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A darkly lit and seemingly abandoned mineshaft was currently being disturbed by the slithering of a very panicked Unhcegila, a very unique and thought to be extinct sub-species of the famous Water Dragons.

Such creatures were widely hunted several millions of years ago for the power the crystal that acted as their hearts, hidden behind the seventh spot on their heads, held within it. They had long gone into hiding and were now forgotten by time. It would be easier to find a Divine-Level Being than it would be to find an Unhcegila.

With a raspy and feminine voice, this Unhcegila began mumbling to herself as she travelled through the mineshaft. "No no no no no no! He's not going to be happy! Not in the slightest!"

She raced down the mineshaft as fast as her scales would allow her. Something disastrous had happened, so she had to wake up her master even though he absolutely hated being awoken before a hibernation cycle had ended.

At the mineshaft's end, the Unhcegila entered a large chamber that was entirely pitch black. It was hard to call it a cave because it was simply encased in Darkness, making it hard to tell exactly what it was. It felt almost like walking into a black velvet sheet, or at least that's what the Unhcegila thought whenever she came here. The darkness felt comforting, but somehow suffocating at the same time.

The Unhcegila heaved a sigh and prepared herself. "Last time I woke up Master, he tried to destroy a world tree and even ate a Dwarven stronghold... breath in, Itchy, you can do this." The Unhcegila, Itchy, psyched herself up and finally mustered the courage to disturb her master's rest.

Slowly slithering through the darkness, Itchy found herself at a shrine of some sort. Were Lone here, he'd have identified this shrine as one reminiscent of a Greek temple with its marble pillars and odd statues of mythical creatures, the Unhcegila included.

Itchy sighed as she approached a large golden gong that sat in this shrine's centre. "I really hope Master doesn't make even more enemies... He was so close to dying last time he went outside..."

Itchy finally resolved herself and used her tail to bang the gong. A clear and crisp sound rang throughout the entire pitch-black chamber. A low rumble sounded out and the darkness started to stir. Then, an unimaginable scene played out. All of the darkness surrounding the shrine coalesced into a single object.

"Greetings Master," Itchy said as she lowered her head in the object's direction. A humongous, almost immeasurable Dragon made of pure evil was staring at her.

It slowly blinked its eyes and the creature of darkness looked weary. "Wherefore has't thee awaken'd me from mine own state of rest? T hadst bett'r beest f'r a suitable reasoneth, lest I endeth thy existence, Itchy."

Ythmagobla was upset. He had been busy recuperating from his losses after attacking a world tree and he wasn't ready to wake up from his slumber just yet. Itchy would require a very good reason for rousing him earlier than what was planned.

Itchy sucked in a breath of cold air. 'Master's ancient speak is still as chilling as always. It's so creepy how it can affect my soul...'

"Master, something terrible has happened," Itchy claimed as she made sure to keep her body as respectful as she could.

"Speaketh," the Darkness Dragon, Ythmagobla, ordered.

"Yes, Master," Itchy prepared herself before she explained why she had awakened her horrifying Master.

"Two of the seeds that you had planted were cured by an unknown Golden Foxkin." Naturally, Itchy was referencing to how Lone had cured the curse placed on Tiera and Trella's parents, Tama and Lars.

An interested look flashed through Ythmagobla's massive pitch-black eyes. "A Golden Foxkin dares to removeth mine own hard w'rk? int'resting. Has't some of mine own s'rvants destroyeth the Crimson Foxkin Clan. Spareth nay one. Bid me, itchy, wh're is this Golden Foxkin anon?"

'I knew I shouldn't have woken him up! If we destroy a clan as powerful as the Crimson Foxkin one then we'll become an even bigger target for the bigger fish out there!' Itchy wanted to cry. Her Master was too unreasonable at times.

"Master, perhaps it would be wiser to overlook this and simply watch the situation play out? I fear that if we destroy the Crimson Foxkin Clan, which by the way, is more than possible with your mighty resources, Master, then Igrasolda will keep her eyes on you. Please try to remember why you were hibernating in the first place." Itchy knew that she might be pushing her luck, but she really didn't want to draw much attention to her and her Master's forces since they had already been dramatically weakened when compared to their prime.

"Hmm, thee maketh a fascinating pointeth. Yond white lizard wouldst, forsooth, loveth to receiveth involv'd in mine own matt'rs. Fine, I shalt simply task thee to killeth this Golden Foxkin. Turneth that gent into a fellow s'rvant if 't be true possible. T isn't timeth yet f'r the w'rld to knoweth of the t'rr'r yond is mine own grand self," Ythmagobla majestically stated as he scratched his chin with his claws.

At this point, Itchy was almost grinning from ear to ear. 'Master must be in a good mood. The last time I made a suggestion to him he forced me into isolation for fifty thousand years...'

"Please rest well, Master. I will make sure that this variable in your plans is non-existent by the time you have fully recovered," Itchy declared with confidence. Clearly Lone didn't even enter her eyes and he wasn't seen as a threat to her. Only his ability to cleanse her Master's 'seeds' was a problem that had to be fixed.

"I give you luck, itchy. Succeedeth and I shall elevate thy pow'r to the Divine-Level. Too longeth has't thee been did stick as a Cosmos-Rank'd being. Doth not faileth me. Th're can beest nay m're disruptions to mine own schemes." With this order, Ythmagobla faded back into the darkness. He had returned to his slumber.

Itchy had plans to make. It would be difficult to kill Lone considering he was currently in a world tree that held two XXX-Rankers, but Itchy was an XXX-Ranker herself, so if anyone could infiltrate this world tree, it was her.

A note from Lone

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