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Book 2 Chapter 35: Silver and Bronze


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After recomposing himself from his earlier pitiable state, Lone posed his question about the Anvil and Furnace's language to Eolande once more.

She thought a bit about Lone's begging state from earlier. Sophie was far scarier than her outward appearance would suggest. "I don't know," was Eolande's reply to Lone's query.

"What? How can you, of all people, not know?" Lone asked with his disbelief shown clearly on his face. He found it to be incredulous that the Tylwyth Teg was unaware of the nature of the tools language. Was it really that uncommon for them to speak to people with a clear desire for that person to learn the language?

"Look, I don't know what you think they're saying to you, but you should know, any item with a soul is a Cosmos-Ranked item. Did you know that it's impossible for regular sentient beings to communicate with such items beyond basic emotions?" Eolande stated. Lone just looked at her blankly. "The real question is, why are they trying so hard to communicate with you despite the fact that it's impossible?"

Lone stood silently in thought for a minute or two while he continued to listen to the Furnace and Anvil. "I guess... because I can learn anything?" he said with a questioning gaze.

"What do you mean, 'I can learn anything'?" Eolande replied with doubt clear in her voice. Obviously, she could tell that what he said was the truth, but such a vague statement was certainly hard to believe.

Lone took a second to take out a leather chair from his dimension and sat on it with Sophie quickly occupying his lap. "Well, I have a hunch that a very powerful being has its eyes on me and Soph."

"What?" Eolande said before she created a seat from the wooden floor in front of Lone and also sat down.

"Let me ask you a question," Lone said to which Eolande nodded. "When you became a Cosmos Level Being, did something calling itself 'the system' offer you ten powers of your choosing?" he continued.

"Huh? As if it was that easy. There are countless Cosmos Level Beings. On Altros alone, there are about fifty beings that call themselves Gods but are merely stage one, two or three Cosmos Level Beings. I think this world classifies them as X, XX, or XXX-Rankers. If they all got to choose any ten powers, the universe would have easily been destroyed by now from battles of unprecedented levels," Eolande said in a mocking manner as if Lone had asked the stupidest question she had ever heard.

Lone frowned, but not at Eolande's tone. He was concerned why both he and Sophie had gained this opportunity. "Well, that happened to Sophie when she became a Cosmos-Level-Being. Also, one day, I suddenly died. I don't know how, but apparently, I did. After that, I was granted any ten powers I desired. One such power was the ability to learn anything at a limited pace."

"... Ridiculous... you... you're telling the truth..." Eolande muttered in disbelief. Why was the man granted such an opportunity? Such a chance... if ever she were to gain such an option... her race could have been saved... if only.

Lone tilted his head back and closed his eyes while he focused even more on the what the tools were saying. "It is ridiculous, isn't it? But the funny thing is, the system saved my life a few times. However, it seemed like it didn't have a will at those times, so why did it save me?"

"The orders of a more powerful being..." Eolande responded.

"Exactly. Now pray tell, what could be more powerful than a being that can alter a Cosmos Level Being like Sophie so easily and why would such a thing have its eyes on me and her?" Lone said with a sigh. "Regardless, I can't do anything about that right now. I hope that answered your question."

"I... I have much to think about... I'll leave you to complete the task I gave you earlier. I refuse to teach you if don't pass, regardless of how interesting all of this is," Eolande responded firmly. As she had said, no matter how big the implications of Lone's words were, her standards for teaching wouldn't ever be lowered.

"I understand," Lone replied with a certain warmth to his voice. His eyes still closed as he relaxed, listening to the foreign language of the tools.

After that, Eolande properly left the room this time and Lone sat there in silence with Sophie on top of him. She had, at some point, fallen asleep. Lone had lost track, maybe it had been, three, or perhaps four hours? Regardless, Breena appeared from within his shadow, it would seem that she had run out of stamina.

Lone decided to send both her and Sophie back into the city despite his selfish desire to always remain by their sides. He knew that they needed some form of independence regardless of how they were both bonded to Lone.

Lone had ordered Breena to stay out of Sophie's shadow and keep her company since she was still afraid of people and he had told Sophie to teleport to him immediately if a problem arose or contact him via telepathy if teleportation was impossible.

Now that he was alone he was focusing even more of his attention on the tools. The Furnace and Anvil were still speaking in an unfamiliar tongue to him, but Lone was getting a feeling like he almost knew what they were saying, almost, but not quite.

Unbeknownst to Lone himself, he stood up, almost as if in a trance, and walked towards the Anvil with his eyes still closed. He placed his hand on it gently and a silver shimmer flickered from its cool body. After that, Lone removed his hand and approached the Furnace. From the tone of its voice, it seemed to be incredibly excited after having witnessed whatever Lone did to the Anvil. He similarly placed his hand on the furnace and this time a bronze shimmer escaped it.

At this point, Lone opened his eyes and could see nothing different, but he also couldn't hear the tools anymore.

Suddenly, they spoke once more to him, but now he could actually understand them.

"We greet the Lord of the Cosmos, it is our pleasure to serve thee," two ancient sounding voices echoed in the room.

'Ah, so my title is why they're being so friendly with me? Wait... I can understand them now?' Lone's thoughts were interrupted by three flashing blue screens which were of grave importance to the situation.

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