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Book 3 Chapter 44: Flames and Victim


A note from Lone

Second guaranteed chapter of the week. It's barely Sunday somewhere in the world. SIS chapter is gonna be late because I lost another 1,000 words due to author premium issues. Such is the fate of a beta tester lol. Wrote like 5,000 words today, which is a record for me in, like, 6 months lol.


Fire Magic Skill: Flame Cloak

Allows the host to gather the prime essence of the Fire Magic affinity and use it to cloak the host in flames, boosting all Fire Magic by 15%.

Cost: 500 MP (per second)
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


Fire Magic Skill: Fireball

Allows the Host to gather the prime essence of the Fire Magic affinity and use it to create a very powerful projectile.

Cost: 1,000 MP
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


Fire Magic Skill: Kindling Flame Cloak

Allows the host to gather the prime essence of the Fire Magic and Pure Magic affinities and use them to cloak the host in pure mana flames, boosting all Pure Fire Magic by 15%.

Cost: 5,000 MP (per second)
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


Fire Magic Skill: Kindling Fireball

Allows the Host to gather the prime essence of the Fire Magic and Pure Mana Magic affinities and use them to create a very powerful projectile.

Cost: 10,000 MP
Mastery: Beginner Level 1


'Well, no chance of me using these anytime soon, not with my mana, hmm, maybe the normal fireball. Rachel really has a crazy amount of magic power, huh? I should inspect her when I next see her,' Lone thought to himself before he quickly checked his affinity sheet for the first time in a while.


User's Magic Affinity Sheet
Magic Affinity Percentage
Illusion: 100%
Darkness: 100%
Destruction: 100%
Death: 100%
Black: 100%
Wind: 100%
Gravity: 100%
Mind: 100%
Contract: 100%
Life: 60%
Lightning: 40%
Enchanting: 14%
Space: 6%
Time: 6%
Ice: 4%
Soul: 3%
Fire: 1%
Pure Mana: 1%


Unlike most of Lone's skills and possessions, his affinity sheet was actually golden. This was due to how many of his affinities were at one-hundred percent, showing Lone that he really was unique in this since even Eolande's affinity sheet was only blue in colour, two ranks below gold.

'I still can't believe that with over a year of constant practice, my pure mana affinity has barely reached a single percent...Lone thought bitterly.

"Lone-ro, what happened to Rachel?" Lossa suddenly asked. Lone was busy thinking and viewing his screens, so he hadn't noticed her approaching.

Lone looked at Lossa and explained, "Soph loves fluffy things. I'd imagine she's safe with her and is being used as a stress ball right around now." Lone briefly thought about all of the hardships his tails had been through over the past two years, and he suddenly pitied Rachel quite a bit.

Lossa shook her head. "Not that. I trust your companion to not go overboard. What I was asking about was at the end of your fight, how did you win?"

"Ah, that," Lone replied in realisation.

Lossa seemed eager for an explanation, "Yes, that."

"I froze her body for twelve hours. She'll be fine afterwards. It's a bit of an unfair move, so I don't use it unless I have to. Right! What was her problem? If I hadn't used that ability, she'd have killed me without a doubt!" Lone looked upset, but in reality, he simply wanted to divert the attention from his skill.

"Ah, that... I did tell you the other day that she was very quick to assume things, yes? I'd imagine she thought that it was within my power to stop her or to save you in a critical moment... The girl's still young, so she can't really be blamed for her actions," Lossa replied somewhat sheepishly.

'Though she's almost the same age as me...' Lone said with his inner voice. "That's fair enough. Anyway, now that she's returned, I'd image it's time for us to leave, right, Al'ka?" Lone asked the Elf who was standing a few paces away from him and Lossa with the Elven beauty by his side, as usual.

Al'ka simply nodded his head. A few hours passed, and Lone's group gathered their things and were now stood at the docks where Sabrina's galleon was waiting for them. Lone had already asked Sophie where she was beforehand via telepathy, and apparently, she had already boarded the vessel with her 'victim'.

"Do you really have to leave, Bree-Bree?" Tiera asked Breena with a saddened and almost desperate look on her face.

Breena sighed. "My place is by my Master's side. Besides, it's not like we can't ever talk again," she said with a quiet voice as she shook her wrist, displaying the dwarven-looking bracelet on it.

Lone had decided to take a short break for his work on Swind's arm to create a pair of matching mechanical bracelets for Tiera and Breena that had a communication orb embedded into them which were linked to one another.

"B-But...you'll be safer in the cla-"

"Stop it, Tiera. Can't you see you're making her uncomfortable?" Trella interrupted from his twin's side. "Lone-ro, you had better keep your promise. Or when I become the leader of the Foxkin clan, I'll personally order every Foxkin to hunt you down and kill you."

"Gutsy," Eolande commented from the air where she was peacefully floating.

Lossa had an apologetic look on her face as she looked at Lone. He waved her off with an enigmatic smile. "I'm not the nicest guy around, but I keep my promises at least," Lone responded.

"Well, I'm not really one for goodbyes. I'll catch you all later, I'm sure. And Lossa, I'll make sure to take good care of Rachel. If you ever need my help, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll come save you or the clan if you're ever in danger, or at least I'll try to." While it was mostly an empty offer due to all of the glaring issues with it, Lossa smiled and thanked Lone nonetheless.

Lone's group boarded the ship after a final farewell and set sail for Everlast. They would return to the Deerkin city before making their way to the World Tree that was the home of Her Highness and Al'ka.

Lossa and the twins watched Lone disappear onto the ship, and Lossa sighed. 'To think that the fourth in line was with Lone-ro all this time... Now he has the first in line with him too... Thankfully the second and third are still here. After all, we can't have all of the cubs leaving the nest, now can we?' she laughed to herself before turning around and merrily strolling away.

Of course, Lossa had noticed who Breena was the first moment she had laid eyes on her. Lossa had known of her fate, but it wasn't within her power to save Breena during the raid she was kidnapped in, and this regret had always hung over her. The old Fox was simply happy to see the young Heiress regain her life and she had absolute confidence in Lone's ability to raise and protect the girl.

Lone walked into his cabin and sighed. Sat on his bed was the frozen Rachel and a particular Cosmos Level Being who was maniacally petting and squeezing her tails. "They're less fluffy and not as soft as Lone's are, but there is definitely something different about them. Maybe because you're a girl or maybe because you look so young? Hmm..." Sophie scrutinized the fluffy blobs of fur like a true tail connoisseur.

"Soph, can't you leave the poor girl alone? You're going to traumatise her at this rate," Lone chuckled lightly. He could relate to Rachel's pitiable eyes and frightened expression.

"Okay, but only if you'll trade!" Sophie demanded in a rare bought of childishness. 

"Fine fine," Lone replied before he sat at the end of the bed and patted his lap. Sophie complied and sat on him before his tails wrapped around her, engulfing the small girl in a heaven of fluff.

"... Thank... you... scary... she has... strange hands..." Rachel said with a blush on her face. obviously, she couldn't move, so she sat still and regained her breath. Sophie was used to being a little bit rough in her handling of tails, and while it didn't bother Lone anymore, it would certainly bother Rachel, and it was the primary reason why Breena never allowed Sophie to use her as a hug pillow.

A note from Lone

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