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Book 3 Chapter 37: Pyramid and Hunger


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"Are you sure about this, Lone? We don't really need them to beat the Dungeon, right? Can't you just forget about those dangerous powers?" Sophie asked Lone with a concerned expression plastered across her face while she, Lone and Eolande sat in one of his iconic cabins in floor seventy-three's waiting area.

Lone shook his head at Sophie's worry. "These powers are inside my body without my permission and they take control of me when I get really emotional. How can I feel confident that one of them won't kill all of you the next time they appear?"

"B-But that doesn't mean you should just go and talk to them... .wh-what if you can't come back?" Sophie had a very anxious look on her face and she quite clearly didn't want Lone to go through with whatever he was planning to do.

"Soph, as much as I don't like her annoying attitude," Lone said while he looked at the grinning Eolande, "I have faith that Eolande can pull me out of my mind if things go tits up."

Sophie still looked nervous and clearly apprehensive about Lone doing something so dangerous. Lone could regenerate physical damage, but he had no way to fix mental damage, so she didn't know if he might come out of this as a mental cripple or not. She would love Lone regardless, but if it wasn't necessary, then why take the risk?

Lone smirked. "Don't worry. Even if things do go wrong, you can just kill me and use up my life stat to fix me up, right?"

Sophie paled at this suggestion, but Lone turned a blind eye to that. "Anyway, Eolande. Let's start," Lone said with a firm and arrogant tone, sure of his success.

"To think a day would come where I used my illusions to create a pathway to someone's own mind... Husband is lucky that I'm so cooperative," sticking her tongue out, Eolande replied.

Her hands then found themselves on Lone's head and mixed between his soft, multi-coloured hair. Eolande closed her eyes and mumbled a few unknown words. Suddenly, Lone's vision went dark.

Lone's eyesight cleared up moments later and he found himself to be in an unfamiliar place. Three grand structures lay before him. One was great and tall like a medieval castle. it was pure blue in colour and looked very regal.

The second was covered in spikes and cages. It looked like the home of the Devil himself. Something about this particular palace and its black walls gave Lone the chills.

The last building was very reminiscent of a Pyramid, oddly enough. It looked very peculiar considering it was a deep shade of purple.

Aside from these three structures, there was nothing to be seen. What was also strange was that these three buildings were placed in a perfect triangle around the spot that Lone was standing on.

"Well, what do I do now? I can only assume that each one of these places belongs to an element. Which one to talk to first, hmm? Not Void, from what I've heard, he's insane. Darkness and Sky seemed to be reasonable, but Sky is also a bit weird. So Darkness it is?" Lone mumbled to himself before he walked towards the Pyramid.

There was a single entrance to the Egyptian structure and Lone had no choice other than to walk down it. There were torches of purple fire lining the hallway and many ancient hieroglyphics that Lone couldn't identify ran along the walls.

Thankfully, the passageway was straight and had no branching hallways, so it took Lone a mere five minutes to reach the centre where a large room filled to the brim with golden coins and ornaments was waiting for him.

"Heh, so not everything is purple in here?" Lone said to himself while he looked around the room with interest.

"Of course not. Despite it being the colour that represents me, even I can't handle that much purple," a calm and lazy voice replied unexpectedly to Lone's comment.

Lone spun around and could see what looked like a clone of himself sitting on a couch lazily. This version of Lone had completely deep purple hair, tails and eyes. While he looked like Lone, his atmosphere was completely different. His face was devoid of emotions and looked very tired.

"Can I assume you're Darkness?" Lone asked while he slowly walked towards the seated Foxkin.

A very dainty smile crept onto the purple Foxkin's face. "No need to be cautious. Afterall, as much as I don't particularly like it, I am your servant."

"I... see." Lone walked up to the relaxed Darkness and sat next to him. "So, what exactly are you? I get that you're an element and that I forced you into submission after saving Breena, but I mean, is there anything more to you than just that?"

Darkness grinned and he edged closer to Lone. He placed a hand on one of Lone's multi-coloured tails and a peculiar look entered his eyes. "Well, Master, I can be anything you desire of me. Anything at all."

Lone immediately stood up and jumped away. "Yeah, no thanks. I suddenly don't need to know what you are anymore."

Darkness sighed and laid back down on the sofa. "Such a shame. I could make you feel things which that Human woman couldn't ever hope to accomplish. Life here is ever so boring. Oh well. I assume you're here to gain control of myself, Sky and that annoying fellow, Void, yes?"

"Don't insult Soph. She makes me happier than any other person could," Lone growled.

"Happier, yes, sexually satisfied? I can guarantee that I'm more experienced than that pure little soul is." A lustful look took a hold of the usually lazy and uncaring face of Darkness.

Lone felt disgusted seeing an expression like that on a face that looked like his own. "Fuck off. Anyway, like you said, I want to have control of your ability to possess me. Can we make that happen? If not, I'm going to have to find a way to expel you things from my body. I know you've all only helped me thus far, but you're too dangerous if I can't control you."

"Calling us 'things', how rude." Darkness laughed quietly before he straightened out his body. "Very well. Feel free to call on my power whenever it is needed. However, you are much too weak to handle Void and Sky in a free fashion. Come back when you're stronger, far, far stronger."

With that, Darkness waved his hand and Lone was forced out of his own mind and he found himself lying down on a bed in his cabin. Sophie was peacefully sleeping at his side.

"I guess it took a lot longer than the few short minutes that it felt like, huh?" Lone mumbled.

"Mmm?" Sophie groggily opened her eyes. She looked around for a few seconds before she realised that Lone had woken up. "Lone! Did everything go okay?!" She was clearly still quite worried.

Lone smiled and kissed her lips softly. "Yeah, I got control of at least one of them, I think. I'll have to test it tomorrow, but for now, I'm feeling unusually... hungry." Lone said as he looked at Sophie's body.

The Cosmos-Level-Being shyly hid her face before transforming into her older self. The following night fully vented Lone's frustrations at having had an element inside of his mind attempt to seduce him with his own body.

A note from Lone

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