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Book 2 Chapter 30: Linguist and Song


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"... So that's how you got the halo of Michael?" Greyfus asked after having finished listening to Lone's explanation. Halfway through his remembrance of the events of last week, Lone thought that it might be wise to explain to Alfonse and the city's Lord how and why he was now the King of the Angels.

"Yeah, it was so sudden, so I just accepted it and moved on. That was about two hours ago," Lone answered in kind. He was very hesitant at the prospect of leading a group of nearly three thousand Angels, whose battle prowess was exceedingly small but whose intelligence was almost unrivalled. Thankfully, though, Bastian had explained that Lone needn't do anything too drastic, and just get used to the halo's power, which Lone had yet to feel or experience.

"You're such an enigma," Greyfus said. Lone could only nod his head at this. If it weren't for the help of Vihaan though, then Lone wasn't quite sure where he would be right now on Altros. Probably dead at the bottom of the western ocean straight after his transferral.

"Anyway, who are you taking me to see? What kind of person is Hope's best blacksmith?" Lone asked with ample amounts of curiosity to his voice. He was hoping to get a general idea of who his teacher would be.

"Well, the thing is, I'm not wholly confident that they'll actually teach you..." Greyfus said with a wry smile. Lone paused at this momentarily before he replied. "Why?"

"Ah, well, they are very eccentric. They won't teach you unless you have at least fifty percent of their talent," Greyfus answered a bit hesitantly. To this, Lone smiled.

"That won't be a problem at all. They're not a Dwarf, are they? My first teacher was, and he had a similar rule," Lone said while he thought about his best friend, Grimsley.

"No, of course not. You think I'd have a problem convincing a Dwarf to teach you? Give them some rare metals, and bam, you've got a teacher. This person though, it'll take more than just your talent to convince them. Also, be mindful of your words around them. They are far stronger than me. They might even be the strongest person in this city. Last I knew, they were an SSS-Ranker. Why they don't leave this city and clear the dungeon is beyond me," Greyfus explained with a sigh. It would seem that he wasn't overly fond of the person they were going to meet.

"What? An SSS-Ranker? That'll be the second one I've ever met. How exciting. The last was a dick; I wonder how this one will be?" Lone said in English by mistake due to his excitement. The last SSS-Ranker he met was the Headmaster of The Academy, and he was hoping this encounter would be just as stimulating but in a more enjoyable way. After all, SSS-Rankers were generally old and powerful beings, meaning that they held a vast amount of knowledge. One of Lone's goals.

"What language was that? I've never heard anything like it!" Alfonse exclaimed. He was quite the linguist, as it turned out. Alfonse, despite having lived his entire life in Hope, was a master of many languages, but the one Lone had just spoken in was entirely foreign to him.

"Ah, that was English. It's the mother tongue where I'm from," Lone happily explained. Then after further questioning, Lone divulged the fact that he was an otherworlder and began talking about different languages with Alfonse since Lone himself knew quite a few. He was fluent in English, French and Spanish when it came to Earth languages, and Elfish, Dwarfish and Milindonian when concerning Altros.

"You really are monstrously talented," Alfonse said with a sigh after the group had been walking for roughly fifteen minutes. Sophie nodded at this. She too couldn't help but admire Lone's comically high talents, which heavily shadowed her own.

"We're here. I and Alfonse will be leaving now. It's up to yourself to convince them to teach you as I said. If they refuse, tell them that I'm calling in my grandfather's favour. Good luck, Lone. Also, if you fail their test, come back to me, I'll recommend the second best smith to you," Greyfus said before he and Alfonse left.

Lone and Sophie were currently standing in front of an empty meadow just outside of the city. It was beautiful, and a powerful feeling of nature could be felt from the surroundings. Suddenly Lone could hear a lovely and charming voice. It was feminine and high pitched. Whoever it was, they were singing.

"Flowers gently swaying in the wind~,"

"My love for you in eternal like the petals flowing through the cracks of my heart~,"

"My feelings shall never rescind~,"

"Wasn't it you that said we'd never part?~,"

"How was I to know that you'd be so thick-skinned?~,"

"I know the General ordered you to battle, but did you really have to depart?~."

Lone and Sophie stood completely still as they listened to the gorgeous voice singing the slow melody of this song.

"We'll wait for you, your Wife and child~,"

"Time slowly ebbed on as we lived our lives, ever waiting for your return~,"

"Did you know? The flowers are restless without you and have all gone wild~,"

"My feelings for you continue to swirl and churn~,"

"I know how busy you are, but it's been a decade now, am I not allowed to be riled?~,"

"Your General visited, expression sour and worn~."

The voice had then hummed for a few seconds before it continued with the third and final verse.

"Your child, now thirty, still misses you~,"

"Don't worry, even with my age; I'll forever wait to see you ride over the horizon~,"

"How long will this torture ensue?~,"

"My only wish is to see your smile as the flowers dance under the sun~,"

"Oh, my love, a foot soldier you were, but I needed you~,"

"I feel my life slip away from me, is that you I see standing by the golden gates, Aaron?~."

"... Beautiful..." Lone mumbled. Sophie could do absolutely nothing but nod her head in agreement. The pair were absolutely speechless at the world-class singing. Lone was feeling extreme regret at the short length of the song.

"Eh? You guys could hear me?" the voice said curiously. Lone opened his eyes only to see a small girl, no bigger than three foot tall flying in the air ahead of him with a pair of purple butterfly wings on her back that matched her long violet hair and large innocent eyes.

"... A Fairy?" Lone asked in shock. The girl floating ahead of him was so beautiful, that he could easily consider her to be on the same level as Sophie in that regard.

Sophie herself was also awestruck by the girl ahead of them. This apparent Fairy was the only person that they had come across thus far that Sophie had ever felt was truly beautiful, almost as if the world itself had graced her with her looks.

The girl in question simply tilted her head before a small frown appeared on her beautiful face.

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