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The sun, with all its radiance, left this world long ago. In this land of savage beasts and unrestrained violence, contested zones rich with resources remain as the last bastions of mankind. Still, life was not well as small towns struggled to produce both the food and fuel necessary to sustain life.

It was in one of these towns that Anya was born.

Forced out of the only dwelling she had ever called home, the girl now must journey through the desolate wastes in search of purpose and a place where she may belong. Be warned, these lands show no mercy, not even to a sheltered child…

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My eggplant does some strange things.

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Well, I've never done a review before and I don't know if I am being generous with the scoring and whatnot, but I heckin' like this story that you've got going on.

Style: Nothing new style-wise but what the author has going on works well enough with the flow of things. Not sure what else to say here.

Story: Yes.

I like stories that have a strong MC, but they still have to fight to get where they want. It also helps if the MC has a unique-ish power (relative to the story but not so much when compared to other stories). The setting works well, too, with a Fallout or maybe Borderlands sort of vibe to it. Crazy fanatics, strange beasts, and modified technology all give a gritty feel to everything which I personally have not encountered on this site before.

Grammar: I have no issues here.

Character: I think the author has done a good job throughout the chapters so far in molding the characters, giving reasons as to why characters act the way they do. Um... yeah.

Overall, I really like this story, but to be fair, I'm also an easy person to please as long as, at the very least, the grammar is good. (That sentence sounds weird...) Anywho, thank you for this story.


i love how the story lets you mind just run with the characters, its a good solid story that's building very nicley. The word use is great and always changing not to become reading the same state of being again and again, the characters learning curve is moving a bit slow for me and iseems mosrooms and chambers discribed in here a all perfect to scene display; lighting to a room is always perfect and well lit. i think some scene intensity could be added by having some rooms dim light, with boken or wrecked items all left about.

to a entirety however it is very well done.


You get to see how the characters chose to live in a post apocalyptic world full of monsters and madmen. The story is not scared to get dark, but it can also show that it can have it fun happy moments, this makes the story more fun to read.

I will not tell you much about the MC, but she is certainly different from an ordinary MC. This is good, as it makes the world more original and not a copy paste story, like some you can find on Royalroad

I recommend you read this story it will not disappoint you

And remember to have fun~


If the Queen of Blades was a 13 year old child

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

The story is very will written. It really kept me guessing. Unfortuantely the story that's told just isn't quite what I'm looking for.

I love the 'zerg' feel but I don't love that the person playing 'queen of blades' in the post apocalytpic setting is a petulant child. She is a child so it makes sense that she acts like a child, nothing about the setting doesn't make sense. Its just not the setting for me.


IDK, its just a masterpiece, its so cool 55 chapter reading as first chapters in good oneshot. I love it!


Um, ah. Five stars for everything?

This is my first review so please be gentle...

Style - I don't really know what falls under 'style', so I'll just assume it is what I think it is.

It's good. There's no unnecessarily long and boring infodumps, the whole thing flows well, and I've never once gotten bored while reading it.

Story - Yes. Just yes.

You want more detail? Well then. The story's great. It moves forward realistically enough that you can kinda- sorta believe what's happening. It's dark enough to match the lighting, but light enough that I don't feel drowned in despair. And while the main char is stumbling along, the world moves on around her.

Grammar - I don't think I've found many (or any) grammer mitskaskes. And if I have, then they're small enough that I barely notice them and move on without a second thought.

Character - Uhm, how can I say this... It's terrible.

Just kidding! Wait, did you actually believe me there for a second? Wow, how did you not notice the five stars I gave it over there to the side? The characters are great! They're not introduced so quickly that I have trouble keeping track. Every person feels like their own person. They have morals, ideals, personalities, fears, and other stuff that a person needs. Even if I forget their names (which I do often, not just on this story), I can easily pick up who they are from cues and stuff. And they're all really likeable in their own ways. But then again, I try to always see the best in people.

Except for fanatics, but even they're done more believably than in other stories on this site. I end up liking them too.

Overall - Should I put this at the top? I feel like this should be at the top.

A very nice story. You should read it, if you haven't already.


 high quality story but slow release date which is acceptable .finish reading chapter 1 till 50 in a day(what a fulfilled day),gotta say i enjoy reading it totally the right genre for me.got gud writing style and plot.hope this novel never dropped :)

Simone Calderari

Original, intriguing and much, much dark

This is one of the stories I enjoy the most, for its uniqueness and interesting set up.

Style 4: -The writing stile i good even if sometimes we pass from one scene to another in an abrupt way, it still don't break the flow of the story so badly.

Along the currently released chaps, there is a lot of time during we are not following the MC but this is necessary, and believe me it is really, for the story to progress, there are a lot of things in motion.

Story 4.5: -As I said in the title the world building is pretty unique and intriguing but not in the way the concepts have never been used before, but the way the author mixes and imagines them. And still a lot has to be revealed.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Grammar 4: - I'm not English native so I may have missed sentence construction mistakes, or few grammar ones, but nothing major popped up or at least nothing that brake the flow of the reading. So yeah, grammar and sentences are good. Just read a become an addicted crawler for this story.

Characters 4.5: this is more of a personal rating than a objective one. I like the chars so I gave a high rating, but that doesn't mean their grow was neglected. Especially our MC went trough a lot and got a lot of insight for things, but she's still a child and sometimes she act like that. She has a good character. Even some side chars (the most important) are done quiet good, but the story need to progress more for them to be completed(?) I think.

Overall 4.5: Again this is a personal rating because its is one of the story I enjoy the most here on RRL.




intense and addicting

I'm not too hot on doing review so bear with me, the score are deserved if you look at the standard of the website, and if they can bring some light on this story well it won't hurt


Grammar: Many stories on the website have a good pitch but are just unreadable because of the grammar, I am no expert in english but I can't find anything wrong in Anya.

Style: Dunno if it comes under the style category, but the pacing of the story is really nice, you don't have walls of technical or artsy description, you get the information you need for the story to carry on without it being confusing and it give it a tension that never really come down, there's always something happening compelling you to go for the next chapter

Character: Since it's fast paced, the characters don't get that much time for in-depth thinking, and still they are fleshed out and realistic, rather than though them explaining and comtemplating their situations, you get to understand them trough their actions and interactions, they all have their own reasons to be part of this story

One bonus point for Anya, many stories with children have them act either way too childish or calculating for their age, her reactions are fitting  and that's refreshing

Story: Dark and refreshing, it has quite the universe and is really promising,

well anyway as a conclusion  it's original, fast paced and dark, has action and likable characters, do read it.