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'DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!' Lone roared in his mind as he sliced the head off of a large green-coloured Wyvern that was about thirty feet long with his swordspear, Dawn. After doing so, a message popped up telling him that he had successfully cleared floor one-hundred and twenty-two.

"It's amazing how quickly he's clearing all of the floors, isn't it, Breena?" Eolande asked as she floated next to the three-tailed Crimson Foxkin of the Deep. 

Breena turned her head to look at the Tylwyth Teg that was a meter away with clear annoyance in her expression. "It's your fault that Master is acting like this!" Breena replied with fire to her words. Clearly, she wasn't thrilled.

"Ehe, I guess it is? How was I supposed to know that Sophie nor Lone were fans of polygamy? It doesn't bother me, and he seemed like the type that would be happy with another small girl in his grasp. Don't you think Sophie's reaction was a bit overboard though? She hasn't talked to him in the last three months," Eolande commented with a mischievous grin.

Breena looked at her with hate before she replied, "It's your fault! You just keep fanning the flames!" she shouted, alarming the Lemurian that was busy gathering the Wyvern bodies for Lone to store.

"What? If she didn't want to give him attention, I was more than willing to offer my body to him. He is my Husband after all," Eolande said as she licked her lips.

"It's because you keep doing stuff like that, that Sophie won't talk to Master! All she does is cry! It's all your fault!" Breena screamed loud enough for Lone to hear her, but he didn't do so much as bat an eyelid and just continued storing the bodies gathered by the Lemurian. He was too overcome with frustration to bother replying to Eolande's claims.

"Let's go," Lone said after he had finished storing all of the Wyvern bodies and proceeded to exit the floor and entered the waiting area between it and floor one-hundred and twenty-two.

When there, he made a simple cabin with his imagination and entered it before he locked himself in a bedroom.

Breena and the Lemurian following him into the wooden structure and began resting in the living room while Eolande created an entrance to her Glade and went there since it was a separate dimension, after all.

'Sophie, please, talk to me. I'm going crazy here. I need you by my side, so please, let me at least talk to you?' Lone pleaded via telepathy. 'I can't believe that one kiss from Eolande triggered such a huge reaction from Sophie... but I suppose if it were a guy that had kissed Sophie instead of Eolande kissing me, I'd have probably tortured him for a few years before killing him... ' Lone thought.

Inside the summoning room, Sophie was sat on the floor as she cuddled Kyuubi. Her face was stained with tears and she had puffy red eyes which showed that her crying hadn't started recently.

'I'm such an idiot! I know it wasn't his fault... but... but I got mad at him, and now I can't bring myself to apologise... uuuuu... and since I've locked myself in here, I haven't gained any strength at all in the past three months... ' she thought as she squeezed Kyuubi slightly.

"Hey, Kyu... what should I do? I really miss him... but what if he gets mad at me for ignoring him for so long? I don't know what to do..." Sophie said to the furry creature in her arms.  

In response, Kyuubi wriggled out of Sophie's grasp and slowly walked towards the big white door that was inside the room on her four paws. She was now far larger than seven months ago when Lone had first entered the dungeon, and she looked to be roughly a meter long, making it hard for Sophie to fully cuddle her. Once at the door, she bobbed her head a few times in its direction.

"Y-You think I should just let him summon me? W-Won't he hate me? D-Doesn't he already have Eolande?... He doesn't need me..." Sophie mumbled in response. What she got in reply was an angry growl from Kyuubi.

"O-Okay!... I just need to let him summon me, right?" Sophie responded in a hurry. She had never seen Kyuubi angry before, and this was certainly the last time she ever wanted to. Kyuubi's teeth looked very sharp, and if Sophie had rejected the idea of being summoned again, she felt like Kyuubi might have used those sharp teeth to 'persuade her'.

'L-Lone?' Sophie said telepathically with a quake to her voice. Obviously, she was nervous. What followed was a long silence, which only made Sophie even more anxious. 'D-Did he not hear me?'

'It feels so good to hear your voice, Soph. I love you, and I'm sorry. Can you please forgive me for what happened with Eolande?' came an emotional reply from Lone. Sophie could then hear a relieved sigh.

'H-He thinks I'm mad at him?! B-But... ' Sophie thought before she looked at Kyuubi only to see her grinning with her foxy features. It was odd to see a Fox grin, but Sophie could tell that Kyuubi had predicted this would happen.

'Pl-Please summon me! I-I don't blame you!' Sophie managed to reply after she had pulled up the courage to speak her true thoughts that had built up over the past three months.

A split second later, she found herself in a wooden room with Lone sitting on the side of a king-sized bed. He was looking at her with love and desire clear in his expression. "L-Lone... you... you're not mad at me for ignoring you for so long, a-are you?" Sophie asked timidly.

"I am," Lone replied before he stood up and walked towards Sophie. She jumped at his words and tears began gathering in her eyes. 

"I'm mad that you ignored me, I'm mad that you didn't let me properly apologise, but most importantly," Lone said before he stopped walking. He was now standing directly in front of the small, blonde-haired and beautiful girl who looked roughly thirteen years old. "I'm mad that you've deprived me for so long. Do you know how many times Eolande has tried to seduce me while you were in the summoning room? I think I'm due something from you, as an apology," Lone said with a lust filled grin. 'Since she doesn't blame me, this much should be fine, right?' he thought.

"You... you still want me? Even though I was so horrible to you and Eolande is-" Sophie's doubt-filled sentence was cut off by a passionate kiss. 'Muu... he always interrupts me with kisses!' Sophie thought as she melted into Lone's embrace.

The two's lips parted for a moment. "I couldn't care less about Eolande in that way. Sophie, you're the only person I love. Now use your transformation power, there's three months worth of 'activities' that you have to make up for," Lone said as he scanned Sophie's body with his eyes. 'She should be thirteen years old now, body-wise, so her older version should be eighteen? This is gonna be fun... '

"Mmm... I missed you too, and you're the only person I love as well," Sophie replied with a smile before she took her clothes off and transformed. Lone's lust wasn't the only one that needed to be sated tonight.

Back in the summoning room, Kyuubi watched the screen with a happy expression on her furry face. She soon lowered her gaze and a look of sadness flashed across it before she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Apparently, there was a lot on the young Foxkin's mind.

A note from Lone

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