The Chaos Immortal



Chapter 31 - Unusual Atmosphere


Shen laughed at Xue’er’s response.

“Haha, it sure was exciting! Xue’er, I must practise a movement art! We can flee faster if we encounter something like this in the future.”

Xue’er could only give a wry smile at Shen who was like a child that had discovered a new toy. ‘Or you could just scare them into oblivion, Big Brother Shen!’

She could only mutter in her mind such a sentence as they ran at full speed out of the valley.

Shen went around the territories of the False Immortal magical beasts on the way but their speed was much faster than when they had entered.

It was possible that one or more of the four magical beasts would chase after them, therefore Shen and Xue’er ran at full speed without stopping.

“Phew, we’re safe.” Shen and Xue’er stood at the same place they had descended to from top of the cliff.

“Big Brother Shen, let’s go out. I don’t really like the poison mist. I want to change clothes and take a bath to clean myself.” Xue’er urged Shen.

“Ok, let’s go Xue’er.” The two flew up despite the pressure exerting on them. Soon, they were on top of the cliff.

“Ha…it feels good to breath fresh air.”

“Xue’er do you want to take a rest or should we go back to the city now?”

“We can go back slowly, Big Brother Shen. We will be leaving here towards the south after this mission won’t we. There won’t be any large forests or mountains like this anymore.”

Shen and Xue’er went back towards Blue Cloud city at a slow pace. On the way, they had encountered a small waterfall and a lake at the bottom.

Xue’er cleaned up while Shen stood guard. This time Shen learned his lesson and gave Xue’er some space.

The two set off again afterwards. It took over five days to reach the outskirts of the city. The journey was uneventful with them only seeing very few cultivators on the way. However, they all seemed to be hurrying back towards the city.

There was a long line of people with a large number of guards inspecting at the gate.

The air was filled with tension and the people had worried looks on their faces.

Shen and Xue’er looked around with puzzled faces while they lined up.

“Friend, did something happen in the city? It’s too tense here.” Shen asked the cultivator in front of him.

The man looked behind to find Shen and Xue’er who seemed clueless about the current situation.

“Where have you been? There’s a notice by the large sects. A group of evil cultivators are discovered to be residing near the city, on one of the mountains. It’s dangerous to go into the mountains right now!

Everyone is trying to take shelter inside the city. So, the city guards are inspecting everyone in case evil cultivators try to sneak in!”

Shen and Xue’er looked at each other. The evil cultivators were not the same as the devil path alliance that showed up at the competition before. These were cruel and savage groups of people that did anything and everything to enhance their own power. The existence of such people always brought fear and commotion whenever they were discovered.

“Thanks for the information.” Shen smiled and thanked the cultivator.

“I hope we can get inside quickly. Those correct path cultivators would close the gates leaving us alone out here if the evil path cultivators show up to attack the city.”

Shen narrowed his eyes at such information. He looked at Xue’er, as if questioning the authenticity of the comment from the man.

[I don’t know, Big Brother Shen. Father rarely mentioned about those evil cultivators. He only told me that they were very ruthless and told me to run away from them if I encountered them. Still, he never mentioned that the large sects would abandon the normal cultivators.]

Xue’er sent a sound transmission to Shen, not hoping that the surrounding cultivators hear their conversation.

Shen grabbed Xue’er’s small hands and gave a squeeze to reassure her.

[Don’t worry, Xue’er. I’ll teach them a lesson if they show up here. I don’t want to kill if I can help it. I’m not a judge nor executioner but I will not ignore evil in front of me.]

The two continued to wait in the line. A few more cultivators showed up with anxious expressions and lined up. The outside of the city gate was eerily quiet with no one speaking and only the rhythmic actions of the guards, allowing people entry into the city.

Eventually, Shen and Xue’er were admitted into the city after testing their spiritual power and cultivation technique.

“It’s somewhat stifling here. Big Brother Shen, do you want to leave straight away after we turn in the mission?”

Shen thought for a while at Xue’er’s question.

“Let’s stay a few days. I want to experience these evil cultivators. Unless Xue’er wants to leave of course.”

“It’s fine, Big Brother Shen. Let’s stay a few more days then.” Xue’er’s dazzling smile caused Shen to fall into a daze once more.

Shen quickly woke up and smiled back. “Thank you, Xue’er.”

The streets were deserted as a lot of people were hiding in their cave mansions or inns. It was possible that a few evil cultivators had infiltrated the city.

Shen and Xue’er turned in the mission at the guild. The receptionist who looked as if he didn’t want to be there at any cost was surprised but he was worried about the imminent disaster, therefore he did not enquire any details.

“Aren’t they worrying too much. They could just fight back if the evil cultivators came.” Xue’er was rather puzzled at the state of the city.

“Well, I’m sure they have their reasons. Let’s go get something to eat, Xue’er.”

Although the streets were more empty than usual, crowds of cultivators with matching clothing could be seen patrolling.

“Hmph, let them show up! I’ll show them the might of Celestial Sword Peak!”

“Yes yes. Try not to die when they do show up.”

Such conversations were heard as Shen and Xue’er walked towards the Green Bamboo Manor.

There were also a large number of guards in front of the restaurant. The green armour the guards wore had the word ‘Xiao’ on the chest. The guards inspected the people coming into the restaurant similar to the guards at the city gate.

Shen and Xue’er sat at an empty table on the first floor after entering. The upper floors were packed full of cultivators since they felt it was safer the higher one went. Indeed, the entire building was surrounded by a defence barrier. It would take a considerable amount of power to break into the building.

Xue’er took Little White out of the pet bag and explained the situation. Xiao Yan remained in the pet bag since his cultivation was still too low.

The ordered dishes and wine arrived, therefore the trio had a meal while listening to the surrounding chatter.

“Hey, have you heard the rumours? They say that the evil cultivators have more than ten Sky Immortals in the group!”

“What! Is that true? So, is that why we’re all holing up in the city?!”

“Yeah, I heard from my acquaintance at the Heavenly Beast Sect that elders from the correct path are now racing towards the city!”

“He said it will take at least two days for reinforcements to arrive.”

“I hope the city’s barrier will be able to hold up until then.”

“I wonder if there are any evil cultivators in the city…”

“Hey, be quiet! Don’t say that. What if you bring bad luck!”

“Hmph! I’m just being careful! There might be one sitting next to you now!”

“You!! Don’t listen to this guy! If I hadn’t known you for over 40 years, I would’ve thought you were one of them!”


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