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Book 3 Chapter 35: Necromancer and Confidence


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Things proceeded smoothly after the contracts were formed. Trella was still wary of Lone, but he remained silent and refused to express any emotion regarding Lone's promise to heal his and Tiera's parents, even if he was very excited about the possibility in reality.

Lone's group left the Pagoda with the two Foxkin children and were met by Eolande, Lossa and the two High Elves, Al'ka and the woman whose name Lone still didn't know. Lone was curious about where the two Halflings from their group were, but he didn't care enough to ask.

Lossa had expectant eyes when she looked at the children, Tiera and Trella. "Lone-ro, is everything settled?"

Lone nodded. "Yes. I'm going to go fulfil my promise now to Tiera. Al'ka, I'll have to ask you to wait until I'm finished. Please don't worry. I won't run away."

The female Elf responded in place of Al'ka. "The clan Elder informed us of what you are doing, so please, take your time. We can afford to wait for a few days if need be."

"I appreciate your understanding, Your Highness," Lone replied in the Elven language. 

"Come on, Eolande, you're going to get a chance to view my magic that interests you so much," Lone said. Eolande's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

Naturally, Eolande was heavily interested in all types of magic, even if she herself was only particularly talented in enchanting and illusion magic. Both Lone's creation magic and Sophie's barrier magic interested her heavily.

She naturally got to see Lone's creation magic almost every day, but his usage of it on flesh and people was a rare sight to see. In fact, she had only ever seen it being used like this when Lone healed himself after Clicker's attack.

"Lone, if it's not too much trouble, might we witness your magic as well?" the Elf woman asked with a curious voice.

Lone looked at her with a surprised expression. "I don't particularly mind, but why? Also, would it be okay for you to tell me your name? It's getting a bit frustrating not knowing it."

"As a High Elf, all forms of magic interest me, and from what the clan Elder was telling us earlier, you have an exceedingly powerful healing magic. I presume this is what you were going to use?" she replied while ignoring the topic of her name.

Lone didn't follow up on this and simply agreed. No one could replicate his healing magic since it stemmed from his creation magic which was a unique power granted to him by the mysterious 'god', so he wasn't afraid to show it to the person that might end up helping him greatly at the World Tree he was supposed to become a Keeper at.

Lossa tagged along as well, and Lone couldn't stop her even if he wanted to because this was her home and she was its leader. "I didn't know you could speak High Elven, Lone-ro. Does that mean that you are a World Tree Keeper?"

It made sense when Lossa thought about it. A nine-tailed Golden Foxkin appeared out of nowhere and he had immense potential and was a genius. If he was a World Tree Keeper on top of those things, it would explain a lot.

"Yup, I am," Lone replied. 'Well, not yet, technically, but no point fixing her misunderstanding.' Al'ka and the female High Elf didn't elaborate either, simply adding on to Lossa's presumptions.

It took roughly forty minutes of walking to reach the place that Tiera and Trella's parents were. This shocked Lone since the Crimson Foxkin Clan couldn't have been a huge place due to its apparent low population, but after asking Lossa, he found out that the Foxkin clan actually owned a space of land that was two-hundred-square-miles in size. 

This was practically a small country and there were approximately ten thousand Foxkin living here, all from the Crimson lineage. Lone had asked if there were other types of Foxkin besides the Crimson and Golden ones, but Lossa simply replied by saying that she would explain when he was ready to hear about the awakenings and their tails.

The place that the group had stopped at was, once again, another pagoda. This one was far larger than the previous one and had ten levels. Another character filled with power that looked Chinese in nature sat atop the doorway just like with the other pagoda.

"Lone-ro, I have to ask, but what did the children ask of you which would bring you here?" Lossa was curious. This pagoda held all of the Foxkin that were unable to be healed of their injuries or were close to death. It was a place rarely visited and mostly avoided to give those within peace or to keep them quarantined depending on what they were suffering from. Only rarely was a doctor brought from outside the clan who claimed they could help someone living inside.

"Tiera asked me to cure her parents of a disease, so I'm going to do just that," Lone replied nonchalantly.

"You... you're going to do... what?" Lossa was shocked beyond belief. It had to be known that Tiera and Trella's parents suffered from a deadly magical attack several decades ago at the hands of a necromancer, and while they managed to defeat this person, they were cursed before his death.

This necromancer was an S-Ranker who was the follower of a Darkness Dragon. If this was known beforehand, Lossa would have never let her daughter order the twins' parents to track him down and kill him. Anyone who killed a servant of a Darkness Dragon had a powerful death curse attached to their souls. The only way to avoid this was by being an S-Ranker or stronger, while unfortunately, Tiera's parents were only A-Rankers.

"Like I said, I can heal anything. It doesn't matter what kind of disease they have," Lone shrugged.

"Lone-ro, you don't understand," Lossa shook her head with a saddened look.

"What?" Lone was befuddled. Did Lossa not catch his meaning? It didn't matter what they were suffering from, he could heal them, so Lone was struggling to see the problem.

"Their parents don't suffer from a physical disease. They're suffering from a disease of the soul. If not for my interference, they would have died long ago and their souls would have dispersed. In fact, I believe there should be a soul oracle within the pagoda right now treating them," Lossa explained.

Tiera and Trella looked upset just thinking about their parent's conditions, but they remained quiet.

Eolande had an interested look on her face upon hearing this. "Soul dispersal? From my knowledge, few things should be capable of such a result. An X-Ranked Soul Mage, a Lich King, maybe a Higher Ghost... or perhaps... a Darkness Dragon?" she asked.

'Suck knowledge... ' Once again, Lossa was glad to have not gone against this scary Pixie. "Indeed. Your guess is spot on. They were cursed by a Darkness Dragon. The only logical way to completely nullify the curse is to kill the being that placed in on them," Lossa stated.

"Ah. That makes sense," Eolande replied. "If I'm not wrong, all true Dragons should be at least X-Ranked. They're a scary bunch of lizards that could probably destroy the entire world if they weren't so lazy."

Lossa nodded her head and Tiera visibly got depressed. "B-But Lone-ro promised that he could cure them... he promised..."

Lone turned to look at the young girl who was about to start crying and smiled lightly. Ignoring Trella's suspicious eyes, he crouched down and placed a hand on Tiera's head. "It was a Darkness Dragon that cursed them, yeah? Not another kind?"

Tiera looked hesitant before she replied, "Mmm."

Lone rubbed her head a bit roughly. "Then stop crying. I'm one hundred percent certain I can cure them. C'mon, no time like the present. let's go inside, shall we?"

With that, Lone pushed open the pagoda's main entrance and strolled right on it. His group followed him without any hesitation while the Foxkin and Elves were still stood outside, a bit dumbstruck.

'Why is he so confident? I did say his healing wouldn't affect their souls, didn't I? Does he have another secret that can fix them? Lone-ro, you truly are full of mysteries,' Lossa thought to herself. She, the children and the two Elves then went in and led Lone to the twins' parents room.

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