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Book 2 Chapter 40: Awakening and Progress


A note from Lone

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Lone suddenly opened his eyes, and his body jerked up. He looked around and could see that he was lying on a well-made bed in a room that had walls made from roots and leaves. Sitting to his right, on a chair that was of a similar design to his bed, was his companion, Breena, who wore a complicated expression.

"Breena? What's wrong?" was what Lone had asked while he tried to reorient himself. 'I feel great! Like I awakened... oh... right... Soph... she got grabbed then I blanked out... ha-ah. I awakened again in an uncontrolled environment, didn't I?' Lone sighed internally at his inability to control his anger at the easily fixed situation.

Breena looked at Lone and said, "It was my fault, Master. If I had protected Sophie like you'd asked me to, she wouldn't have been targetted by that shop vendor and then suffered a panic attack... it's... it's... I'm sorry." Breena then stood up from her chair and bowed her head as a form of apology.

"If we're going to play that game," Lone replied to which Breena lifted her head and looked at him, "then I am to blame for letting you and Sophie go out on your own." At this somewhat obvious notion, Breena's face quickly shrouded over in a layer of realisation and shock. 

"No one is to blame. What happened, happened. Now, Breena," Lone said before he got up and out of the bed he was laying in, "how long was I unconscious for and did I fuck anything up while I awakened?" Lone asked with a wry smile. 'I already feel a little bit stronger now, and I bet my race changed again. Those blue screens definitely aren't anything but notifications about my new racial variation, I bet. It just sucks that I lose consciousness whenever they happen.'

Breena then went on to explain exactly how long he had been asleep for and what he had done to the shop vendor and his interaction with Reytla. She was still in Lone's shadow for the entire duration of the events, after all, so she had a first-hand account of the events.

Lone had a distant look on his face. "Darkness, huh? I'm glad I was only out for six hours, but, 'Lemurians'? I think I should go apologise to this 'Reytla' or at least go meet her. It was stupid of me to react as severely as I did.'"

Breena stood silently in thought. 'So Master does have a conscience? Mmm, that seems wrong. Is he thinking about the consequences?'

Lone closed his eyes after thinking for a few moments and contacted Sophie via his telepathic link to her. 'Soph, are you okay?'

A few seconds later, a weary-sounding voice answered him. 'Uuu... Lone? Sorry, I fell asleep after I knew you were fine. Yeah, I'm doing okay here in the summoning room with Kyuubi. Can you summon us? I wanna cuddle you,' Sophie replied with a certain eagerness to her tone.

Lone smiled as a response and summoned his daughter and lover. Sophie immediately glued herself to Lone's chest while the small Kyuubi slowly climbed up Lone's back and nestled onto his head. Sophie was currently wearing the same white one-piece she was wearing in the marketplace. Lone happily appreciated her beauty in it while Breena's eyes grew deadpan and she lifelessly got up and went to play with the shadows in a corner.

'Always being so lovey-dovey... bleh. Why is Master such an idiot?' Breena thought while she pushed her hand down into the shadows and swished it about like one would with water.

After a few minutes of hugging Sophie, Lone peeled her from him and decided to check the blue screens that had patiently been waiting for his attention.

Due to the host experiencing a seventh bloodline awakening, Race Evolved:
Evolved Race: Golden Sky Fox of the Endless Void
Effect 1: Grants immunity to all forms of darkness or black magic
Effect 2: Grants the control and rage stats
Effect 3: Grants maximum affinity for darkness and black magic
Effect 4: Grants maximum affinity for wind, gravity and mind magic
Effect 5: Grants maximum affinity for destruction and death magic
Effect 6: Passively activates the mana brain
Effect 7: Enables the host to learn Void-related skills
Effect 8: Enables the host to learn Sky-related skills
Effect 9: Enables the host to learn End-related skills
Restriction 1: Makes it impossible to hide the host's racial traits with a skill, magic or by other means
Stat, Control: Grants extreme control over the host's own emotions and makes it easier to keep a clear mind
Stat, Rage: Grants extreme power when the host is in a rage induced state but makes it so that entering such a state is easier based on how angered the host is

'End, huh? I wonder what that means? I should probably ask Eolande,' Lone thought before he looked at the next screen. 

While Lone was doing so, Sophie was busy playing with the purple tips that his tails now had. She was struggling to stay conscious due to how incredibly soft and fluffy they were, but she persevered, for the sake of her pursuit of fluffiness!

User's Magic Affinity Sheet
Magic Affinity Amount of Affinity
Illusion: 100%
Darkness: 100%
Destruction: 100%
Death: 100%
Black: 100%
Wind: 100%
Gravity: 100%
Mind: 100%
Contract: 100%
Life: 49%
Air: 20%
Lightning: 19%
Water: 16%
Fire: 7%
Space: 6%
Ice: 4%
Time: 2%
Enchanting: 1.5%
Pure Mana: 0.1%

There had been a lot of improvements lately, especially in his lightning and pure mana affinities, which made Lone happy. 'Mmm... good improvements, but I've noticed that I'm not growing as well as I was a couple of months ago. Is it because Breena isn't an accepted or respected being? Is not accepting her really a good idea?' Lone thought while he stroked Kyuubi who was laying on his head lazily.

Lone took a moment to bite his finger with his other hand and smear the resulting blood on his amber-coloured status card. Ever since he started using it, he just preferred it over the system's version of his status. It was far more plain and less fancy looking, which suited Lone just fine.

User Information
Adventurer Rank: E
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age: 25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Sky Fox of The Endless Void 
Level:  158
HP: 3110/3110
SP: 18720/18720
MP: 37020/37020
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 375
 Stat, Vigour: 311
Stat, Dexterity: 734
Stat, Agility: 1201
Stat, Vitality: 1872
Stat, Luck: 190
Unlocked Stat, Charm: 84
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 100
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 3702
Unlocked Stat, Control: 307
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 28
Unlocked stat, Life: 17

'Everything is slightly higher, but my level jumped quite a bit, didn't it? I guess my fight with Greyfus is the cause of that, and maybe the Reikling Chieftain. I barely clashed with Reytla, or so Breena says, so it wouldn't have been from that. Regardless, I think it's time to go talk to Eolande then hopefully visit the Lemurians,' Lone thought before he properly dressed himself and left the room with Sophie following him and Breena in his shadow.

Naturally, the most important person, Kyuubi, was still lazing atop his head. 

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