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Book 3 Chapter 26: Panic and Hooded


A note from Lone

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Going back to the moment the Relks had attacked the Galleon, just before Lone was going to charge at the red-furred monsters, he felt his arm being tugged. He turned to see Sophie with her eyes closed. "Soph?"

"There are more of them in the forest," she replied calmly. It took Lone no more than a few seconds to realise that she had used her mana sensing. 

Looking around calmly, Lone could sense roughly fifty of the Relks on, or climbing up, the ship's side. "How many are out there?" he asked while he looked at the endless wilderness that surrounded the wide river they were on.

Sophie furrowed her brow and put a little bit more mana into her sensing to get a more accurate picture. "About four-hundred. All with at least C-ranked strength. There are a few at B-Rank. There's also a person amongst them whose strength I can't tell."

Lone's eyebrows arched up in interest. "This isn't a random attack?"

"I'm not sure," Sophie quietly responded as she opened her eyes, apparently having finished her sensing. "I just know there's a person there that we might have to be careful of."

"Hmm... okay, Breena, enter Soph's shadow and protect her. We're going into that forest. Kyuubi, you go relax in the summoning room, okay?" Lone crouched down and gently stroked his daughter's head. She released a cute sounding yip before being unsummoned.

"Yes, Master," Breena chimed emotionlessly before stepping out of his shadow and swiftly entering Sophie's.

"Eh? Breena was in your shadow? I thought she was below deck with Eolande and Swind?" Sophie looked confused. 

"She's always hiding in my or your shadow. After all, her life-mission is to keep you and Kyuubi safe, so it's rare for her to leave our sides," Lone explained then gestured with his head to leave the ship, so following him, Sophie created a barrier below her and she sat cross-legged on it. After that, she hovered closely behind Lone who was speeding towards the nearby forest.

Due to the panic on the deck, no one on board saw the two of them leave, however, Lone did feel a wave of magical energy wash over him ever so briefly. If he wasn't as sensitive to pure mana as he was, he might not have been able to detect this magic. From what he could tell, it was coming from the unknown person behind the gathered Relks that he and Sophie were heading towards.

After about twenty seconds of flying through the air, Lone focused his lightning affinity into his hands and a giant curved blade of pure lightning magic appeared in front of him. It was at least thirty feet long and it was exuding a sensation powerful enough to make any lightning mage jealous.

Lone could attach this magic to his sword-spear, Dawn, if he wanted to, but it was far more powerful being released from his two hands, or so Lone had found from his constant experimentation with the skill.

Naturally, this was Lone's Unique, self-created magic, Lightning Wave.

Unique Skill: Lightning Wave

A skill unique to the host, Lone Immortus. A powerful, yet crude, application of lightning magic. It has barely tapped into the potential that the skill holds thanks to the host's rudimentary usage of the lightning affinity.

Allows the Host to gather the prime essence of the lightning magic affinity and coalesce it into a blade with immense destructive capabilities.

Cost: 5,000 MP
Mastery: Advanced Level 6

"LIGHTNING WAVE!" Instantly, the dangerous and unstable looking blade of magic lept forth from Lone's hands before running rampant amongst the C-Ranked Relks. Their screeching made Lone cringe, but thankfully, Sophie had created a second barrier and was swiftly using it to decapitate the half-Lion half-Gorilla monsters.

Instantaneously, the B-Ranked Relks who numbered no more than twenty reacted. They all roared powerfully before taking advantage of their agility to rush towards Lone and Sophie.

"Hmpf, only regular B-Ranked monsters, yet they want to try to kill me? Funny," Lone snorted before using a skill that he rarely ever practised, Inflict Fear.

Darkness Magic Skill: Inflict Fear

A copied version of the self-taught skill belonging to Breena Redtail, the Crimson Foxkin Of The Deep.

Allows the Host to gather the prime essence of the Darkness magic affinity and use it to affect others mind's, sending them into a frenzy of fear. (Dependent on excess MP applied to the skill, targets resistances and their MP levels.)

Cost: 400 MP
Mastery: Beginner Level 2

Lone wasn't very adept at this skill due to not using it very much at all during his time in Clicker's Dungeon, but with a third of all of his mana, he was easily able to send most of the B-Ranked Relks into a panic and they immediately stopped running towards him and Sophie before turning tail and running in the opposite direction, further into the forest.

With that threat under control, Lone took out his swordspear, Dawn, and landed on the ground. What followed was a dance of death performed by Lone, Sophie and Breena. The three worked in near perfect synchrony as they slaughtered the remaining C-Ranked Relks. 

They had experienced the harsh and cruel monsters of Clicker, the God of Games' B-rank Dungeon, so naturally, killing these regular monsters was akin to an elephant crushing an ant. The three of them didn't even break a sweat.

The hooded figure a mile away from the trio frowned deeply. "How did he break my control on the weak ones?" 

Shaking their head in frustration, the hooded figure waved their hand, causing a long and peculiar looking staff with a ram's head adorned atop of it, to appear. "Vus maths ras tosp fas malors!"

After the cryptic chant echoed, several black magic circles tinted with a hint of deep purple, surrounded the person's body and from under their hood, it was clear to see three red eyes shining brightly like moons in the sky.

A dark light surrounded four-hundred meters of area with the caster as the eye of this light. A mere second later, forty Orges, all with A-Ranked strength, appeared out of thin air. They all held huge weapons fitting their body sizes and their grey skin was covered loosely by rags that had clearly been stolen from somewhere.

"Kill these fools and destroy the Galleon in the river," the mysterious person ordered the howling and roaring creatures of pure brawn. Their pupils flashed a deep red colour, and then, in unison, they all started singing a song of war in their own primitive language. They then charged straight towards Lone, Sophie and Breena.

Seeing this, Lone's face slightly paled. "I hope Mental Destruction can affect these guys... even I'm not confident enough to face forty A-Rankers..."

A note from Lone

An FYI, all skills will now have MP costs listed on them. I'll edit this in during the rewrite (which is taking me forever) and in any future chapters.

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