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[Everybody, don't panic. I am here to help you all] Lone stated. Even if the present Lemurians didn't believe Lone, his aura forced then to stay calm, which is exactly what he wanted.

Lone then took a few minutes to create a single kindling of mana. The beauty and power of this flame left all of the people who looked at in awe. Lone didn't hold it for long and gently controlled it to fly through every shack, obliterating them in its wake. 'These shitty houses aren't even worth keeping around just for the cultural value, really, why am even doing this?' Lone thought with some slight annoyance.

"NO!" the Lemurians began crying out. They couldn't move due to their forced calmness, but their minds were in a shambles right now. Their only home was being destroyed in front of their own eyes. So it was only natural for them to despair and grow to hate Lone. If they could, they would attack him right now without caring for their own safety or health because without those shacks; they would die either way.

"You have killed us-ss. The tribe does not support us, and now you have taken away our homes and burnt our only remaining food-ss. We may be useless, but why have you don't this to us, Foxkin-ss? We did nothing to you-ss!" an old looking Lemurian shouted in a masculine voice.

Lone looked at him with interest. 'I understand his misconception of what I'm doing since I can't be bothered explained what I'm doing, but he's really got some balls, huh? Pretty old too, how hasn't he died from sickness? Maybe he used to be a doctor or something then he lost his ability? Oh well, no point answering him. Let's just continue, I really just wanna get what I want and move on,'  Lone thought to himself.

He then closed his eyes and imagined a small town made from wooden shacks that were of far better quality than the previous ones. The ones Lone were imagining were simplified versions of the cabin he usually created when his group defeated a floor. They were sturdy, and each had two floors and a basement. While not large in size, they could easily house three or four people with ease.

The ideal part though, was that they could keep out the cold and the rain. Lone found it fascinating that this waiting area actually had a rain simulator and the artificial sun that hung over the city, the large crystal, stopped shining for about six hours a day to recharge which caused the city to be rather cold.

Lone then took a moment to absorb the mana from a mana orb since creating a small village had been quite taxing on his reserves. After he had done that, he took a second to inspect the gathered Lemurians and noticed how they were looking at Lone with shocked and grateful expressions, especially the older one from earlier.

[You] Lone said as he pointed at the elderly Lemurian, [Show me the most critically sick and injured people, I'll cure them. Then show me the mildly injured people and so on and so forth until we go through everyone. I'll cure you of any problems you have] Lone declared. 'This is gonna eat the mana that I've been storing up the last week, but fuck it, I need their support more than the mana, surely these people know enough for me to be happy with? If I get the knowledge regarding their culture and tech from these nobodies, then the rest of the Lemurians can fuck 'emselves. They had their chance,' he thought with his impatience in full swing.

Then, after being shown who was the most critically injured, Lone immediately began chopping them up and restoring then with his mana creation. At first, the Lemurian beggars were shocked and horrified at Lone seemingly killing their friends and family, but those emotions quickly turned to awe and near worship towards Lone after they saw him cure their friends and family of every single affliction they had.

It took several hours, and at some point, Lone had deactivated his Aura of Dominance to stop wasting his mana, and the surrounding people didn't even try to stop his bloody actions and helped the best they could. Everyone was curious where all of the body parts had disappeared to when Lone severed them, but they thought it was best not to ask.

The final person that Lone was 'treating' was, in fact, the elderly man that had spoken out against him.

"I misjudged you, Foxkin-ss. I am Zel, the leader of our little community-ss. You are a good man-ss. I, on behalf of everyone here, thank you for what you have done for us today-ss," Zel said with emotion clear in his voice. He too was looking at Lone as if he were a God of some sort.

"That's funny," Lone replied with a chuckle before he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed and cracked his neck a little. It was stiff alongside his hands due to all of the work. 

"I am sorry-ss. Where is the humour-ss?" Zel asked in confusion.

"Me, a good man? I'm not trying to belittle myself or anything, but I'm anything other than a good man. I helped you to further my own agenda, but I still do not intend to exploit you. So, I guess you can call me a good man if you want to, it's just funny to me," Lone replied with his actual thoughts on the matter.

"I see-ss," Zel replied. He then looked around to see that a lot of his kin, while happy at their healed bodies, were looking at Lone like he was some sort of monster. Naturally, some looked at him with reverence, but a lot of them could only see that he had chopped them up in a gruesome fashion. Zel's eyebrows crinkled at this.

He walked to the centre of the Lemurians and straightened his hunched back before a sharp look crossed his face. "Everyone-ss!" he shouted in Milindonian. "I know that what this Foxkin did to us was traumatic and cruel, but look at the results-ss!" he continued which caused the people to slowly look at the houses and each other with confused gazes.

"From my knowledge, it is very difficult to cure so many different diseases and broken limbs alone, not to mention so many within the space of a mere few hours-ss! How dare you look at him with such fearful eyes-ss!" Zel shouted with rage. This forced a lot of the Lemurians to lower their heads in shame simply because this elderly Lemurian was right. Regardless of how painful it was, Lone had given each of them a form of anaesthetic which he had also created. It was costly, but not too much due to his gradually growing knowledge regarding medicine.

"He is no villain, so how dare you look at him as if he were one-ss! He has solved two of our biggest problems-ss. Our health and our shelter-ss! You will treat him with the respect he deserves, or I will cut off your tails here and now-ss!" Zel roared with much power to his voice. There was enough power in his voice to shock even Lone.

All of the Lemurians at this point were looking regretful and a bit shameful at their prior attitude to Lone. What Zel was saying was perfectly correct, so none of them felt like they had a right to say anything else. 'Who exactly was Zel before he was sent to this shanty town?' Lone thought in suspicion. Zel had far too much authority over the gathered Lemurians to be an ordinary old man, of that, Lone was sure.

A note from Lone

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