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First guaranteed chapter of the week. I'll try to write two more today to have three released this week since I'm returning to my old schedule. The early chapters need a lot more work than I originally thought they would, so the rewrite is gonna take ages. I figured it'd be better to resume my old 3 chapters per week schedule while I rewrite so people don't drop this story.

As you may have noticed, I've decided that the whole dungeon arc should be a book. I plan to cut out the entire city arc and make the dungeon a lot more about dungeon crawling and less about the pointless nonsense it was about. This won't affect the future story since Lone and co literally gained nothing from that arc. He'll meet Eolande and Swind in different situations, but still in the dungeon.

And a small reminder in case you forgot, I made Swind a male since there were too many females in Lone's group.

'I see! So you were trapped in a Dungeon! I thought so. I told that silly Shana as much, but the foolish girl wouldn't believe me, she nodded her head and said 'yes', but you know how kids are, what with you being a teacher in the past yourself-' Gilbert was promptly cut off by Lone.

'You're rambling. Stop it. I don't care,'  Lone said with a frown that spoke volumes about how much he regretted contacting Gilbert immediately. 

His group was currently making their way through the plains they had appeared in. Lone, Sophie, Swind and Breena were walking while Eolande was lazily laying on top of Kyuubi since she was just small enough to snugly sit atop the furry Fox.

Sophie was exceedingly jealous since she wanted to ride Kyuubi like a mount first, but unfortunately, Eolande was smaller than her, so she had to concede. Although it was honestly rare for Kyuubi to leave the summoning room and she didn't seem to mind Eolande lying on her back, so no one tried to stop the Tylwyth Teg's laziness.

'Right, of course. I'm nothing but a disposable font of magical spells to you, aren't I? It's not like I wanted to catch up with you since, oh, you know, it's nearly been a year,' Gilbert replied sarcastically.

'Yeah yeah, stop babbling to me and try to figure out how to get off that island you're on. I can't believe you're still stuck there. Hasn't Grimsley built a boat for you guys yet? The useless Dwarf isn't good for much else other than building stuff,' Lone said in jest.

'Aye, fook ye too,' a very gruff voice replied, startling Lone slightly, making him trip. Sophie cocked her head in confusion as she watched Lone fumble around trying to keep his footing.

'That sneaky old goat. He gave you the comm orb without telling me... anyway, how've ya been, Grim? Building a boat, I hope,' Lone responded after he managed to rebalance himself. It was surprisingly hard to fall over with the poise he naturally had as a Foxkin. Lone figured it worked kind of like how cats always landed on their feet.

'Did yer memory go soggy while ye were in that Dungeon? I'm a fooking blacksmith, naw a boatswain. That's right! Ye know how to make boats, aye? Ye sailed from that goblin island all the way to the western coast,' Grimsley said with a certain hint of interest in his voice.

'Yeah, I did. Your point?' Lone asked while he focused his attention on the small barrier Sophie was maintaining. She had one most of the time and it was gradually getting thicker and more robust while staying just as transparent. Lone thought it was a beautiful skill so he liked looking it.

'Well then, teach me how to make a fooking boat! You 'ave the knowledge, I 'ave the tools and materials. Let's work this out,' Grimsley replied eagerly.

'Ah, you're right. Put Gilbert back on. I'll just tell him everything I know and he can write it down or something, also, you're accent thinned out quite a bit,' Lone replied. 

'Teaching him how to make a boat, huh?... it's been two years since I've ever actually taught anyone anything, hasn't it? Funny how time passes when you become an arrogant and powerful being that can walk over people far stronger than you,' Lone thought.

He then spent the next few hours fully detailing his knowledge of boat crafting to Gilbert while the two shared some banter and caught up in between his explanations.

At some point, Eolande had gotten bored and decided to enter her Glade to smith with Red'Klata and Kal, the Cosmos-Ranked Furnace and Anvil. She had mentioned that she'd set the anchor for her Glade's dimension to being on Lone's glasses since he never took them off. That would let her always come out of her dimension to rejoin the group so long as Lone's glasses were present.

Suddenly, the group were stopped by Lone. 'That ends the conversation for today, Gilbert. I'll contact you again tonight or tomorrow with more info, and you better compile your magical knowledge better. You're not the best teacher,' Lone happily said, mostly in jest.

'Not even a century old, yet you're trying to lecture me... fine, stay safe Lone, you have got to be careful with that seal of yours,' Gilbert grumbled back in response before he cut the connection.

"Why'd you stop us, master?" Breena asked as she stretched a little. 'We're all fit enough to keep walking for a while longer,' she added in thought.

"It's getting late, let's make a camp and rest up. Sound good to everyone else?" Lone asked while he looked at the slowly setting sun.

"I agree with Mr Immortus," Swind claimed as he took out a pot and a few pans from seemingly nowhere.

'He's finally using that spatial pouch I gave him? That must mean that he's unlocked his mana brain or his mana heart. Interesting,' Lone thought.

As it turned out, you needed to activate one of your mana organs to use simple magical tools like spatial pouches. Lone wasn't aware of this since everyone he had met already knew this and had assumed he did too back when only his mana heart was active since he could use magical tools with no issue.

Lone only learned this fact inside the dungeon from a book he had obtained from Eolande. It detailed the applications and usages of mana for beginners and Lone genuinely thought it was fascinating.

The group of five, Eolande included since she came out to enjoy the evening, built a campfire. Frankly, the group had gotten bored of the cabin that Lone usually built, so this time, he created simple bits of cloth and metal spikes along with an instruction manual on how to build tents.

The five misfits failed miserable, despite their magical powers and ancient knowledge, so they submitted and Lone created the tents for them using up a lot of his magic due to the fact that his knowledge was limited on the subject.

Swind cooked dinner like usual using his firepot while the other four relaxed or trained lightly. It was a peaceful evening.


A note from Lone

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