Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Several people say life is a game, and mine is certainly no different, save for the fact that I'm playing for stakes a little higher than the rest.

I'm a player. The board is the world, the game world domination. 

With nothing but my wits and rationality, I'll challenge this unforgiving world. 

I am Lancelot Amon, and this is my story. 



R-18: Contains profanity, descriptive sex, (hopefully) traumatising content, and gore. 

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  • There will be graphic depictions of RAPE

  • There will be graphic depictions of TORTURE

  • There will be graphic descriptions of gore. 

  • There will be explicit depictions of suffering, torment and anguish. 

This story is NOT for the faint of heart, neither for the squeamish.

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The story may contain propaganda, and contain Author's opinions on Philosophy, Politics, Religion, and other bodies of knowledge. 
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Another Generalphone review~

Lets start with style: While I certainly feel as if the structure was well set up, there are a couple small things I'd like to suggest. VERY long paragraphs can make people skim instead of actually read, so I may go through and edit some of that if I were you. Also, very long chapters can also do the same thing. People may be turned off by the length. Otherwise I felt as if the style was well done and well thought out, 4/5

Story: An interesting story which incorporates geopolitics and aliens on the world stage! What would happen if a third of the world gained in human powers? The divided states of America? World government? Shadow empires? I think this story does well at puzzling out just what might happen to these countries and leaders. 4.5/5

Grammar: As the leader of DRAFT I have to give you a slightly hard time on grammar lol. There were a few times where I felt as if there were many run on sentences in a row (also can be fixed by split up paragraphs) and instances of small typing mistakes that can be fixed easily with a run though. Luckily I didn't really see any spelling errors! Some things grammatically could use a tune up definitely, but very very far from taking away from the narrative. 3.5/5

Character: Our main character is very interesting, one that had not felt the power of the alien race yet still was able to lead some of the world through this "world war 3" though I do think a lot of past narrative was shoved through early I think that what is explained very much helps him be an effective character. 4.5/5

Good stuff man~ 4.5/5 overall

-GeneralPhone, Leader of DRAFT