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Book 2 Chapter 56: Death and Discussion


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Congratulations! the host has successfully created the skill, Unique Skill: Holy Fracture
A skill unique to the host, Lone Immortus. A mutated version of the skill, Holy Palm. It allows the host to infuse their battle aura and their very life-essence with holy energy into one final, last ditch attack that is exceedingly powerful, killing the host in the process.
Mastery: Beginner Level 8
Due to the host dying, 1 life stat point has been removed.

"Well fuck," Lone said to himself as the red aura around him, his battle aura, receded back into his skin. This aura was similar to Sophie's Sword Intent in that the system didn't give a specific skill for it. He gained it at some point during his clearing of the Dungeon's floors and Eolande had said that most hardened Adventurers and people over level one-thousand had it. So basically anyone who had battled a lot. 

"Well, I've got enough life points that it shouldn't really matter, right?" Lone asked himself with uncertainty before he turned around and watched Sophie and Breena fight their opponents. There were maybe ten human-sized snakes left and the girls were struggling slightly to deal with them. 'Mmm, they should be fine even if I don't intervene. They're getting quite strong, aren't they?' Lone happily thought.

He then used his Sky Walking to move next to Swind and Eolande. "Enjoy the show?" he asked Eolande sarcastically. She turned her head to look at him and smiled mischievously.

"When did you learn how to do that? It would have been better if you hadn't blown that Basilisk up. Its scales would have made for great armour. I wonder where Clicker even found a Basilisk? They aren't your most common monsters, that's for sure," Eolande replied.

"I just finished developing that skill and I felt like I needed to use it in combat to gain a system recognised skill out of it, so I used it," he replied with pride.

'I finally made another Unique-Ranked skill even though my talent was limited since Swind isn't an accepted being. I think maybe now I should accept her? Both Sophie and I have forgiven her for what she did and she's probably the most useful member of our little party considering she's the only one that does chores now. Hmm, Yeah, I will accept her. We can easily deal with any unkillable beings anyway by ignoring them if they're too strong. It's not like they need to be killed. They can't threaten anyone I care about since I don't care about anyone that isn't accepted, not really anyway,' Lone thought in realisation as he looked at his green and scaly companion that was missing her tail and right hand.

"Who cares about its scales? You do know how many monster corpses I have tucked away in my dimension, don't you?" Lone continued, addressing Eolande's second question.

"How can you be so dismissive? A Basilisk that big was at least ten-thousand-years-old. Weren't you wondering why you couldn't harm it with that alterion toy of yours? It was at least an S-Ranked monster. Why Clicker put it as the second to last boss in his B-Rank Dungeon, is anyone's guess, but I can guarantee you that you won't see another one like that ever again, or at least not without going to the monster lands on the northern side of the continent, assuming they still exist," Eolande said in her more sagely attitude.

"Ah, I get it. There's no use telling me now though. Mental destruction wasn't working so I had to do something, didn't I? Besides, it's already blown up, so no point bitching about its non-existent corpse," Lone said with a helpless expression. "Oh, also, don't call Dawn a toy. When I get better at crafting, I plan to make Dawn the most powerful weapon in existence," Lone continued seriously.

Eolande looked at him with blank eyes for a moment before she suddenly bent over and grabbed her stomach. "Hehehehehehehe! I didn't know you knew how to tell jokes too!" she laughed. 

Swind pretended to not hear Eolande blatantly insulting Lone. The man himself, Lone, turned red in the face. "Oh shut up, you stupid Fairy. Unlike you, my talent isn't capped. I'll be the one laughing when I can craft Cosmic-Ranked items like they're nothing," Lone mumbled in response. He found it hard to get angry at Eolande's mocking since she was the Mastersmith here, not him.

Eolande calmed herself and wiped away the tears that had gathered at her eyes before she replied, "I hope for such a day to come. There would be no greater pride for me as a Master than for my apprentice to surpass me," she claimed with a smile.

"Even after spending seven months with you, I can't read your emotions at all, Eolande. That's a bit surprising since I was a Teacher, but I guess kids have a harder time hiding their emotions than two-hundred thousand-year-old hags like you do," Lone said, to which Eolande responded by sticking her tongue out playfully.

"Anyway, it looks like Sophie and Breena are nearly done," Lone stated as a feeling of nostalgia washed over him. 'I wonder how my students are doing anyway? It's a bit depressing thinking that they've been brainwashed to kill me... oh well, if I'm forced to, I'll end their lives if I can't convince them that I'm not really the Demon Lord. I wonder if the Demon Lord really exists? If so, I'd like to meet them. I bet that would be an interesting conversation,' Lone thought with an interested smirk.

"Oh, you're right. Those two have really gotten a lot stronger. Didn't Breena just reach level one-hundred and ninety-nine? Now she only needs enlightenment to reach the same rank as you. Really, such a genius. She puts another certain Foxkin to shame. Doesn't she?" Eolande said before she sent a flirtatious smile to Lone.

"Oh, shut up. That'll change tomorrow since I've been limiting myself up till today. Anyway, feel free to go to the waiting area and back to your Glade or something. I'm gonna tell Greyfus the details of this floor before I head to the waiting area. Swind, please gather up the bodies as usual," Lone said before he Sky Walked back down to the ground and put a hand up to the communication orb on the leg of his glasses to contact the Mayor of Hope.

"Finally came to a decision about Swind, huh? You're not the only one who can't read the other at times, Lone," Eolande whispered to herself before she lowered Swind to the ground and flew through the gate that had a huge '200' on it, entering the waiting area of floor one-hundred and ninety-nine.

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