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Book 2 Chapter 49: Farm and Warning


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"Ah, right. You, Zel," Lone called. At this, Zel turned around, and his heated gaze calmed some upon looking at his people's saviour.

"How can I help you, Foxkin-ss?" he said respectfully. 

"My name is Lone, but besides that, show me the most ideal location for a farm for you guys. I'll make you one, so you don't have to worry about starving," Lone said passively. Although it was a simple thing for him, it meant far more than that to the Lemurians.

They hadn't mentioned it out of either fear or respect, but the thing that they needed the most was certainly food. Due to being a mere step away from being exiled from the tribe, they received literally no support from them, which obviously included food. Thankfully there was a stream nearby which made water a simple thing to acquire, unlike food.

"Of course-ss!" Zel responded with a lot of vigour to his tone. He practically bounced to a nearby pasture just beyond the homes Lone had created.

"This area is where you'd like the farm?" Lone asked with some hesitation. The soil was hardly fertile and looked almost black. 'I'm gonna need to create the land, aren't I? Fuck. Is this really worth all of the mana orbs I'm draining? I only have two left,' Lone thought in depression. He was upset that his desire for knowledge was so strong that he was willing to waste his stored mana on these people that he didn't care about purely to make it easier to acquire knowledge on their culture and technology.

"Y-Yes-ss. this is the most fertile land that we own-ss... it may not look like much, but we are used to working hard, even if we have been cast out by the tribe, we will work our hardest to create a life for ourselves here on the outskirts-ss," Zel replied with zeal.

"Well, fine. It's your choice. I'll improve the land a bit for you and plant some fruits and vegetables I suppose. You guys can eat that stuff, yeah?" Lone asked, to which Zel agreed.

After that, Lone spent a few hours using his mana creation to carefully create more fertile land and a few simple farming tools. He then created several vegetables and planted them. Lone also created several different types of fruit trees. Lone was quite happy with his work, but not with that amount of mana he had to spend. 'Only half an orb's worth of mana is left now, but at least everyone here trusts me and should give me the information I'm after,' Lone thought while he sat down on a bench he had created. 

Quite honestly, the little village he had built looked very out of place huddled up next to the wall that enclosed the tribe. It looked a lot more like a small Elven settlement rather than one lived in by Lemurians due to the Elven design of the houses, but the occupants weren't complaining, so Lone wasn't bothered.

Zel approached Lone after finishing a conversation with a few of the other Lemurians and sat next to him as Lone was relaxing. "You have done so much for us, Lone-ss. How can we, the outcasts of our race, ever hope to repay you-ss?"

Lone leaned forward slightly and his face put on a thinking expression. "All I want from you is knowledge, and that's it. Just tell me about your people. It's history, its technology, its culture. I want to know all of this. Y'know, I'm a glutton for information," Lone said with a chuckle.

Suddenly, Lones eyes turned sharp, and he looked at the southern direction, towards the centre of the tribe. "Heh, I guess it makes sense that what I was doing would be noticed by her... i wonder how she feels about me helping her kin like this?" Lone had mumbled before he stood up.

"Is there a problem-ss?" Zel asked Lone with confusion evident in his voice.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be back tomorrow at some point, so try to compile your knowledge somehow to make it easier for me to learn. Anyway, I need to go now, so I'll seeya later, Zel," Lone said abruptly. 

Zel sat in silence for a moment before nodded his head and said, "Of course, I'll be awaiting your return then, Lone-ss." After that, he stood up and walked off, presumably to help his fellow castaways.

Lone immediately left the shanty town that he had rebuilt and walked in a nearly straight line towards whatever had drawn his attention earlier. He was walking at a reasonably fast pace, but not quite quick enough to call it a jog or a run. After maybe two minutes of walking, Lone could finally see who had caught his attention.

"Hi, Reytla. What's up?" he asked with a loose smile hung across his face. 'I wonder if she's pissed that I helped out the people that her tribe had already thrown away?' Lone thought.

"Greetings, Lone. I see that you've been busy," Reytla said as she looked at the distant village.

"I suppose so," he responded. "Y'know, it was annoying. No one came to ask for help except one beggar who took me here. I guess I kinda got into it, y'know, fixing their situation. Well, you did say 'help my kin' right? You need to give specifics if I wasn't supposed to help that lot," Lone remarked. He began fiddling with his glasses since he couldn't feel any hostility from Reytla.

"Yes, you're right. But I have no issue with you helping those ones, I merely came to see your progress," Reytla said before she walked closer to Lone, forcing her long tail to drag along the ground. "You certainly have a lot of abilities, do you not?" she asked.

Lone stopped playing with his mechanical glasses for a moment and looked up at her. "Well naturally, who do you think I am? I'm the most talented Jack of all Trades you'll ever meet," he said before his thoughts clashed slightly with his words. 'Shame the talent isn't really mine... '

"I see," Reytla answered with little interest in her voice. "Anyway, I came here to tell you that I have ordered my guards to circulate the news of your involvement here to the tribesmen. A few of them might be willing now to ask you for help. You still have a long way to go until you can say you've atoned for your sin." At those words of Reytla's, Lone frowned.

"You should know by now; you're a strong woman, so surely you can read my badly concealed body language. I don't really care about atoning. Sure, I'm sorry, but all I want is information. Don't make me sound like a criminal who's working off his debts with community service," Lone said with a slight hint of anger in his voice.

"Right," Reytla said before she turned around and began walking. "Remember, Lone; I spared your life. Make sure it was for a good reason." She then walked away back into the core of her tribe leaving Lone standing there.

"I don't owe you a debt... I don't owe anyone a debt... not anymore. Like you could have killed me, you bitch. I have seventeen lives... if it wasn't because I'd get found out, I'd kill you..." Lone grumbled under his breath while he struggled to keep his anger down. Being reminded of his debts in his prior life had triggered a sore spot of Lone's, or so it would seem.

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