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"Well, this is a problem," Lone murmured while he watched the Lemurians that he had tried to approached continue to hide from him in fear. "How am I supposed to help anyone if they won't even let me talk to them?" he continued to himself.

"Hrmm..." Lone remained standing in the middle of a dirt road with one hand on his chin and other on his elbow as he thought of possible solutions.

"Y'know what," he said to himself, "Fuck it. If I can't come to them, then they'll have to come to me," Lone had concluded.

He then walked to the edge of the road and closed his eyes before he imagined a small stall made from wood. After wishing for it to exist, his Mana Creation Skill activated, and the imagined stall appeared directly in front of Lone. It was only big enough for one person to sit behind its counter and it had nothing but a simple table which had a headboard above it. The headboard read, 'Lone's assistance! You need it; I'll help you do it or give it to you! (Within Reason) for free!' in perfect Milindonian.

After nodding in satisfaction at his creation, Lone took out a chair from within his dimension and placed it behind the counter, he then sat down and took out a book before he got himself comfortable and began reading it.

The book was mildly interesting. It was about the different races that lived in Hope and had actually been written by the Archangel Bastian whom Lone was acquainted with. 'Heh... there are a few Beastman races that seem to have a bit of knowledge regarding awakenings? I wonder why Greyfus couldn't ask them what they knew? Or maybe their understanding on the topic is incomplete... hrmmm..maybe they know more about why Kyuubi isn't turning back into her humanoid form?' Lone thought.

A few short hours passed and thus far, no one had bothered to ask Lone what the purpose of his stall was. Every passing Lemurian just looked at him with either cold or fearful eyes. Lone put the book he was reading down, now a different one from the earlier one and he looked at the dirt road that was still busy with activity. "This clearly isn't working... I need a few people to prove that I'm trying to help them. I guess I really did leave a sour impression on them, huh?" Lone said to himself in annoyance.

Just as he was about to stand up and try to find a solution to his problem, he noticed a small Lemurian child had made its way up to his stall and was staring at the headboard, or perhaps at the words on it.

"Hello, can I help you?" Lone asked with hope evident in his voice. 'Even if it's a child, just one person should do fine as an example to the rest,' Lone thought.

The child lowered its gaze to look at Lone and clearly hesitated for a moment. During that hesitation, Lone appraised the youth. He couldn't tell its gender, but it wore a very ragged looking shirt and a pair of torn and brown shorts. 'A beggar? I wonder why such a species that cares so much about their tails and family would let a child be in such a situation? It's not really got anything to with me though, so whatever.' he concluded in thought.

"Will you really help me in a-any way-ss?" the child asked in a slightly high-pitched voice. It was clearly uncertain, and it had apparently taken much courage for it to come up and ask Lone this question.

'Still can't tell its gender, huh? Well, whatever, you've saved my day, so it doesn't really matter,' Lone thought before he responded. "Of course. Anything you want, I'll do my best to make it happen."

Lone's gentle tone helped calm the child somewhat. An expectant look flashed through its eyes before it eagerly asked Lone a question. "C-Can you make my life easier-ss?"

Lone had to admit, as little as he didn't care about others, hearing such a sad request from a child pulled even his heartstrings. "Of course, now, please tell me what makes your life hard?" Lone asked with genuine care in his voice.

After listening to the explanation of the young Lemurian's life, Lone had a grim look on his face. 'To think that because he held little potential for any known jobs for the tribe they just banished him to an outer cast. His own parents... how sickening... I know it's a part of their culture, but still... oh well, no point getting riled up. I'll just help him out and move on,' Lone decided.

"Take me to your home, I'll see what I can do," Lone said while he continued to think. 'Mmm, will helping this kid out actually help me? I guess it will show people what I'm capable of, but still... should I give this kid a job of some sort or maybe find his talent? Nah, that's too much effort. Stick to plan A, build him a house and give him some money. It's not my problem if he gets looted later.' 

The Lemurian nodded with excitement before he quickly ran off in a hurry, clearly forgetting that Lone wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, making his rush unneeded. Lone ran after him, and the two soon reached the outskirts of the tribe. What Lone was looking at was a small settlement of maybe forty run down shacks that hugged the wooden wall that surrounded the tribe. They looked abysmally unhygienic and very structurally unsound.

"It's only this much?" Lone whispered as a thought entered his head. 

As soon as he and the boy had come to the pitiful excuse for a shanty town, almost every person there, either from within a shack or who was doing something outside of one, went to look at Lone and marvelled at his clean clothing and healthy figure. 'Heh, they look kinda afraid, but not the same kind as the other Lemurians. Do they think I'm going to hurt them or something? Maybe take advantage of them? Oh well, fuck it. In for a penny, in for a pound. May as well make a show out of this.'

Lone and the boy had soon reached the centre of this small collection of homes and Lone had stopped the boy from taking him to his particular shack for some reason.

"You promised to help me-ss! Why did you stop-ss?!" the boy asked with fear and anxiety in his tone.

"I changed my mind," Lone said much to the boy's horror. Lone then activated his Aura of Dominance to about half of its maximum potential.

'Lone, what are you doing?' Sophie asked him from within the summoning room. She was quite curious why someone that hated breaking promises like Lone had done exactly that.

'Don't worry. I'm just going to help the kid in a different way than I first planned and it would be a bother to do it without everyone following my instructions, using my aura is easier,' Lone replied calmly.

'You're so lazy,' Sophie said with a giggle ending the conversation. Lone couldn't deny it either, if he could, he'd take the easier option for trivial things. It was only his pursuit of power, knowledge and fame that he wasn't willing to half-ass.

[Everybody, get out here right now and bunch up around me] with Lone's orders, the weak and sickly Lemurians couldn't refuse his order that had been infused with his aura. It took a few minutes for the Lemurians to gather everyone up since there was a few of them that were far too poorly to move, but they had managed easily enough thanks to Lone not being impatient and waiting for them.

All of the gathered people were scared and couldn't help but think that Lone had nefarious plans for them, but obviously, Lone had no such intentions.

A note from Lone

As of chapter 54, I've changed the style of the tables in this story to just look better. Also, at some point, I'm not sure when, but I'll take a two-week long break to unwind and do some simple stuff like rewrite some of the early story and compile a proper sheet of all the skills and titles and whatnot. I'll let you know when I take this break like I usually do.

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