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Book 3 Chapter 81: Arrow and Commander


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Divine Soul Prison

Created by Lone Immortus with an unidentifiable magic. It should have been impossible to create such an item, but Lone Immortus' unique magic made the undoable, doable.

Designed with the single purpose of trapping the soul of a Divine-level being.

It is very limited in uses, however, only the creator, Lone Immortus can operate it and it is impossible to break or escape from.

This soul prison has the potential to grow an ego.

Durability: Weight: 1
Traps any souls placed within it. Limit of 5 souls.
Can trap any soul up to the Divine-rank.
Is indestructible.
May only be used by the host, Lone Immortus.


"Oh? It's unbreakable? That's handy. I wonder if I can store it in my Dimension Storage once it has a soul in it..." Lone wondered aloud.

"Why wouldn't you be able to?" Sophie asked as she looked up at Lone's face.

"Did I never tell you? My Dimensional Storage can't contain intangible or living things in it. I'm not sure if a soul by itself counts as living. It's intangible, but it should be fine if it's in the prison. After all, I can store empty bottles filled with air, so that shouldn't be an issue," Lone explained.

Sophie held her chin cutely before she threw another question at Lone. "Why do you even want to put her in there if you can capture her?"

"Not 'if', 'when'," Lone corrected as he pinched Sophie's sides a bit, making her giggle from how ticklish it was, "I'd rather not keep her out in the open, even if only in soul form. Plus, it'd feel weird carrying her around all the time, wouldn't it? That is, unless you'd rather have the honours," Lone teased as he rested his jaw on Sophie's head.

Sophie stuck out her tongue rebelliously. "Don't wanna."

Lone chuckled at her response. He couldn't help but marvel at how much Sophie had grown over the past three years. While he had developed into a more confident and reliable person, she had matured into a cheerful and possessive girl who had learned how to want something beyond simple freedom.

'I should spend the rest of the stored mana orbs on making new shortswords for Soph and maybe a piece of armour that can enhance her barrier magic... if that's possible,' Lone thought.

He could create a new swordspear for himself, but Lone was of the mind that he was the last person who needed new weapons and tools amongst The Wanderers. It was at that moment in Lone's line of thinking, that a message appeared from the system.


Congratulations! The host's unique skill [Basic Regeneration] has been unsealed and will resume passively healing the host.


"Good," Lone mumbled.

Sophie tilted her head up and looked at him quizzically.

Lone could immediately feel his body fixing the internal damage that the primal essences housed within him were causing and a fantastic feeling washed over him. "My Basic Regen is finally back."

Sophie's eyes brightened and she squeezed Lone's tails happily. "That's great! Now you don't need to worry about ageing anymore, right?"

"Yup. God, this feels so good. It's like I've had a blocked nose for the past six months that's finally cleared up," Lone said with a light laugh.

Sophie flinched a bit at the mention of God, but otherwise, she shared Lone's feelings.

'Well, I'd better begin trying to develop a method to move souls, shouldn't I?' Lone thought. "Soph."

Looking up at Lone once more, Sophie gazed at him curiously.

"Mind teleporting me out of the world tree's barrier? I'd rather not get caught experimenting on the souls of the wildlife here since that's kinda illegal," Lone joked.

Sophie nodded her head. "Sure."

With a mere thought, Sophie moved both Lone and herself to just outside of the tree. Two more jumps and they were now inside of the forest that surrounded the eastern world tree on the northern side.

"You've improved, huh? That was, what, two-hundred meters each 'port?" Lone admired.

Sophie's face turned bright scarlet. "I-I've been practising..."

Lone gently rubbed her head and smiled. "Great job. I'm gonna have to rely on you again. Can you tell me if you sense any wildlife nearby? You're far better than I am at detecting things, after all."

''Rely on you again'... It feels amazing to hear Lone saying that...' Sophie secretly thought as she smiled and replied, "I'll do my best!"

Several hours passed like that, and the only creatures that the pair could find in that time were small birds and the magical Ritlon Deers.

Lone had successfully reached a point where he could remove a soul from its body and he had gained an appropriate skill, however, he was struggling to return the souls to their vessels.


Soul Skill: Soul Extraction

A skill unique to Soul Oracles.

Allows the host to remove the soul from any creature up to the same rank as the host.

To remove more powerful souls, they must offer no resistance or be weakened proportionately to the host's rank.

Cost: 5,000 MP
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


Lone watched as the Ritlon Deer's soul held in his hand evaporated into nothing. He put the poor beast's body in his Dimensional Storage and heaved a sigh. "How am I supposed to move Scratchy's soul if it's just gonna dissipate as soon as I remove it? If that's the case, I should just straight up kill her. It'll all be the same either way."

Sophie offered a prayer to the animal that had given its life to help Lone before she began thinking. "The only problem is that the souls are fading away when they leave the bodies, right?"

"Yeah. Why? You got an idea?" Lone knew that Sophie was better at seeing obvious solutions that he was, so he was hoping that she might have noticed something that he'd overlooked.

"Then can't you just use your skill you copied from the old Dragonkin? The one that binds souls. Just bind them to the orb as soon as you take them out of the bodies," Sophie asked as she tilted her head cutely.

Lone hugged the small girl and kissed her lightly. "That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that first? It makes complete sense. You're so clever sometimes, Soph."

"Hehehe..." Sophie giggled softly at Lone's praise.

Naturally, with Sophie being able to sense mana from a range of three-thousand feet, it didn't take the pair long to another Ritlon Deer.

The white-furred creature was laying on the ground and it was covered in blood. There was a steel arrow lodged in its flank and it was breathing heavily. Clearly, the poor beast was dying.

"What the fuck? Aren't these deer protected by the keepers?" Lone asked with confusion lacing his voice

Obviously, Lone himself had been killing the Ritlon Deer all morning, but he had a justifiable reason to do so. This one looked like it had been hunted maliciously, as if for sport. Otherwise, why would it have been left here to die?

"Lone! We have to help it!" Sophie's innocent heart was crying at the sight.

At least when Lone killed these deer, he did it painlessly. The suffering this creature was going through reminded her all too much of her past in the Knight Templars' cave where she was tortured every day for centuries.

Lone immediately nodded and swiftly knelt down next to the creature before he yanked out the arrow, causing a fountain of blood to spew everywhere and the deer immediately howled in pain.

Normally, doing something as foolish as removing the foreign object would spell certain death for the subject, but thankfully, Lone was one of the most powerful healers on the entire continent.

"Creation Magic," Lone mumbled as he held onto the deer's puncture wound.


Items do exist in Altros. No MP has been consumed to compensate for any differences.

The host has a basic understanding of the items and knows the basics regarding their construction. 1,000 base MP cost. 2,000 MP has been consumed to compensate the difference.

3,000 total MP has been consumed to create the items: Ritlon Deer's bones, flesh, blood and muscles.


Like a wriggling collection of maggots, the deer's wound closed itself up and healed over completely. All that was left of the injury was the fresh blood stains.

Lone couldn't stomach testing his and Sophie's new theory of extracting souls safely on this traumatised beast. He let it run away into the thicket and he frowned deeply.

"Soph, can you sense any people nearby?" Lone asked in a serious tone.

"Hmm..." Sophie closed her eyes and concentrated.

Passively, she could detect mana within a range of three-thousand feet, but if she focused her magical power and spent some MP, she could double that range.

A few seconds passed before Sophie's eyes fluttered open. "There's a group of five-hundred people that way," she claimed as she pointed further into the forest.

"They're about four-thousand and six-hundred feet away. I think the strongest one is an S-ranker, but it's hard to tell at this range," she added with a sorry expression.

"Okay, let's go see what they're up to. After all, we're still world tree keepers, aren't we?" Lone asked with a devilish grin on his lips.

Captain Artonius softly knocked on the door to the temporary housing of their commander and patiently waited for a response.

Not a few moments later, the door swung open a fully nude man looked at the captain inquisitively. 

Captain Artonius glanced at the four beastkin woman and men who were wearing slave collars sprawled out on a bed behind this underclothed man before he knocked his fist against his breastplate and promptly began explaining. "A young girl and a Golden Foxkin have approached the camp and the men are seeking your guidance on how to handle them, Commander Ro." 

"Just kill them. Capture the girl if she's fair on the eyes. She might become a good sex slave to boost the men's morale," Commander Ro dismissed with a wave of his hand.

"Sir, we tried," Captain Artonius replied.

Commander Ro raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean, 'we tried'?"

Captain Artonius began sweating. An immeasurably heavy energy was weighing down on him and it threatened to crush his very being. "Two units were wiped out and one of the mercenary bands that the empire had hired to assist us was killed as well."

"Which band?" the commander asked as he began to put some clothes on. It was clear that he'd have to intervene at this point. He was here on an important mission for the Taslo Empire, so he couldn't afford to be discovered. Not now, at least.

"The one led by the A-ranker, Phillip Machonne," Captain Artonius said as he followed the commander through the base.

Commander Ro had a proud smile on his face as he looked at the numerous beastkin that were chained to the floor. Some were there to be used by the men to sate their lust, others were to vent the empire's frustrations for the past thousand years of war.

The two well-armed and heavily-armoured men finally made it to the southern entrance of the camp. What waited for them, was a nine-tailed Golden Foxkin sitting on a pile of corpses while a small Human child floated next to him on a transparent disc of some sort.

"Are you the thing that killed my men?" Commander Ro could tell that this beastkin was only a B-ranker just like the girl next to him, so he was naturally furious.

He would definitely punish his men later for failing to execute such a weak existence.

The Foxkin frowned. "I'm trying very hard right now to not lose myself to Void. Explain why you're here and why there are so many beastkin being mistreated in this camp, okay? I'd rather not get too angry, so don't test me."

"Such arrogance from a disgusting beastkin like you tickles my ears. Now that I get a good look at you... Hmm, yes. Would you rather die right now, or serve as my fifth slave? My cabin has room to spare," Commander Ro smiled lustfully.

"I see. Well, don't say I didn't try to do this peacefully. Anyone that wants to surrender, do so now. I'm not going to spare anyone once I start," the Foxkin declared before he stood up and cracked his neck.

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