, and those were frankly poorly written. The way they were written is excused by major plot device, yet, this same plot device inconsistently affects the story. Sometimes it has a huge effect and at other times it seems like the author forgot about it or simply doesn't understand how to apply the concepts he's written about to the psychology of a character.

Furthermore, at one point in the story the author decided to invalidate a huge portion of the previous chapters. I understand why, although I don't agree that was the best course of action. It was not handled well at all. Let me put it this way: if the author had started the story from volume 5 and had made a handful of rewrites, we would not have been conscious of the existence of dozens of previous chapters at all. Not a single clue of them. Even before this, we had chapter after chapter of emotional and relationship drama that could have been written in a way that didn't need to span a dozen chapters. It seems like a reminder of how well MC and his lady friends get along, but the quantity and quality of it becomes obnoxious quickly. 


In terms of character, the MC decent. Hes written to be flawed and it shows in his thought processes and actions on occasion. The issue is with the 2 female leads. As mentioned before, a plot device ties them emotionally to the MC while another one explains their psychology, albeit inconsistently. In practice, they both turn more into objects of lust due to them being essentially one dimensional. They don't stand on their own at all and merely exist as MC supports. There is no build up of the relationship on their part, its simply the MC getting used to the new status quo. Its not like the author isn't aware of this either, its mentioned several times during the story that the love between the MC and his girls is ridiculous in several aspects. 

  • Overall Score

Don't Read if you aren't looking to spend money.

I started reading this and it is good. It deserves most of the praise it seems to be getting, but unless you are looking to buy I suggest you let this one go. The author has added scenes to the first volume that were important enough that he needed to mention them going into the second. This seems manipulative to me, so I dropped the story and generally wouldn't recommend it. 


Review Scheme
This is a subjective comparative scale.
1 Star means that on top of dropping the story I also would
not under any circumstance recommend it. I don't expect to give
this out very often.
2 Stars means that while I dropped the story there are some circumstances
in which I would recommend it, but that there is a flaw in the story that
I can't personally overlook and believe that at least some others will be
unable to as well.
3 Stars means that I view the rated work as being of roughly the same as
any ln/wn that I have read. While I may still drop a story with this
rating doing so means that I personally didn't get into it, not that
I see anything wrong with that story.
4 Stars means that there is some aspect of the story that I really liked.
One of the things that will push from 3 stars to 4 stars is having an
element I haven't seen or haven't seen often.
5 Stars means that I would/will/would like to/ or have put my money where
my mouth is in support of the author. I don't expect to give this out very


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It seems that this is a Final Fantasy 5 fan fiction. It has a similar class system, magic/health system, you have music while walking, mana doesn't refill unless you sleep or take a potion, hybrid classes can only learn spells to rank x and so on and on.


The writing is very well done, it is easy to follow and understand.


One  issue I have is that the author seems to have put part of the story on another site, as such while he does summarized some of it I am still left wondering what is going on at times.


The other issue I have is that the love story that has so far taken up half a volume at least feels forced. The love interest is supper hot and for no reason given loves the mc 100% from the moment they meet... which to me is unrealistic....

  • Overall Score

Great potential, but the author lacks focus

Like most of the authors story's it starts off being a great story. But quickly develops into just a harem building fantasy with, with most of the characters seeming to have the same personalities in each story. I think a lot of the problems could be fixed if the author would focus more on a single story at a time, instead of trying to write five or six at once while somehow tying them together.

  • Overall Score

Like most of the authors story's it starts off being a great story. But quickly develops into just a harem building fantasy with, with most of the characters seeming to have the same personalities in each story. I think a lot of the problems could be fixed if the author would focus more on a single story at a time, instead of trying to write five or six at once while somehow tying them together 

  • Overall Score

Very interesting and unique

Honestly quite enjoy the story. Quite an interesting take on the multiverse perspective and I also enjoy the tie-ins to blackthorne as well. Probably the most unique part of this storyline is the way the status table is set up. Also nice one with the deity cell phones xD

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great story keep updating plz

great story keep updating. the whole story concept I fell in love with right away but the use of humor and goofy sence of how the mc dose stuff but still remains series when it counts is great is what keeps me hooked. Scot is in my eyes a true mans man and I can respect that every great thing that happens to him he desurvs every bit of it I hope you keep updating this story or if you have moved shops to anouth sure plz do tell i wish to keep showing my supprt for this story. 


p.s 105 was the best so far what Scot dose is the most ba thing 

  • Overall Score

 All the time spent in dialogue for me become so tiring... I guess it's intended for greater character building  but to enjoy this I found myself skipping multiple chapters of fairly non convincing angst of a ridiculous immature 18 year old to get to the 'action' or more litrpg aspects