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Book 2 Chapter 29: Life-dream and Bastian


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While they were walking to wherever Greyfus was leading them, Lone took a moment to think about what had happened the past week.

Seven days ago, immediately after replacing Greyfus' brain and heart via his 'Surgeon of Death' title, Lone explained to Alfonse that he'd return tomorrow to continue with Greyfus' treatment.

After that, he had asked for directions to the city's library, assuming that there had to be one. Alfonse happily told Lone where it was and warned that the Angels who owned it, used a barter system, where you could exchange knowledge for knowledge.

Lone thanked Alfonse before he summoned Sophie and left the hospital to find the library. It obviously didn't take too long thanks to a giant dome made out of crystal being quite difficult to miss.

Upon entering the beautiful structure, Lone was greeted by a wonderfully multi-coloured room that was quite open and warm feeling. The various colours were glowing off of several gems that were neatly scattered amongst the wooden furniture.

Lone, completely ignoring his surroundings, approached one of these gems, interest clear in his eyes. Sophie could only sigh at this because the room was actually full of angels busily moving around, except most of them had stopped to watch Lone, curious to what he was doing.

Lone had decided on a pure green one, maybe because it reminded him of Sophie's emerald eyes,  but regardless, his hand slowly crept up and gently wrapped itself around it. Immediately afterwards, his eyes turned pure green and the glow the jewel was emitted became slightly more vibrant.

"No way... he entered the life-dream?" a nearby teenaged Angel exclaimed as she watched Lone with a fascinated gaze.

"W-What's a l-life-dream?" Sophie asked the angel after having mustered up her courage to talk to the girl. While still a struggle for her, Sophie was finding it easier and easier to talk to new people now thanks to her actively trying to rid herself of her past life's fears.

"Ah, you're the girl that came in with him? Are you two new?" the teenaged Angel asked to which Sophie shyly nodded. "Makes sense that you don't know then. These gems are, or were, cores from the very rare race of Jewel Golems. When they die, they culminate all of their life experiences into their cores and donate them to our library, in the hopes that if someone can resonate with them, then they can see and learn the Golem's life experiences. I'm so jealous!"

All of the Angels in the room agreed with the teenager. It would seem that resonating with a gem was extraordinarily rare, and even seeing the experience was worthwhile as far as the Angels were concerned. Some even had quills and paper to make notes.

Sophie just watched Lone with a relieved look now that she knew what was happening to him wasn't dangerous or harmful to him. 

Roughly twenty minutes later, Lone slowly opened his eyes and started crying, rather loudly. Naturally, this confused Sophie, but she could hear the Angels mumbled about how lucky Lone was, not even mentioning his tear-covered face. 

Sophie rushed up to Lone's side and held his face while she wiped his tears away. "What's wrong Lone? Are you okay? Did something happen?" Sophie asked in worry.

"Ah, Sophie," Lone said in surprise. He then took a second to collect himself before he answered. "I'm okay now, thank you. It was amazing! I lived a life as a golem for three thousand years! That was a very sobering experience. He was a good Golem, very noble-hearted. He lived his life as a miner. Funny, a man made of gem, mining for metal. Ha-ah, living a life without worry, slowly ageing, then dying in peace. I needed this, this was amazing."

Congratulations, due to the host experiencing a life-changing event, the stat, Control, has increased by 200

Lone smiled at this. He felt like his heart had calmed an extraordinary amount after that 'life-dream', as the nearby Angels were calling it. Lone guessed that it would take far more for him to get angered in the future and he could now appreciate simple things more easily. 

"Excuse me, could I please have your name?" a tall and very handsome male Angel asked Lone. He looked rather excited, despite his aged face, that and incredibly strong. Lone noticed the latter more than the former. This Angel was clearly stronger than Greyfus, and maybe even stronger than Lossa, or so Lone guessed. He found this odd since he thought these Angels were weak of the body, but strong of the mind, or so Alfonse had told him.

"I'm Lone Immortus. It's nice to meet you. Who might you be?" Lone asked in a genuine manner. He found that he now actually cared about this man. Not in any special way, but he wanted to know who he was and what he wanted with him, but not our of concern, no, with interest. It would seem that Lone's personality had indeed changed after experiencing that life-dream, even if only slightly.

"Ah! How rude of me! Of course, of course. I'm Bastian, the Archangel of our clan. It's an absolute pleasure to meet you! Please, tell me all about yourself! We're all very curious to what kind of person could resonate with a Golem's core!" Bastian explained with a glee-riddled face. His wings were twitching happily while he waited for Lone's reply.

"Sure, I don't mind. Do I get some sort of allowance based on how much I tell you? Y'know, that I can spend on reading your books. I'm quite the fanatic for knowledge," Lone replied with a pleasant smile that put some of the present Angels to shame. Lone truly was quite handsome.

"Of course, of course! I feel like we'll get along quite well!" was Bastian's response before he dragged Lone away with him to another room.

'Uuuuu, he's too energetic for an old man... ' Sophie thought to herself while she ran after the pair.

Lone then spent the next seven days either reading books or speaking to the Angels about this or that, and due to that vast amount of knowledge Lone had from both his own world and from the library in Milindo's capital, he was granted access to reading sixty-percent of the stored books, which he was more than happy with for now. He still had plenty of information that he had yet to tell them, so he would do that eventually.

On the seventh day, Lone was sitting in the main chamber of the library, and he was staring intently at the halo that floated in the centre of a transparent, crystal tube that went through the entire building.

Bastian, who just so happened to be passing by, saw Lone's gaze and decided to speak to him. "I see you've noticed our holy relic." Upon seeing Lone's confused face, he chose to elaborate. "It was left behind by our greatest recorded Archangel, Michael. He transcended the bounds of our world, he mentioned becoming a Divine Level Being, and just before he left, he bestowed upon us his halo and said that whoever speaks his name, and has a heart worthy enough to bear his crown, then the halo will become their master. Unfortunately, no one has been successful thus far." Bastian finished with a wistful gaze.

Lone looked at the floating halo with a thoughtful gaze before he mumbled a single word. "Michael."

Suddenly, the whole building began shaking violently. "W-WHAT'S HAPPENED?!" Bastian yelled while he frantically started searching for the source of this upset. Finally, his eyes settled on the halo. "I-Impossible... Lone?!"

Michael's halo was glowing with a vibrant golden splendour as it slowly inched its way towards Lone, phasing through its crystal cylinder to rest just above his head. To the shock of the few hundred Angel's wandering about or reading in the room before the shaking, the halo bound itself to Lone's soul, which they could all sense due to their connection with the item.

"T-The halo..." Basian whispered before he rapidly got to one knee and placed his right hand on his chest. All of the present Angels copied Bastian's actions before they all shouted one sentence in unison.


Lone stood motionless for a few moments before he opened his mouth. "I never actually thought it'd work..."

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