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Book 2 Chapter 34: Incomprehensible and Jealousy


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Due to the host diligently studying the actions of a powerful being,  Gained Skill:
Skill: Basic Enchanting
Effects: Allows the host to enchant items upon their creation to varying levels based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increased Speed when activated: 2%

Lone was very happy with this skill. After having experienced his recent life-dream, he now had a far larger appreciation for crafting and related things since the Golem who was the focus of the life-dream was a miner during his life.

Lone didn't immediately rush to use the tools and instead chose to inspect them closely. He wanted to get a feel for the forging equipment he very well may have to use for quite a bit of time.

He approached the anvil and gently stroked it. Almost like one would a genie lamp. However, no mythical being popped out to grant Lone three wishes. He could feel the slight dents on its surface, the roughness of its edges, but it was still very, very durable.

After he was done with the anvil, Lone headed over to the furnace. 'How do I connect with a furnace? Well, I guess there's only really 'that' method, right?' Lone though before he did something very stupid. He put his entire body into the furnace. Right, he had literally inserted himself into the furnace.

Thankfully for Lone, Sophie's heart and Breena who was hiding in his shadow, he didn't immediately burn to death. It would seem like the furnace was surprised, if Lone could read the flames. Why was a Foxkin now sitting in its maw? It could feel no ill will from the being, so the furnace, which was obviously powerful enough to own sentience, decided to spare Lone's life, and merely watch him.

"Wow. I honestly didn't think that would work. Um, hi? I'd like to use you to try crafting if that's okay. Compared to the Tylwyth Teg, that I assume is your master, to be frank, I'm absolutely shit. However, my talent is unmatched in this world. So please, help guide me as I tread the path of smithing," Lone asked the furnace with sincerity in his voice. Everyone present found this scene to be absolutely ridiculous. Especially Eolande who was hiding nearby by altering the flow of nature to avoid Lone's gaze. Only she knew the full magnitude of what was happening right now.

"... El heff hackma kiam," A disembodied voice slowly enunciated. Lone was startled for a moment but soon realised that the voice belonged to none other than the furnace.

'I never thought my first encounter with a sentient item would be so... strange. I'm technically in its belly, aren't I? Or maybe it's mouth... ' Lone began thinking in worry before he trailed off on a tangent as per usual.

"Lat has welk gild und mak kem!" a second voice exclaimed. 

'What?! Both of them spoke to him! H-How is this possible?' Eolande exclaimed in shock internally. Even for herself, very rarely did the furnace and anvil speak to her, very, very rarely. And they only ever did so if she was close to creating a Cosmic Level item.

"I'm sorry. Both of you. I don't understand, but please, continue talking. The more you do, the quicker I'll be able to understand you both," Lone requested with an upset frown. He was displeased that he couldn't properly respond to the beings trying to communicate with him. Lone took the momentary silence as a chance to careful exit the furnace's fire pit.

"Kass lag moth?" The furnace asked what seemed to be a question. Lone had already had it known that he couldn't understand the entities, so he assumed it was asking the anvil a question of some sort.

"Dal, kass lag moth," the anvil seemed to agree to something, and that was when it began. Sophie's nightmare.

"Rit mar fur dem grent wolfturnqor bras lop kij-mund rest lad a volt," the furnace said.

Indeed, the two pieces of forging equipment had agreed to Lone's request and began spewing line after line of utter gibberish. 'Uuuuu, it's just like when we first arrived at the Capital... uuuuu... I can't understand a thing,' Sophie cried in her thoughts while she began having flashbacks of her time listening to people talk, only for nonsense to enter her head. Truly, this was a trial for more than just Lone.

While he listened to the powerful beings talking with most of his attention, he slowly turned his head and stared at a particular corner of the room, causing a certain three-foot tall girl to flinch. "So, Eolande. What language are they speaking?" Lone asked with so much confidence in his voice, that it would be foolish to think that Eolande wasn't present in the room.

"H-How did you know I was here? I didn't use any magic! I altered the nature of the room!" Eolande exclaimed in a rare, child-like manner. Truly unbecoming of her power and age, but oddly fitting with her physical image.

"Mmm, Would you believe me if I said it was an educated guess?" Lone asked with a playful smile.

"N-No, I wouldn't," Eolande replied with a frustrated tone. She could obviously tell that he was lying.

"Good. Because even if I'm a bit smarter than average, I'm not clever enough to find out that you were peeping from that corner by deductions alone, assuming such a thing could be done," Lone said while his playful grin only expanded further.

"P-Peeping... this is my home... t-then how?" Eolande replied with a blush quickly enveloping her face.

'Mmm! This is it! No matter how humble I become, there's no greater pleasure than fucking with people! Well, maybe fucking Sophie, hrmm,' Lone stood in silence for a few moments while he pondered over the conundrum, still focusing on the anvil and furnaces speech. "Ah, I can detect all illusions. All Illusions. The word 'illusion' is fairly loose in its meaning. Not to mention I have an affinity for pure mana, and darling, there's no hiding a mana tank as large as yours," Sophie frowned deeply at this.

'No. Nicknames. Or. No. Sex. Understand?' Sophie ordered Lone via telepathy. Eolande gasped in awe as she watched all of Lone's nine tails stand up on end and his entire body shake. He then turned rigidly to face a furious-looking Sophie. He instantly moved with enough speed to outmatch most A-rankers and instantly disappeared.

He reappeared right in front of Sophie and he was kneeling on the floor with his head touching the ground. "Please, anything but sex! You know there are few things I crave in this life, but you are definitely one! Please! I'll never give another woma- no! Another being a nickname ever again, just please, anything but the sex!" Lone basically shouted which forced Eolande's slowly receding blush to come back in full force.

'T-The two of them? T-Together like t-that?!' the Tylwyth Teg exclaimed inwardly. She was after all, very innocent. Tylwyth Teg usually only ever chose one partner for life, and she had yet to do so resulting in her embarrassed state.

'Ha. Ha. Ha,' a dry laugh was all that Breena could muster up in her thoughts from within Lone's shadow. Her master was nigh undefeatable in combat of any type if he didn't hold back. Nigh undefeatable! But one of the few, if not the only thing that could ever defeat him, was the jealousy of his lover. Truly, the quiet ones always had the strongest bite to them.

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