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Book 3 Chapter 21: S-Ranker and Sabrina


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'Fuck... honestly... this uncalled for jealousy of Sophie's is the only thing about her that I don't like... ' Lone thought to himself as he watched his lover's face crumple and her eyes glare at the Catkin Captain.

Lone tightened his grip on Sophie's hand and walked onto the ship's deck along with the other members of The Wanderers.

There were a lot of sailors busily moving around preparing the ship to set sail. When compared to the pirate ship that Lone had stored in his inventory from his first encounter with Humans, this ship was absolutely enormous, and Lone could see at least one hundred people on deck doing various things.

"Impressed, Lone?" the small Catkin Captain said.

Lone turned to his side only to find the Catkin in question inspecting his many tails, which caused Sophie to growl lightly before she grabbed several of them defensively.

"Nyahahaha! So you two are the rumoured Golden-Boy and Ice-Queen duo?" the Captain laughed while she lightly bounced away from Lone.

"Golden-Boy... ?" Lone mumbled under his breath. "I suppose we are. And who might you be, and, if it's not asking too much, why did you let us on board?" he asked after composing himself a bit.

'She must be really strong. I didn't even sense that she was nearby,' Lone thought to himself.

"I'm Sabrina! The Captain of this lovely ship here. And I let you on for two reasons. Reason one, two of the Adventurer groups escorting my ship for our journey said they recognised you, and reason two, 'cause I felt like it," the Catkin smiled from ear to ear as she explained.

"You smell reallllllly nice. Can I lick you?" Sabrina asked with an innocent smile on her face as she looked at Lone.

""No."" both Sophie and Breena rejected in harmony, to which, Sabrina started to chuckle lightly.

Lone didn't reply and watched the laughing Catkin before he chose to inspect her with his newest ability. He was worried about how strong she could be if even he, with his advanced senses, couldn't detect her presence.

Sabrina ??????'s Status
Name: Sabrina ?????? Sex: Female
Age: 142 Level: 982
Race: Sun Catkin  
HP: 20,080/20,080 SP: 40,621/40,721
MP: 0  
???????????????. Captain of the ???? ??????. ????????????????????????????????????????????.
Basic Stats
Strength: 1,200 Vigour: 2,008
Dexterity: 6,832 Agility: 8,105
Vitality: 4,721 Luck: 1,023
Secret Stats
Charm: 52 ????? ??????: ???

'Wow... her stats are off the charts... and a purple screen... plus the fact that she's just below level one-thousand, she must be a top-tier S-Ranker. If I concentrate hard enough, yup, I can definitely tell she's an S-Ranker, but her presence is so thin that it's hard to tell... ' Lone stood in shock for a moment.

It took him a few seconds to finish analysing and registering all of Sabrina's information before he opened his mouth, tearing the Catkin away from her laughter.

"I'm sorry for not immediately recognising a powerful figure like yourself as soon as I saw you. As you already know, I'm Lone Immortus, the leader of The Wanderers. Would it be okay for me to ask who exactly said they recognised us? I don't see any familiar faces on deck," Lone said politely with a brief look around to emphasise that he didn't see anyone he knew.

Sabrina frowned and pouted slightly. "Boo! So you knew who I was beforehand? Tch, it's fun playing the cute little Captain every now and then, y'know?"

"I know exactly what you mean," Eolande lightly chimed in with an understanding tone. 

Despite Eolande's perceived power and wooden plate, Sabrina's eyes lit up and she beamed a smile before jumping over to Eolande. "Right?! Right?! No one understands us poor little things that just want to enjoy the world!"

Sabrina then twisted her neck to look at Lone. "It's the worst when someone who looks playful gets all respectful and ignores me for who I am in the place of my power," she stated with a fake sniffle.

"Yup! Yup! It's the worst!" Eolande added.

Lone's instincts were slowly telling him to beat the shit out of both of them despite the huge power gap between himself and them. 'Is fucking with me really so fun?'

Suddenly, Eolande and Sabrina embraced each other before shivering as they look at Lone in fear. "Kya! What a Scary face! He's gonna gobble us up!"

"These damned hags..." Lone mumbled. He then slowly breathed out, closed his eyes, and focused. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes with a perfectly calm and clear vision.

"I see," he stated to the two superpowers that were still pretending to be upset and frightened of him. "It was Alka and Malt's groups. So the two of them are part of the large escort to the Foxkin clan?"

Naturally, Lone had used his Good Hearing skill to its utmost potential and heard the two groups in question talking below deck in a large hall that was filled with maybe fifteen groups of Adventurers or Mercenaries who had been hired by Sabrina's crew to escort their cargo safely to the Crimson Foxkin Clan.

Sabrina stopped holding onto Eolande and clapped her hands softly. "Not only handsome, but capable too! You're not a Golden Foxkin who's awakened... one..two..three... six? No! Wait! Seven! Seven times, for nothing, huh?"

Lone's eyes sharpened at this remark. In all of his encounters, this was the first person who had been able to accurately deduce how many awakenings he had gone through safely.

"It's scary thinking how powerful you'll be when you get to my level. I'm already pretttttty strong even though I've never awakened. Golden-varients sure are something else, huh?" Sabrina said to no one in particular.

She slowly walked in front of Lone and held her chin before inspecting Lone once more. Perhaps a bit more seriously this time. "Mmm, yup. By the way, you were right. It was those two who recognised you. Alka's group sensed you via magic and Malt overheard them talking to a crew member about you, so his group added how they knew you. Anyway, I'll have to ask you to leave my ship."

"I'm sorry, what?" Lone asked with a completely befuddled expression on his face. 'First, you say we can come aboard, then you ask us to leave after making fun of me? What the fuck?'

"Only crew members or hired guards can stay aboard. So, do you wanna become a hired group for the voyage? Nyahahaha!" Sabrina laughed playfully. Clearly, she was still fully intent on messing with Lone.

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