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Book 2 Chapter 58: Teasing and Luck


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Maybe an hour later, Sophie woke up from her nap and she could immediately feel Lone's arms and tails wrapped around her small, naked body. She shuffled up to get a bit more comfortable and in doing so, Lone had noticed her moving about on top of him.

"Sophie? Finished your nap?" Lone asked as he sat up, forcing Sophie to slide down him a little bit until she ended up leaning into his chest with a dreary look on her face.

"Mmm..." Sophie mumbled before she crawled up Lone's chest and kissed him on the lips. "Good morning, Lone," Sophie said sweetly with a cute smile.

"It's still the afternoon, idiot," Lone replied with a grin before he kissed her nose.

"Muuuu... can't we just laze about in bed all day then? I feel all fuzzy and just wanna stick to you," Sophie said in a voice that sounded like she was melting. She then slumped her head down onto Lone's shoulder and closed her eyes again.

"I wanna laze about too, but we still need to train. In more than just physical activities," Lone said, forcing a blush to creep onto Sophie's face.

"It's not my fault that you were petting Breena... you needed to be punished..." Sophie mumbled. She then wrapped her arms around Lone's neck before she pressed her torso against his chest to stretch her back. While she did this, she moaned in a way meant to arouse Lone.

"C'mon, stop it. Even if you're in your normal form, I'm not gonna fuck you again. let's have a bath and get dressed," Lone said with a smile as he tried to hold himself back. 'She is really sexy even though this is her thirteen-year-old body... wait... am I a pedo? Nah, no way, on a scale of one to ten, I think everyone would agree that Soph is a solid ten no matter which form she's in. Maybe I should have sex with her in her younger form one of these days? Maybe it'll be a different experience compared to with her older one?' Lone thought as he tried to reason his sexual desire for Sophie's body.

"Ehehe," Sophie giggled before she crawled off of Lone and slowly got off the bed all the while making a show of it.

"What're you laughing at?" Lone said with a flushed face, having noticed he'd been caught in his line of thinking by his lover. He quickly got up and followed after Sophie as she made her way to the bathroom. 

"Someone likes what he sees~" Sophie playfully teased as she skipped away from Lone, emphasising her petite curves all the while.

"That little devil... all of her shyness completely disappears when we're alone..." Lone mumbled as he held his face in embarrassment. It didn't take long for him to have his bath with a more than excited Sophie.

Not long after, the two got dressed after drying up and left their bedroom. What they could immediately see was an empty living room save for Eolande reading a book labelled 'Teresta: Know Your Continent'. The Tylwyth Teg in question looked up from her reading material and grinned upon seeing Lone and Sophie.

"Y'know, Husband," Sophie frowned at Eolande's usual way of addressing Lone, but she did nothing more than grab a few of his tails and hug his left arm while she held his hand with hers. "You should really think about soundproofing that bedroom of yours. You two can get quite, hmm, passionate," Eolande finished with a huge smirk that clearly demanded a response filled with embarrassment.

"I guess I could," Lone said in a monotone voice before he moved and sat down on the couch opposite the one Eolande was on. Naturally, Sophie sat on Lone's lap. "But if I did do that, you wouldn't get reminded of what I will never do to you," Lone said as he returned Eolande's expectant expression. 'I really should soundproof it. Sophie usually doesn't get that loud when we do it, so it's never really been a problem in the Dungeon until now... ' Lone thought contrary to his words.

"Ouch, as harsh as ever, Husband," Eolande replied with a face full of fake defeat. 'I've waited two-hundred thousand years for a mate, I can easily wait for another two-hundred thousand.You'll be mine eventually, Lone,' she said to herself in a rather disturbing manner.

"We should really spar one of these days, Eolande. Anyway, Soph," Lone said, now ignoring the three-foot tall girl sitting across from him. Seeing Lone ignore her after suggesting to spar, Eolande simply smiled and went back to reading her book.

Sophie tilted her head back to rest on Lone's chest as she looked up into his face with her emerald eyes, full of wonder. "Hmm?" she said with her cutely high-pitched voice.

"Do you mind summoning your status sheet for me, or just update your card? I wanna see your stats, please," Lone asked with his curiosity plain to see.

"You're so weird for always using your card, I'll just summon it. I don't wanna cut myself," Sophie said before she did so, forcing the blue screen to cover both her and Lone's visions.

"The status card is cooler..." Lone mumbled before he took a minute to read Sophie's status sheet.

Name: Sophie Vladimirovich Sex: Female
Age: 972 Level: 299
Race: Human  
HP: 1,430/1,430 SP: 508/510
MP: 227,690/227,690  
Basic Stats
Strength: 105 Vigour: 51
Dexterity: 204 Agility: 85
Vitality: 143 Luck: 68,954
Secret Stats
Magic Power: 22,769 Life: 23

'Level is the same as mine like before... hmm? What the fuck? Her Magic Power was always high... but her Luck... what the actual fuck?' Lone pondered in disbelief. He then immediately unstored Sophie's pure black status card from within his dimension and handed it to her. "Please update this, we need to compare it to your actual status sheet," he said in an almost urgent voice.

"Huh? Uh, s-sure," Sophie mumbled in response. She was a bit flustered by Lone's seriousness, but she did as asked and used her sword intent to cut her finger, a new trick she had learnt recently. Materialising her sword intent to form actual attacks. After doing that, she smeared the blood onto her black card that represented her affinity for Void Magic, which she and Lone had yet to learn any of.

Lone immediately inspected the changes and a frown appeared on his face. "As I thought. The card isn't showing your stupidly high Luck. It's only displaying your ridiculously high Magic Power. Why on Earth is that?" Lone said rhetorically as his mind became coming up with several possibilities.

"How high is her Luck, exactly?" Eolande asked with interest as she floated over the room to fly near the couple.

"Over six times as high as yours, at least over six times higher than the last time I saw your status sheet," Lone said as he continued to think.

"Wow! Are you blessed by a Divine Level Being? Or maybe one of the Legendary Ancient beings?" Eolande asked, fully expecting to receive no answer.

"I've heard of Divine Level Beings before, but what the hell are 'Ancient Beings'?" Lone asked as he recalled the messages he had received during his fourth awakening about the pure mana belonging to a Divine level being. 'If a Divine level being can own and control pure mana like that, then what the fuck is an Ancient being capable of?' Lone thought as his passion for knowledge was ignited once more.

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