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Greyfus quickly made his way to the library, and he couldn't help but notice how light his body felt. He had an inkling that he was now stronger, not in a physical sense, but more of a spiritual one and that strength was invigorating his body. It would seem that his first awakening had certainly been a positive experience overall thanks to Lone's help.

It didn't take him and Alfonse long to reach the library. A grand dome made entirely out of crystal was what housed the archive which belonged to the Angels. It was called 'The Gate of Heaven'. Angels had a strange taste for theatrical things like this, as in their view, knowledge was the path that needed to be trodden on to attain Godhood. A silly notion to Greyfus, but he respected the intelligent species' views enough to not scorn them for it. 

"Greetings, Lord Greyfus. How can we help you today?" a ridiculously good-looking, blonde-haired and white-winged man asked him upon entered the building. Greyfus took a second to look at the large crystal-walled room that had many tables in which had strange gems of all colours and sizes placed atop them.

"Nice to see you, Malrus, is Lone here? I'm here to speak to him," Greyfus said with a respectful tone. Those with knowledge were always to be respected. That was a custom that has never waned, despite the passing of ages.

"Ah? Are you here to see our King? Yes, he's here, but he's currently in the VIP access level ten area, so you'll have to wait until he finishes his business up there," Marcus said with a fanatical smile plastered across his lips. It would seem that Lone was quite a special figure amongst the Angels here, for whatever reason.

"King?!" Greyfus asked without hiding his shock even slightly. Both he and Alfonse were unbelievable surprised by hearing Malrus address Lone like that. Surely it was a mistake of some sort?

"Right, we haven't told anyone because it just happened two hours ago, but he gained the recognition of the First. You would have marvelled at the sight, it was phenomenal, watching the First's halo regaining its glow and merging with his soul, truly, I wish I could experience seeing it again..." Malrus said before his eyes lost focus and he seemed to get entrapped in his own fantasies.

Greyfus and Alfonse moved past his reception desk and found a waiting area upon seeing that he wouldn't be talking much more now that he was lost in his own little world. The room was naturally, made entirely from crystal, except for the wooden, leather-padded furniture that Greyfus and Alfonse sat down on.

"Can you believe this, Alfonse?" greyfus asked his retained after getting comfortable. He had to shift his tail since sitting on it wasn't a pleasant experience.

"You know, my Lord, oddly enough, I think I can," Alfonse said as a content look crept on his face.

"Meaning?" Greyfus questioned.

"Well, think about it. He shows up with only two people, claiming he'd made it this far in less than a month with those two and a third he had yet to show us, but insists exists. He then displays a power I have never seen in all my years, that flame of his, and goes on to brilliantly defeat you in combat by using his head, not his strength. And finally, he managed to cure absolutely all side effects of your first awakening and saved your life. I find it shocking, but surely not unbelievable that he could gain the recognition of the First's halo," Alfonse explained.

Indeed, upon hearing what Lone had done thus far, it certainly did sound like one more notch to his belt, and not something as amazing as it actually was.

"Interesting fact," Greyfus and Alfonse suddenly heard a very familiar voice. They both looked up to see Lone and Sophie slowly walking down a crystal staircase that circled the waiting room they were in. It was connected to a hallway that was just below the ceiling which Lone must have come from. He was holding an old tome in his left hand, and Sophie's hand in his other. He was reading this tome while he descended the stairs and a brilliant golden halo circled gently over his head.

"You see, this halo," Lone said while he lightly poked the shining ring, making it tremble slightly, "this halo only accepted me because I absorbed about fifty percent of the knowledge this library holds in under seven days. It also seems like I keep some level of compatibility to its original owner, which were the two requirements to it choosing an owner," Lone briefly explained before he turned his attention back to the book.

"Did you two know that trolls actually aren't an aggressive race of monsters? Some even debate that they're a sentient species. Very fascinating stuff," Lone said with a gesture to the yellowed pages that were bound by the leather book he was holding.

"Lone!" Greyfus shouted with excitement clear in his voice. He had completely forgotten about the halo and everything else and simply began running straight at Lone, up the staircase. Lone was taken aback and had no idea what to do. Before he knew it, the healthy Lionkin was holding him in a bear hug. "I can't thank you enough for saving my life! You won our bet but still negated the effects of my awakening! Really, how can I thank you?!" Greyfus shouted in Lone's ear, disorienting him.

"For starters, let me go!" Lone said in a hurried manner, uncommon of himself. 

"Ah! Of course," Greyfus replied before he let go of Lone and gently brushed off his shoulders with an embarrassed expression. "I got a little bit excited."

"Well, you could always introduce me to the blacksmith that was promised in the bet? I've read every book in this magnificent library save for the half in the more restricted areas, which I'll do later, there's no rush," Lone suggested. He was getting a bit bored of this crystal palace of books, so Lone felt like a change was in order.

"Ah! Right, of course, please, follow me," Greyfus happily replied before he briskly walked off. Lone slowly trailed after him and matched his pace with Alfonse's.

"Hey, isn't leading me around, I dunno, your job, not the Lord of the city's?" Lone asked Alfonse with a cheeky smile. Indeed, teasing people was always fun, regardless of the place or individual, and Lone was confident that he'd never get tired of it.

Alfonse just remained silent while a crimson flush covered his face and he quickened up his pace to match his Lord's. Lone was right; he was the retainer, not Greyfus. 

All of the Angel's the group had passed while they walked through the library had saluted Lone while he passed them. The place was very large, and it took the group a few minutes to reach the exit, and just before they left the building, Lone used his illusion magic to cover his new halo, purely because of how eye-grabbing it was. There was no need to start any unnecessary trouble by displaying it for all to see, that was for sure.

After that, the four of them began making their way to the mysterious blacksmith that Lone had yet to meet. He kind of hoped it wasn't another Dwarf. Accents were a nightmare to keep up with.

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