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Book 3 Chapter 18: Conclusion and Trouble


A note from Lone

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"Thank you. I've finished up the paperwork, so your wooden-rank Adventurer group, The Wanderers, is now an official group. Please note that you will be charged if you wish to disband the group or alter its name. Only the creation is free," the Manager said to Lone while the Foxkin in question held his gold-silver plate and admired the new wooden words that sat below his name, 'Leader of The Wanderers'.

"I see. Well, I only have one more matter to discuss," Lone said with a happy smile. Clearly, he was quite pleased with how smoothly everything had been going thus far.

"Please, Sir Lone, feel free to speak," the Manager replied.

Lone then took a few minutes to explain everything he knew regarding Gilbert, which the Manager was quite eager to hear since his monthly bonus would be affected if Lone's information was good enough.

"Well, I don't know where he is..." the Manager's face fell when Lone said this. "... but I do know that he's perfectly fine and alive." The Manager's previous frown turned completely upside down.

"D-Do you have a w-way to contact him?" The Manager was quite clearly getting agitated as Lone continued to bait him. 

Lone couldn't help but smirk at this. 'Mmm... fucking with people like this... it's fun... that Clicker bastard must be having a hoot of a time wherever he is since this is all he ever does... '

"I do indeed have a way to talk to him. The method is via telepathy," Lone replied with a cryptic grin.

"Excellent," the Manager said rather calmly. "What might this form of exact telepathy be, if you don't mind me asking?" he continued with a somewhat hopeful tone. 'If it's a method that anyone can use... then just maybe... that promotion might not be too difficult to get... '

Lone slowly raised his hand to his face and gently tapped the small green orb embedded into the legs of his Dwarven glasses. "This is a communication orb. It connects to a sister one that Gilbert owns. Regardless of the distance, so long as it's attuned properly, it can contact him if you apply mana to it."

'Fantastic! An Item! How large would my bonus be if I was the one to give the method to talk to Milindo's Guildmaster to the Headquarters' Guildmast-' the Manager's particular line of thought was interrupted by a sudden chill.

He looked around frantically as sweat started to drip out from his forehead. It didn't take long, but he soon found the source of his discomfort. The small woman who looked like a Pixie or some sort of Fairy was staring right into his eyes.

'A wooden plate with barely any achievements is scaring me, A Silver-Plate Adventurer and A-Ranker? How? She's only an H-Ranker!' What the Manager didn't know, was that Eolande has been convinced by Lone to hide her X-Ranker strength via a powerful illusion much like with her charm.

She refused at first since upkeeping two powerful illusion was very difficult despite her huge mana reserves, but luckily for her, Lone had a ginormous stock of fully charged mana orbs thanks to rarely needing to use them in the Dungeon.

Lone only wanted her to hide her strength because it could bring them unwanted trouble and even hinder them if everyone was scared that an X-Ranker was following Lone around. To be honest, Lone was quite relieved that Eolande has done almost nothing adventurous, solidifying her identity as a weakling with her wooden plate.

Lone glanced at Eolande. 'I guess she sensed his intentions too? I obviously could thanks to my greater senses as a Foxkin, but I wonder how she sensed them? Is it a power thing?' Lone wondered.

"Well, Mr Manager, can I receive a reward for this information now? This is my final piece of business with the Guild today," Lone said in a very relaxed voice.

"O-Of course... p-please wait a moment. I need to write up a quick re-report," the Manager fumbled out as Eolande's gaze rescinded.

Lone nodded, and a few minutes later, the Manager handed two sheets of paper to Lone. "Please deliver these to the Headquarters of the Guild. These two papers are the proofs of your two completed quests. Their authenticity will be checked once you hand them in, but it should increase the speed of the process," the Manager said with his previous business-like attitude back in full form.

"Thanks, but what do you mean, 'two quests'? I thought the information about Gilbert was only one quest," Lone asked with mild confusion.

"Ah, you don't know, Sir Lone?" The Manager seemed perplexed by Lone's question. It was almost like Lone had said something very odd and strange.

"Don't know what?" Lone's temper was rising. He asked a question, and he wanted an answer, not another question as his response.

"Did you not clear the God of Games' B-Rank Dungeon for the associated reward?" The Manager seemed truly shocked by Lone's befuddled expression.

"I just did it because it seemed fun and as soon as I entered I was forced to clear it or I wouldn't be able to leave," Lone shrugged.

After getting over his initial confusion, Lone's indifferent attitude resurfaced. He honestly didn't expect to get a decent reward for either of these quests since the only valuable thing for him right now was knowledge. With enough knowledge, Lone could create anything, so it would have to be a very special reward for Lone to even remotely care. The fame that would come from all of this business was the only reason he was bothering with it.

"I-I see... well, please, Sir Lone, hand these into the Headquarters. I'm sure your reward will be quite to your liking. Also, if it's no trouble, would you mind mentioning my excellent service today if you happen to see the Guildmaster?" the Manager had lost his prize due to his fear of Eolande's gaze, but the promotion meant more to him than his pride did, so he didn't hesitate to lower himself to asking Lone directly for help.

"Sure, why not? Ah, by the way, where's the Headquarters?" Lone replied nonchalantly before asking with a serious tone.

 "Ah, the Headquarters are in Mystopolis, the city that is sponsored by, and is only a few miles away from, The Academy, on the continent's eastern coast. Do you know where it is, or would you like a map?" the Manager said politely.

He had come to accept that Lone might be fairly blind when it came to some general knowledge. He didn't know why Lone didn't know these basic things, but he thought it might be wiser to stay quiet and simply give all of the information to Lone.

"Mmm, I know where Mystopolis is. I've studied quite a lot regarding Altros' known geography. Thanks for your help today," Lone replied as he tossed a single ruby-gold coin to the Manager.

Even if he had given off a bit of a selfish and greedy vibe, Lone still decided to tip him which the Manager couldn't help but be left in awe at. 'Not only had he accomplished so much at his age and power level... but he's even generous... ' the Manager thought as he watched Lone leave the interview room with his group of fellow Adventurers.

However, unfortunately for Lone and his friends, despite Sophie's new status as a Dark-Steel plate Adventurer, someone almost immediately approached Lone's group to start some trouble with Sophie, the seemingly weak and feeble Human.

A note from Lone

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