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Book 1 Chapter 38: Dragonkin and Dwarf


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Lone then followed the Guildmaster up several flights of stairs with the girls trailing behind him. The group of five quickly reached what seemed to be the top floor of the adventurers guild as there were no more stairs. The group then entered a room that appeared to be Gilbert's office. This office was a spacious and luxurious looking office of a high-class sort.

"Take a seat, please, make yourself comfortable," Gilbert said before he sat down on a padded leather chair which had obviously been used for several years. Lone did as requested and was soon sitting in his own seat that looked a bit newer than Gilbert's. The three girls remained standing. It would seem that they were still unsure of Lone's intentions.

"Well, now that we're comfortable, how can I help you, Nine-tails?" Gilbert said with a grin. This caused Lone to frown before activating his aura with as much power as he could. The fox girl made a confused face until Lone suddenly revealed his traits, painting the picture clearly for her which only turned her expression into one of shock when she saw the colour of Lone's fur and the number of tails he had. She only had one tail, and she was a normal Crimson Fox variation so she couldn't help but feel a sense of awe for Lone due to the difference in their positions on the fox kin hierarchy.

[Speak. What do you want? I will make the entire adventurers guild cease to exist if your answer isn't to my liking] Lone ordered Gilbert while his tails were furiously swinging around behind him as he had stood up to emphasise how seriously he was taking this situation.

"Calm down! I was only joking around! I don't mean you any harm, look, I'm not a human either!" Gilbert exclaimed as a pair of white horns grew out of his head and a long, white and scale-covered tail made itself known. Gilbert deeply regretted teasing Lone in an attempt to break the ice between them. The only thing that broke was, unfortunately, his back. It had broken into a vicious downpour of cold sweat. After staring at him for a moment, Lone retracted his aura and sat down again.

"Holy... I know for a fact that I'm much, much more powerful than you. Just how can that aura of yours be so insanely frightening?" Gilbert asked in curiosity more than anything else. Lone took a moment to think before he nodded.

"Because if I really wanted to, I could become the most powerful being in existence? That's probably why... oh! And I'm the master of a Cosmos Level Being which greatly affects my aura," Lone said in a worryingly nonchalant manner. He had decided just to tell the Guildmaster what he wanted to know. Lone was only staying low-key until he had gauged his power level and he figured if he could frighten this oriental dragon man, then it might be time to earn a little bit of fame and spread some rumours before he left for the academy.

"No way... look, as you can see, I'm a dragon kin and a purity variation at that. Purity dragons can detect all lies, that's how I knew you were a nine-tails. It's our bloodline trait, so I know you just told me the truth. Now I only have two questions. Who are you and what do you want?" Gilbert said while he dropped his joking tone for a fully serious one. He wanted to know if he had to kill the man sitting in front of him or not.

"I'm Lone Immortus, The Lone Wanderer, and my only real goal is to become famous and powerful. But I want to do it slowly and build it up; I don't want just to be super powerful straight away, that would kill all of the fun of the journey to my eventual rise to power and fame. Although, if I were forced to, I would destroy this world, but don't worry, I only care for very few things, so the chances of me destroying this world are very small," Lone replied in as much seriousness as Gilbert had asked with.

"And here I thought I was pretty important, ha-ah, well, all I can really do is take your word for it right? Please don't blow up the planet," Gilbert asked with a helpless expression. He certainly expected the nine tailed Foxkin which could force a goddess to flee was important, but a being capable of destroying the world if forced to? Gilbert never even in his wildest dreams thought that someone like that even existed, but here he was, in the flesh, sitting just across from him.

"I'll try my best," Lone said as half of his smile was visible due to his bone mask covering the left side of his face. Lone was quite happy with the Guildmaster's reply. It showed that he wanted to accommodate Lone and not cause any more conflict than Lone already created today.

"Well then, now that that's out of the way, how can I help you?" Gilbert said as his jokey atmosphere had reappeared. It would appear that he had decided to trust Lone, mostly due to his bloodline trait that could detect lies.

"Well I have two requests, one, look after these girls save for the Dwarf girl, I have plans for her," Lone said as he gestured to the Elf and Foxkin girls. This made the two panic, they had no idea why they were being pawned off onto the guildmaster. Thankfully, Lone answered their looming questions with his next words. "I can only break a contract forcfully once per week and I have already used this week's opportunity on the Dwarf girl. So you need to look after them for one to two weeks depending on which ones contract I break first," Lone further explained, enlightening the guildmaster to the reason for his request.

"I can do that, only two girls for a week or two, yeah, that's fine. And number two?" Gillbert said as his right hand found its way to his chin where it began to stroke his beard.

"I need identification. Unless you failed to notice, I'm not from around here," Lone said as he waved his tails around to add a dramatic flare to his words.

"That's fine, easy even, we just need to register you as an adventurer, then you'll get a status card that can act as an identification card," Gilbert said. He was rather pleased that Lone hadn't asked for anything ridiculous, like for example, his job. Gilbert cared a lot about his job. He had spent a lot of time earning it.

"Brilliant! Then let's start immediately, no point wasting time, unless you had something else to say?" Lone had said before he stood up. He then stretched a little bit before he heard Gilbert's reply.

"That's fine, I need to get the card created, so come back here tomorrow, is that okay with you or would another time be better for you?" Gillbert asked as he remained seated with his hand still stroking his chin and beard.

"That's fine, I need to deal with this Dwarf anyway," Lone said while he started to leave Gilbert's office.

"I'll see you tomorrow then, Gilbert. Dwarf, follow me," Lone said his farewells before ordering the Dwarf girl in Dwarfish. This startled everyone present. Dwarfish was not a secret language by any means at all, but it was hard to find a teacher and even harder to find someone, not of Dwarven origin, who spoke the language as fluidly as Lone just did.

The Dwarf then followed Lone after getting over her momentary shock. She didn't really have much of a choice, it seemed that the man in front of her was in control of her life so she had no choice but to follow. When the pair reached the ground floor a scruffy-looking, thief-like man approached Lone very cautiously, as Lone had decided to keep his fox traits unhidden now that he knew where he stood roughly on this cities food chain and he couldn't be bothered hiding them. Lone also felt like some trouble could help him grow, assuming someone tried to create an issue with him over his race.

"S-Sir, here are the Hero's belongings..." the man said as he trembled a bit at the slight amount of aura that Lone was emitting topped off with his frightening appearance. He then handed a bundle of armour and the holy sword that was still soaked in a mix of Lone and Daisuke's blood to Lone.

"Ah, thank you, here, five gold, as promised," Lone thanked him before he handed the man five gold. He then signaled an employer to come to him. A smartly dressed man then approached Lone with large amounts of trepidation in each of his steps.

"How may I assist you, sir?" he asked with a fair amount of courtesy.

"Tell the guildmaster or whoever else is in charge of these things, that this man here is to have his rank raised, am I clear?" Lone said with a false air of superiority. He didn't like acting high and mighty but he assumed it would be the best tone with which to approach this situation.

"Of course sir!" The employee replied as he ran off to tell the appropriate persons. This made the thief-like man ecstatic. He repeadedly thanked Lone before he decided to leave. Lone and the dwarf girl then headed straight for Grimsley's smithy while getting constant looks of fear, admiration and respect directed towards Lone as he still had half of his body covered in bone armour and his nine golden tails and two ears were still on display, for the whole world to see. Upon reaching the smithy, Lone knocked a few times on the front door until it violently swung open.

"What te fook de ye wan'?" Grimsley said as he flung the door open in anger, nearly ripping its hinges off.

"Hi Grim, I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I'd drop by, I also brought a present," Lone happily said as he gestured to the dwarven girl standing behind him. Grimsley and her then locked eyes for a few moments. Lone had thought it would be wise to bring the girl to the only other Dwarf he was acquainted with.

""Eh?"" They said as they synchronized with each other.

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