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Book 2 Chapter 57: Smile and Beating


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Sex chapter, so yeah, it's kinda NSFW.

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"Hey, Breena," Lone said as he approached the redheaded girl sitting on the floor in a corner of the living room. They were currently in the cabin Lone had created inside of the last waiting area of the Dungeon.

The young Foxkin pulled her hand out of the shadows and turned to look at Lone. "Yes, Master? Do you need something?" she asked with a curious expression. 'Master never really talks to me directly unless he needs something. I wonder what it is this time?' she thought.

"I was wondering if it'd be okay for me to see your status sheet? I wanna compare it to mine," Lone asked. he was holding a mana orb in one hand, filling it apparently, and he was fiddling with his glasses in the other.

"Oh, of course," Breena answered as is it was the most natural thing in the world to show another person your status. She then waved her hand, making her status screen appear in mid-air.

"Thanks, Breena," Lone said with a smile before he began reading the screen. Breena smiled and nodded before she sunk her hands back into the shadows, almost like she was playing with dough.

Name: Breena Redtail Sex: Female
Age: 14 Level: 202
Race: Crimson Foxkin Of The Deep  
HP: 570/570 SP: 1653/1820
MP: 9435/17040  
Basic Stats
Strength: 96 Vigour: 57
Dexterity: 465 Agility: 943
Vitality: 182 Luck: 42
Secret Stats
Magic Power: 1,704 Life: 7

"Heh... your surname is 'Redtail'?" Lone asked as he continued to read the status sheet. 'Her stats are roughly half of what mine were when I was level two-hundred, well, a little lower than half. Except for her luck, that's really low,' he thought.

Breena closed her eyes for a moment and several dark purple orbs appeared around her and gently bobbed about in the open air as if they were merely bubbles dancing happily in the wind. "Most Foxkin have the surname of their tribe's associated colour. Only a handful are wanderers like yourself, Master," Breena said in a quiet voice as she concentrated on both the orbs and her submerged hands simultaneously.

"Heh... really? I never knew that. Is there anything else you remember about your time at the Crimson Foxkin Clan?" Lone asked with interest in his tone. 'I missed a good chance at getting knowledge from Lossa, the Clan Elder, back when she visited me. I wonder why I never asked Breena about her life as a slave before now?' Lone thought.

"Not much really. Sorry, Master. I was kidnapped when I was seven, so I didn't really know much," Breena explained with a smile still on her face. "Eh?" she suddenly exclaimed in shock as she felt a hand gently rubbing her head.

"You don't need to force a smile when you talk about shitty things, 'kay? If I get powerful enough, I'll stop all slavery on kids if it'll make you feel better? Seeing you act like this is making me uncomfortable," Lone said in his usual uninterested tone, but Breena could tell that he actually cared.

She could feel Lone stroking her head, 'petting' some might call it. It felt good. "Thank you Master, but I'm fine," Breena answered. At this, Lone pulled his hand away, so she tilted her head forward and refocused on her Dark Magic training.

"Is that so? Well, you ever need anything, just talk to Sophie. She's probably a better Counsellor than me. I was really shitty at that back at school on Earth," Lone said with a chuckle before he walked away and entered his and Sophie's bedroom.

"Forcing a smile, huh?" Breena mumbled to herself. "Master can be perceptive when he wants to be it seems," she continued before she sunk her entire body into the warm shadows. The shadows that helped her forget her cruel past with the dead Hero, Daisuke Tamiko.

Lone walked into his bedroom and saw that Sophie wasn't anywhere to be seen, so he walked forward, towards the bed, and looked around. "Soph? You in here? Hmm... maybe she's training..." Lone said to himself. Suddenly, he felt a body pressing against his. "... or maybe not," he said with a sly grin.

The five-foot and five-inch tall Sophie who had clearly transformed into her eighteen-year-old version slowly wrapped her hands around Lone and she began stroking his well-defined muscles. "Lone... I wanna have fun... I saw you petting Breena with my mana sensing and I'm jealous... play with me... okay?" she purred into his ear as she stood on her bare tiptoes.

"Were you hiding behind the door?" Lone said in a low tone, emphasising his masculine voice. He then gently pulled Sophie's hands off of his shirt and turned around to face her. Sophie's hands immediately darted for the buttons keeping his body clothed. Lone didn't make any attempts to stop her and he simply watched her as she slowly stripped him with care.

"You are so beautiful," Lone commented almost absentmindedly. Sophie's long golden-brown hair flowed all the way down to her lower back in her older form, but it still held it's straight, yet slightly wild nature. Her face was that of a young woman who could easily pass for a world-class model if she were back on Earth. Currently, she was wearing a one-piece transparent gown that was tinted black and looked silky. Her milky-white skin looked radiant under the light of the few candles that illuminated the room.

"And you," Sophie said sweetly as she undid the last button that was keeping Lone's shirt fastened on, "look very handsome." With that, she pulled Lone's shirt off and leaned in before kissing him gently.

She then lowered one of her hands slowly into Lone's trousers and began setting the mood, so to speak. Stroking with rhythm and care, it wasn't long before Lone was ready to give Sophie the fun she yearned for.

"You're been aggressive today, aren't you? It's my turn to take charge," Lone said with a devilish grin. He then swiftly wrapped his arms around Sophie's waist and lifted her off of her feet before he swung around and lightly threw her on the bed. He quickly removed his lower garments before pouncing atop of her.

"Kya! You're so sexy when you get bossy," Sophie said with a girlish scream, expressing her enjoyment.

"Is that so?" Lone said as he lowered his head to caress Sophie's ear with his tongue. "Maybe I should give you a few orders then?" he whispered into her ear with a seductive tone, sending chills of pleasure up her spine.

"I just fought a long and hard battle against several snakes, what kind of bully would give me orders?" Sophie replied in turn with a pout while she licked and tenderly nibbled on Lone's neck.

"The kind that has a long and hard snake of his own, and I think it might need calming. I hereby order you to deal with this creature as best as you can," Lone said, fully immersing himself in the roleplay.

"Of course, my Lord. Such a thing can't be unattended to, now can it?" Sophie replied with a soft giggle before she began crawling down the bed sheets, still underneath Lone who was supporting himself with his arms. 

"Ah, I forgot to mention, but I've heard this particular snake loves wet caves, particularly Russian ones. Perhaps that might help you on your 'quest'," Lone said, quite proud of his statement.

Sophie giggled again and kissed Lone's belly button. "Of course, my Lord. I'm sure there are one or two such caves around here somewhere, oh! I've found one!" she said before she suddenly took Lone's entire member into her mouth, forcing his body to convulse and nearly collapse on top of her, but he remained strong, and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue wrapping around his tip and she working down and along his shaft in a fashion that stated she had done so many times before.

Over the course of a few minutes of being pleased, just before he climaxed, Lone rolled over, forcing his now saliva covered penis to leave Sophie's mouth, much to both of their dismay, but Lone couldn't afford to waste his shot now, he had further plans for it.

He then leant up and flipped Sophie over roughly. He got on top of her again and tenderly placed his mouth over her small breast and began lightly licking and biting it, making sure to not be too harsh since bruising was a very real thing.

"Ahhnn! Mmmmm..." Sophie moaned out in pleasure. She swiftly started to tightly hold Lone's head of shaggy golden hair as her body twitched and writhed. "Lone... I'm reaching my limit... hurry up... please..." Sophie mumbled a bit incoherently, but Lone heard her perfectly clearly.

"No oral for you? Okay, who am to deny a girl that's begging?" Lone said mischievously. He then raised His body up and kissed Sophie deeply before she suddenly felt something enter her.

"MMMMMmmmmm!" Sophie purred out in euphoria as her back arched and she swung her arms around Lone's neck while her legs locked up around his waist.

No more words were said, only light and heavy moans from the two as their sweat and saliva mingled, fusing. Each of Lone's thrusts was more passionate than the last and it would be a struggle for Sophie's face to get any redder or for her moans to get any louder.

"Ahhn... mmmm... Lone... I-I'm..." Sophie muttered between their kisses as she dug into Lone's skin with her nails and tightened the grip of her legs around his waist.

"Me too," Lone said before he locked his lips with Sophie's and maintained a deep embrace of love and passion with the most important girl in his life. The two then climaxed before Lone fell to Sophie's side, a ragged mess covered in sweat.

Sophie slowly crawled her way onto Lone's chest and closed her eyes, as if she was trying to go to sleep. "Hey, Lone..." she said in a quiet voice that was slightly short of breath.

"Hmm? What's up, Soph?" Lone replied in a carefree voice as he gently stroked Sophie's back.

"Today felt better than usual. I think I might love you more now," Sophie said with a small smile that Lone couldn't see.

Lone lay in silence for a moment before he replied with, "Every moment I spend with you feels better than the last," stunning Sophie into a state of muteness. After a few moments, she snuggled up closer to Lone and relaxed as she listened to Lone's heartbeat. The beating of the heart that she knew was filled with his love for her sounded more beautiful than anything else she had ever heard before.

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