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Book 1 Chapter 52: Sheep and Revisit


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"Well, I'm sure you've seen, but there are barely any free demihumans in this city. Do you really think that the humans would let monsters roam around as well, even if they've been tamed?" Gilbert asked Lone. It was fairly obvious when Lone took a moment to think about. It would make a lot of sense to just assume that the humans killed monsters and rarely, if ever, tamed and looked after them, seeing as how racist the humans already were.

"And as far as the skill goes, it's a skill, by the way, I don't know how to get it, but I'd imagine you'd have to actually tame a monster or two for it to trigger. Maybe you could take a quest from my guild branch to hunt a monster and just try to tame it? I'm sure that would work if it was you," Gilbert continued before he took a sip of his green tea that was resting on the desk he was sitting behind in a porcelain cup of sorts.

"Hmm, that does make sense I guess. Well, thanks for the status card. Does it update automatically or do I need to get it updated manually?" Lone questioned Gilbert as he continued to think on the matter of Sophie's eventual new friend and pet.

"No no, it updates automatically, you just need to drop some blood onto it. So maybe it's semi-automatic? Haha," Gilbert told Lone in a joking manner. Despite being a purity dragonkin, he loved to joke, which just went to show that not all races conformed to their specific stereotypes. This gave Lone some hope that the elder of the Foxkin clan wouldn't be a bumbling idiot like the four tails child he had previously experienced the pleasure of having an encounter with.

"Well thanks for the help, Gilbert. One more question before I go off to check your available quests. Do you know when the biggest and most reputable auction house will be holding it's next showing?" Lone asked due to the fact that ever since he realised he could create gold, he had been dying to visit the auction house in hopes of roleplaying as one of his favourite wuxia main characters by purchasing all of the available items in an arrogant display of wealth.

"Oh? Interested in the auction house are you? Well, I think the next public showing was in five days, this time it's supposed to be a special one. Apparently, they captured a very rare demihuman, or so I hear," Gilbert happily replied with a stroke of his beard. Lone was fine with it being five days away, that gave him plenty of time to wrap up the affairs he was current involved with.

"Well, thanks for the information and the status card once again. We'll be leaving now," Lone said before he stood up and led Sophie back downstairs. Gilbert just sat there in silence before he started mumbling to himself.

"Please don't be true. If his bloodline is anything like his, then I may well need to set up precaution to protect him when he destroys the entire auction house. Hahaha," he mumbled before he started laughing at what he thought might happen in the future.

Lone and Sophie soon reached the ground floor and advanced towards a huge bulletin board that appeared to have scraps of card and paper of varying sizes littering the entire thing. Lone took to examining them while Sophie just tightly held onto him since she was scared of the huge amount of people that were similarly inspecting the board. She wanted to overcome her fear of groups because she was aware that it would soon become a burden to Lone if she got more of her powers back, but couldn't use them due to being crippled by fear in the event of a group battle.

"None of these seem quite right... a giant sheep? What the hell... hey, Soph, do you want your new pet to be a giant sheep?" Lone asked in good humour at how silly that idea was. He then looked down at her only to notice that Sophie's eyebrows had scrunched up as she seriously contemplated his joke.

"Hey, I wasn't serious. I might not care too much about how people feel about me most of the time, but I won't ride a bloody sheep around," Lone firmly told her where he stood. His dignity mattered more to him than the ultimate fluffy ride apparently.

"I know... but... you need to find something just as fluffy instead," Sophie said with a strangely serious tone. Although after a moment of thought Lone considered that it was reasonable, after all, fluffiness was one of the few things that Sophie had a passion for.

"I will. Now let's leave. I need to speak to George Senior again," Lone said while he failed to hide the hate that exuded quite clearly from his voice. It was a shame that the only person he could talk to about his next concern was him as the Guildmaster seemed a lot less focused on hand-to-hand combat than him. It was time for Lone to finally get some real training. George was right about one thing, Lone's spear technique was horrible despite it being an evolved skill. Killing goblins and opponents who can't fight back will only get you so far apparently. The pair soon found themselves standing outside of the Leston family's estate's gates once more.

"What do you want?" Charles asked as he came to see who the visitor was to only have his hatred from earlier in the morning to be rapidly ignited once more. Regardless of what he or the family mages tried, they couldn't get George Leston the Second to move again. This had thrown everyone into a panic.

"I want to talk to your Master. I have an offer for him," Lone stated towards the x-men professor look-alike. 

"Fine, if you try anything, though, know that I will remove your head from its shoulders before you can even move," Charles said as he released a burst of bloodlust. He knew that his best bet to help his master was to use the culprit standing before him. Lone just acted like he hadn't felt anything, unfortunately, he had, but thankfully his actor skill was making his body and face tell a different tale.

"Of course, what could I do anyway with my level of strength?" Lone said with a smile before they entered the estate.

A note from Lone

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