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Book 3 Chapter 16: Interview and Achievements


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It didn't take long for Al'ka and his group to finish turning in their quest and getting their reward, so before long, it was Lone's turn.

"Hello, how might I be of assistance to you today?" the female receptionist asked with a pleasant smile.

Lone frowned slightly, making her think that she might have said something a bit weird. Lone just stood there and keep silent as the receptionist started to sweat and get anxious. It had to be known that an expert level of customer service was a requirement to work for the Adventurers Guild as a staff member, and the disciplinary action for displeasing a customer was quite strict.

Regardless of the woman's feelings, Lone was busy thinking. 'I really have a lot to do, but it'd be too arrogant of me to ask to see the local Guildmaster, now wouldn't it? Hmm... '

Upon seeing the awkward atmosphere between Lone and the poor employee, Eolande took it upon herself to explain. "Hello, we actually have a lot of business with the Guild today, so our leader is agonising over what to do since surely we can't stand here all day discussing our business when there's a line behind us, yes?"

The woman behind the counter looked relieved after hearing that so she nodded her head and replied, "That's no problem at all. Please give me one moment while I check to see if there are any available interview rooms."

She then placed her hand on a small clear orb and channelled some mana into it. A few seconds later, the receptionist smiled broadly and told Lone's group that there was a room available for them to use for a prolonged period of time with a specialised employee who dealt with time-consuming requests.

Lone generously tipped the employee despite her just doing her job since, as he had learned with the waiters, tipping an excessive amount was good for spreading a positive view of him and his group, even if it might create some danger with potential thieves, but Lone was confident in being able to deal with any such incidents since people that could actually threaten him shouldn't be interested in such small amounts of money.

About ten minutes later, Lone and his group were guided into an empty room that had a few seats and a desk. sitting on one side of the desk was a Deerkin employee who was wearing a simple suit that highlighted his aged facial features.

'Hmm? Aged? Ah, his horns have white tips and his eyes have a white dot in them... hmm, second awakening? This guy's a big shot, huh?' Lone thought as he sat down.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a Manager here, and from what I was told, you have quite a lot of business to attend to today, yes?" the Manager asked politely.

"Nice to meet you too, sorry, but before we begin, do you mind if I summon another companion of mine? Our business involves her as well but she's a Human, so I don't know if it would be appropriate," Lone asked.

"Hmm? Summon? I don't see why not. As I'm sure you already know, Humans aren't banned here so long as they are sufficiently talented Adventurers." With the Deerkin's approval, Lone summoned both Sophie and the sleepy Kyuubi.

The Manager's eyes couldn't help but widen in shock. When Lone had said 'summon', he had thought the Foxkin in front of him would go outside to get them or something similar. He didn't even in his wildest dreams imagine that Lone would literally summon Sophie.

Pate the Scouting Captain, for example, only thought it was odd that Lone could do this since his knowledge on magic was very limited, whereas the Deerkin that sat before Lone was much more knowledgeable on the topic, and as far as he was aware, contracting people should be impossible.

"Unless... excuse me, Sir," the Manager called out to Lone.

"Please, just call me Lone." He didn't feel comfortable being called 'sir' by someone who was clearly older and more powerful than he was, at least at a face-value level. 

"Of course, Lone, might I ask what business you have with The Adventurer's Guild?" the Manager asked with a professional smile.

"Ah, there's a few things I need to do actually..." Lone then went on to explain how he intended to get all of his group members signed up as Adventurers using the new system. He then explained how he had information regarding what had happened to Gilbert.

"I see... so you were trapped in a Dungeon... that explains why you don't have ranking tags. I think that first, we should get you all evaluated and properly ranked before we discuss Milindo's missing Guildmaster. Is that okay with you all?" the Manager said with a happy grin on his face.

As it turned out, the Adventurers Guild's employees all received a bonus every month depending on what kind of cases they had dealt with that month. Information about Gilbert was valued as a top priority since he was quite strong and highly valued by the Guild, so the Manager knew that if he handled this well, not only would Lone's party get heavily rewarded, he would too.

"Yeah, that sounds fine," Lone answered for everyone present.

It didn't take long for the Manager to set up the new tool that measured past achievements. He asked who would like to go first, and naturally, Lone volunteered. He was fascinated by the whole process. Lone gently placed his hand on the crystal-clear orb that had been placed on the desk and his mind couldn't but wonder about why everything related to magic seemed to be an orb of some sort.

A few seconds passed before the orb turned a deep shade of amber and rows of text started to appear in midair. Lone recognised the language these words were in. It was in the language that Lone had recently learnt, the common Beastman tongue.

Lone Immortus' Past Adventurous Achievements

1. Defeated an entire minor goblin tribe in the span of fourteen months. Grade: G

2. Defeated a small crew of Pirates. Grade: I

3. Defeated an entire minor tribe of Orcs singlehandedly in a day. Grade: F

4. Defeated a unit of weak trained Assassins. Grade: G

5. Successfully stole from several S-Ranked humans during an auction despite only being an E-Ranker at the time. Grade: A

6. Successfully assassinated an A-Ranked Human despite only being an E-Ranker at the time. Grade: C

7. Survived an encounter with a God. Grade: SSS

8. Successfully cleared the God of Games' B-Ranked Dungeon in just over a year despite only being an E/D-Ranker at the time. Grade: SS

Evaluation of moral tendency based on achievements: Chaotic Neutral.

Overall Grade: Gold-Silver

Seconds later, a small metal plate made from Gold-Silver popped out of the amber orb with Lone's name on it and his aura infused into it. An Adventurer's aura was always infused with their plates to ensure that no one could pretend to be another Adventurer, however, no one cared about that right now.

Currently, the Manager was lost for words due to shock and Lone was heavily contemplating the possible tactical uses of such a device that can somehow read all of your past accomplishments, even if they were only adventurous ones in nature. 

A note from Lone

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