Champions of the Boundary

by KurtMKing

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Warning This fiction contains:
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In reality, there exists a realm between reality and fantasy, where all maner of magical creatures exist, and the warriors summoned as they died in reality fight against the forces of a powerful being known only as the Shadow of Life. Here, they live in a world with experience and Levels, Classes and Skills, and they fight against monsters, training for years just to achieve a Level that can allow them to make a small difference.

Yet even with this training, it is not enough. The Crystal Adventurers are forced to retreat further and further every year as the Shadow of Life's monsters grow stronger and more numerous, destroying cities at an increasing rate. If the city of Maelnor falls, then it will be less than a year before nearly all of the Crystal Adventurers are wiped out, both those brought to the realm upon death, and those born and raised there.

Legends tell of a prophecy that describes a team led by the legendary child of the prophecy, a child whose destiny is not to end the Shadow of Life, but to act as a harbinger, one whose very existence will turn the tides of war, one who must meet three seemingly impossible or currently unheard of criteria before the tides truly change.

This is the tale of Team Noruva, which consists of a quiet, yet wise healer, a silent, but thoughtful rogue, a knight with an iron will, a wolf beastborn who gained access to the System, and their leader, who ignores the impossible and does whatever he wants, because why the hell not? This is the tale of their adventures and daily lives, their ups and downs, their struggles, successes, and losses.

Posting Schedule: Alternating between 2 days and 3 days (so two chapters in a 5-day period).


There will be 5 total PoV's in this story. However, four of them will take several dozen chapters (beginning Chapter 73) to start happening, with the first two "Books" focusing just on Zack, which is why there's the Multiple PoV's tag on here, even though only one's around at first.

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The Days after Christmas
The Cake is out of the Oven
Finding the Key
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Was surprised given how often I browse this site I'd never run into this story, also surprised it has no reviews.

It was a fun read.  The writing and grammar are a cut above.  Some people might have a problem with the main character being beyond over powered.  However I think it fits the story.  It also feels like as I read the story that unlike some royal road stories there is a plot the author had in mind and is attempting to keep to.

The dialogue is another aspect to the story that is a cut above.  Alot of the conversations and humor are juvenile but not in a way that detracts.  It just make the story more comedic.  Thanks for your effort and I look forward to reading through the rest of the story.

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Should definitely be higher rated

The lead character starts as someone who is trying (and initially failing) to get over some very bad habits. So he is kinda a bit of a git to start with. Later on he is still a bit of a git but is a lot more empathic.

Do give this quite a few chapters before giving up on it if that is your main issue with it.

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Very much enjoy this book, honestly I saw someone complain about him being too OP, compared to some books he isnt even that OP, I mean he is still OP just not that much, also I genuinely enjoy the MC and most of his choices make sense and is likable person. Good story, would suggest a read if your into some LITRPG with some Fantasy and a little bit of comedy.

Adreano Castelano
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History that is addictive.

Reviewed at: Chapter 0094

Although I was not exactly a friend of the story at the beginning, if you give this story a chance, you will definitely be rewarded.
The writing style of the story is fluid and the suspense is always active without being extended too much. CoB is definitely recommended.

  • Overall Score

Champions of the Boundary

Reviewed at: Chapter 0002

I enjoy the pace that your characters move. They don't just sit and take long times to be active in their Quest.

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Great story and worth the read

Reviewed at: Chapter 0092

Really enjoy this story and like how the MC is always watching out for his team just like a big brother.  The holiday monsters are a fun twist.  Look forward to seeing how the story continues to develop.

Night Auditor
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Fun Ride through the Boundary

Great story! The Main Character is fun to read. 


The imclusion of Holiday Monsters keeps you guessing what their special attacked will be. 


The MC morales on racism is refreshing in these times where it seems America is taking a step back to days of segregation. 

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Fans of medieval fantasy need to give this a go.

Reviewed at: Chapter 0118

This is now the third iteration of this story from this author. Each time the story got better and better, and more in depth.

Fans of fantasy or medieval stories should definitely give this story a try. It has good action scenes, believable arcs, and really fun characters. Especially Max. Max is life.

  • Overall Score

This is a really good book I like the well thought out character there is no to very small mistakes but even those are barely there and I love the story so overall a really great book

Thomas Renard
  • Overall Score
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Avanced review here we go:

Style: well it's a part isekai part system story. Nothing new but still unique in its own way especially since the reincarnated people get the choice which is a change from regular isekai 

Story: well won't say much here because I follow this story on patreon and have advenced chapters and don't want to accidentally spoil something... Well the first chapters are about the MC discovering the new world he found himself in as  you would expect then you get to discover the main story plot and how the MC want to take part in it 

Grammar: I haven't noticed much if any grammar error but I'm not a native speaker so I may miss some that would be obvious for a native

Characters: the MC is at first an ass to people (he said it himself) but is trying to get over that and mostly succeed. The MC is by many standards OP but there's also older and more experienced people around him to not only guide him when needed but also to ground him and give him some humility (not that he wouldn't brag anyway but he is a kid so it's expected and normal for a kid to brag)

Overall it's a great story that I advise reading