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Book 3 Chapter 13: Reward and Colours


A note from Lone

Second guaranteed chapter of the week.

Congratulations on beating my Dungeon! Although it was one of the easiest ones being only B-Ranked, so to be fair, you didn't really have to work that hard, did you? 

Well, since you beat it, it's only fair that I give you a reward. Here you go, enjoy. In case all of your lights aren't switched on upstairs, what I just gave you lets you inspect anything within the scope of your knowledge using the system.

Amazing, I know. I'm a generous God. 

Love from Clicker.  <3

"That bastard..." Lone mumbled after having read the very provocative message.

Naturally, Lone assumed this message was a prerecorded one and that he wouldn't get a response, but he still felt angered by it. However, his clouded eyes instantly lit up with excitement as soon as he tried to 'inspect' his glasses. Much to his surprise, a green table appeared in front of his eyes.

Dwarven Mechanical Glasses (Modified)
Created by an unknown Foxkin using a unique magical skill. They have been modified to allow the wearer to see a much greater distance and to allow telepathic communication with the holder of the twin communication orb that is embedded into the right leg of the glasses.
Durability: 10/10 Perception: 5
Allows the user to use a second lens to magnify their vision by up to 4 times.
Allows the host to telepathically communicate with the twin communication orb 10 times a day for free. Any uses after 10 will require 1,000 mana points.
Waypoint for the Elder Tylwyth Teg, Eolande's dimension, Glade of Serenity.

"This... this is incredible..." Lone said as he looked at the glasses with a dazed and amazed look on his face.

"Master, why can I see a light blue box when I focus on my daggers?" Breena asked with a confused and slightly frightened expression on his face.

'Blue? The one for my glasses is green... why are her alterion daggers given a blue screen?' Lone thought before he replied with, "I'm pretty sure this is the reward from Clicker for beating his Dungeon. It gives us an innate ability to identify objects and not only that, it even gives us extra stats and maybe even allows us to draw out more power from our items."

"So you noticed how valuable this reward is as well, Husband?" Eolande asked from Lone's side as she held the small charms that were the furnace and anvil, Red'Flata and Kal.

"Yeah. If we get enough items with high enough stat bonuses, we should be able to easily overpower people who are equally as strong as us," Lone stated, shocking Breena and Swind.

Lone was right. This was an exceedingly good reward. Breena thought that it might have been worth the struggle of going through that hellish Dungeon, but then she dismissed that silly idea. Having to hear Lone and Sophie doing 'that' every night wasn't worth this reward as far as Breena was concerned.

Lone turned to look at Eolande and suddenly asked, "By the way, what colour was the table for those tools?"

"Hmm?" Eolande cocked her head and smiled mischievously. "Why don't you check for yourself, Husband?" she asked playfully as she handed the small charms to Lone. He carefully held the most valuable object that he owned and inspected them closely.

Ancient Furnace and Anvil Set of ??????
Created by ???????. They have lived for thousands of years as the personal tools of the Elder Tylwyth Teg, Eolande before being passed down to her apprentice, Lone Immortus. 
Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000 Focus: 500
Endurance: 1,000 Fortitude: 1,000
Allows the user to wield the power of the Cosmos while smithing and enchanting, enhancing the strength of any created items by 100%.
Can transform into a life-sized furnace and anvil set at the host's will.
May only be used by the host, Lone Immortus and any other users he allows.

"Golden? Legendary? Question marks?" Lone was full of questions with no answers to be found immediately, so he summoned both Sophie and Kyuubi and his group of friends spent the next four hours inspecting everything they could and tried their best to find out the rules for everything.

They were now all sat down on a set of couches and looked mentally exhausted.

"Now, before we all go to sleep, which I'd really like to, that was fucking exhausting," everyone nodded to these words of Lone's before he continued, "To summarise our findings, there are five item categories that we're aware of. Eolande, please."

"Mmm. White tables for common items like coins, clothes and precious jewels. Green tables for uncommon items like Husband's glasses or his communication orbs. Light blue tables for rare items like Breena's daggers or Husband's armour sleeve. Purple for epic items like Husband's swordspear or Sophie's swords and finally, gold for Legendary items like Husband's smithing tools," Eolande stated while everyone struggled to listen due to how tired they were.

"I know you're all exhausted, but we're nearly done. Breena, tell us what you discovered as well, please," Lone said with an understanding and patient tone.

"Yes, Master. We are also able to use this new power to identify other people, and depending on their ranks, their information is displayed in the appropriate colours. From our own ranks, we can deduce that ranks I-G are shown in a white colour for common. F-D ranks are shown in a green colour for uncommon. Ranks C-A are shown in a light blue colour for rare. Ranks S-SSS are more than likely shown as a purple colour for epic. And finally, based on the way items are ranked, and Eolande's X-Rank screen being gold, we can determine that ranks X-XXX are more than likely all gold in colour," Breena explained in a very formal and factual manner.

"Thank you, Breena," Lone replied with a smile. Breena returned his smile with her own and sat back down.

Lone looked down at his lap's occupant and gently whispered, "Do you wanna tell everyone what you discovered, or should I?"

Lone was being very considerate of his lover, Sophie, because he was worried that her mental state was particularly fragile right now. He knew that she was under a lot of stress recently due to him and his actions, so he wanted to be as good to her as he could be.

"Mmm, I'll explain. Thank you, Lone," Sophie replied as she lent her head back and kissed Lone's stubbled chin. She then lowered her gaze to gloat at the jealous-looking Eolande. 'Huhuhu, he's all mine, you old hag! Look how happy his face is after just being kissed on the chin! Huhuhuhu... '

Surprisingly, Sophie could be quite petty at times too. "What I noticed is that we can't see all of the details if we don't know how the item works or what it is. For example, I can only see question marks on all of the details for Lone's glasses except for the fact that he made them and their name. So we can't use this new ability to find out what an item is or to find out the information on a person we don't know. We also know that if someone lies about their information, it won't update, so we can use this to tell if people are lying about who they are."

Sophie then looked up at Lone and kissed him again before quietly saying, "I'm done now."

"Good job," he replied with a proud expression.

'They really look like father and daughter from this angle... ' Eolande thought to herself. In fact, the expression that Sophie thought was a jealousy-filled one, was actually a curious look since she found Sophie's relationship with Lone to be fascinating and was always trying to learn from Sophie in order to woo Lone and steal his heart.

"Your turn now, Swind," Lone said to his scaly friend.

Nodding, Swind stood up and said his piece. "We are now also able to identify the skills-ss of others-ss. The same colour-coding applies-ss. White for beginner-level Mastery-ss. Green for intermediate-level mastery-ss. Light-blue for advanced-level mastery-ss. Purple for expert-level mastery and finally-ss, gold for master-level mastery-ss."

'Still a man of few words. He is trying his hardest to learn Milindonian, so it's to be expected I suppose,' Lone thought.

"Well, now that we're done, everyone please try to remember everything about our new power. I can't be bothered explaining it again if you forget, so remember it well and I want all of you to study more from now on, no excuses," Lone said with a stern tone as he stood up with Sophie. Kyuubi rubbed her head gently against his leg so he stroked her softly.

He then resumed what he was saying after a brief pause. "The more knowledge you all have, the more items, skills and people you'll be able to successfully identify. We should all study in a different area of expertise when we get the chance to make it easier on everyone else. For now, you can all browse my personal library, just ask me for any books you want. Okay, you're all dismissed. You can go back to your rooms and sleep now."

Lone then turned around and headed towards his own bed. Breena and Swind had relieved looks on their faces and returned to their rooms while Eolande vanished into her Glade. It had been a long day, and everyone was happy to get some rest.

A note from Lone

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